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Grooming Product & Sprint Backlogs

Scrum teams increments depend on the product and sprint backlogs. At times, teams get overburdened or will not be able to deliver intended increments or the stakeholders may not be happy with the released features. 412 more words

How big is it?

We’ve all been there. Someone describes a problem that they want solved (and possibly suggests how they think you should solve it) and in the very next breath asks: “So, how long will it take?”. 708 more words



Scrum is an agile framework for developing software but can be used in many other industries as well. Scrum was created by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber in early 1990s and has since been the most popular agile method. 448 more words


What is the relationship between a "Product Backlog" and a "Release Backlog" in RTC?

The hierarchical relationship between a release backlog and sprint backlog is caused by the iteration configuration in your timeline (by making sprint iterations children of the release iteration). 288 more words


Product Backlog Upholds Transparency

The software development industry has long suffered from a dogged obsession with identifying, checking, detailing, double-checking, describing and documenting perfect and complete sets of requirements before allowing ‘development’ (typically only the coding or programming part of it) to start. 1,093 more words


The hard work of a Product Owner

Normally, when we hear about Scrum we only hear talking about the development team or about the Scrum Master. What about the Product Owner?  Why don’t we talk about him, about all his hard work? 718 more words

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Understanding the seven basic Agile concepts

This blog post describes basic Agile concepts and why they are necessary in the scrum.

What is:

A backlog?

A backlog is a long to-do list of ranked product requirements. 410 more words

Agile Methodology