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Definition of Expired, limpando o seu Product Backlog

Ao fabricar um produto orgânico, um dos cuidados que se deve ter é com a validade da matéria-prima. O que acontece caso um item de matéria-prima esteja vencida? 750 more words


When There Is No One To Make Decisions

Our Product Owner is not an SME (subject matter expert)!

I was in North Carolina a while back, you don’t know how much I miss that warm weather.  500 more words


Product Backlog - Getting ready for Sprint Planning

Prior to each sprint planning meeting, the product backlog items that are likely to be worked on in the next sprint have to be prepared. We begin the preparation work by choosing a sprint goal. 355 more words

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What's In The Release?

Wonder, wonder…

I finally got time to look into the backlog a bit closer, and it isn’t looking good.  I’ve been asking a few critical questions, I am sure you have asked the same at one point or another. 502 more words

#Agile Methodology

Two dimensions: Just in time and Envisioning

A paradox?

In the previous post (JIT – Just in time and Software Development) I have discussed the importance of JIT approaches in Agile Development. 798 more words


Product Backlog - Prioritizing

Product Backlog has to be Priortized. If you are unable to prioritize and feel all of them as equally important, then there is a more chance of not delivering the customer what he really needs intime. 464 more words

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#BusinessValuePoker for building a Product #Roadmap

At the end of last year I’ve made the great experience to built “yet another product roadmap” for our product line. This is nothing really new, except this was the first time overall for the whole product line while living agile. 298 more words