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Idea #2,707 That Helps Teams Create Kick*ss Products

I’ve worked at and consulted with a plethora of technology companies – including many Fortune 500 companies – and I’m absolutely shocked that their product teams don’t socialize their product backlog with everyone in their company. 307 more words


Estimations in scrum

Estimation plays an important role in management. At every stage of project management an estimate is required. It may be of the duration of the project or the cost of one. 577 more words


How Product Managers Influence Organization Culture

Among many others, maximizing value and ensuring ROI are primary responsibilities associated with a Product Manager role. These include activities around market research, customer interaction and much more. 771 more words


Change Managing Our Backlog Refinement

I have a new Product Owner (PO). She is new to the team and also relatively new to the Product Owner role as a whole. One of the things that I have needed to coach her on is… 622 more words


The Product Backlog in Agile

By now most you may have heard the term “Product Backlog” in Agile terminology. You can consider this term to be referring to our erstwhile vocabulary of requirements documents with a slight twist. 1,642 more words


What features should you be working on?

Prioritizing your product backlog can seem overwhelming as the list of features grows and grows.  Fortunately, there is a market driven way to help provide clarity in selecting what features you should be working on that is based on two criteria:  354 more words

Importance of a Product Backlog

If you are engaged in a new project or program as a product owner, project manager or a business analyst then one of the first things you should spend time organizing for a team is the product backlog (if it is not available or properly organized) even if the team is not following agile methodology. 301 more words