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What is Product Management/Leadership?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “Different isn’t always better, but Better is always different“.  Companies and organizations that fear change will cease to  move forward and cease to innovate.  1,241 more words

Product Backlog and the tea leaves effect (a message to Product Owners)

Product Backlog is a strategic instrument of high value; for stakeholders, product management, the organization, the Development Team(s), and the Product Owner. When employed well, Product Backlog reflects the vision, ambitions, roadmap, needs and wants for a product or a service, all in one place. 136 more words


Slicing the Elephant. Good tips to divide work in small deliverables.

As you may know one of the Agile principles is “early and continuous delivery of valuable software”. Now, one of the major challenges I’ve seen in the attempt to accomplish this, is how to break entire features into smaller deliverable parts in each sprint or iteration (or any name you have for small periods of time). 701 more words


Diagnosing Dysfunction Using The Product Backlog

My first car was a ’79 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, and I think I was the third kid in my family to drive it. My friends and I nicknamed it the “old-mobile,” and like any car that could be considered “numerically challenged,” mine had its issues.

Planting an agile seed

At one of my recent assignments I was brought in as a Project Manager to assist them with moving applications to the cloud, more specifically to AWS. 784 more words


SPIDR and business rules: how to make your user stories smaller

Having smaller user stories is good: reducing batch size is good!

But how to get your user stories “smaller”?

Mike Cohn uses SPIDR strategy, splitting Stories: 368 more words

Product Backlog

Backlog Refinement Patterns: Ying and Yang

The Scrum Guide is a great, simple instruction book that reminds people that to get the best out of Scrum. Remember, the Scrum Guide is only 13 pages long, so don’t over complicate things. 193 more words