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What customers want

Does it matter?  Depending on the kind of business you are trying to run, it may matter less than you think.

Is there a difference between a Customer-driven business and a Product-driven business?   689 more words


Order your VSTS Product Backlog based on the order within your Feature Backlog

I know, the title is crap but I just don’t know how to call it properly. Let me just give me the real life example. 204 more words

Tips & Tricks

Software Development using Scrum Methodology

What is Software Development ?

Software Development is the process of developing a Software Product or execution of a Software Project.

A software designed to satisfy a specific segment of the market requirement is called a… 1,446 more words

O primeiro release se aproxima...

Bom… completo 38 semanas no início da semana que vem. Meu afastamento do trabalho já é dado como certo…

Como eu me sinto? 
Ah… Me sinto estranha. 289 more words


Relative sized Estimation..How and why ??

Many Companies find it hard to estimate using relative size rather than absolute number. This may be due to lack of understanding or due to lack of discipline. 814 more words


Organizing the product backlog

Today was cleaning day. I organized and prioritized the product backlog. It is important to do some serious cleaning once in a while, because if you don’t, the backlog will look like this forest: intimidating and dangerous to enter.

What is the best Requirements Engineering Tool?

I often get asked ‘what is the best tool for requirements engineering and requirements management?’ The answer is not so simple because what starts out as a question about a tool only for one group of people quickly turns into a question about the underlying process and organization. 1,571 more words