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Donald Kline

Title: Executive Director, Technical Services
Company:  UTZ Quality Foods, Inc.
Location: New Oxford, PA United States
Distinguished Member

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Case Study: Validating a Startup Idea Through Landing Page MVP

After a “brief” Jon Snow-style hibernation – or what the heck that was – I’ll do my best to resurrect this blog. As the first piece of new content, I’ll tell you about an interesting experiment we ran to validate a friend’s idea for a new startup. 1,252 more words

Customer Development

Field report from Melbourne #Startup Week

The third Melbourne #Startup Week has confirmed Startup Victoria‘s pivotal role in supporting local entrepreneurs, founders, startups and anyone interested in innovation and disruption. Over the next few posts, I will be commenting on some of the events I attended. 339 more words

#Content In Context

How Training Co.s benefit tremendously with Software Experts who understand eLearning

There is something exciting (read crazy) afoot when an eLearning company needs to deliver and work like a software expert. A team of outside consultants is the only viable solution to be able to focus on core competencies. 447 more words

#StartupVic showcases the next batch of startup hopefuls

Startup Victoria‘s monthly pitch event is gaining momentum, and continues to draw a good crowd at inspire9. It can’t just be the beer’n’pizza, can it? 1,041 more words

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3 More Keys to Inventing Success

In last week’s blog, I described 3 keys to inventing success:

  • Solve an annoying problem
  • Retail Sales Price is Less than $20
  • Must Have a 4X to 5X Mark Up…
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Dr. Leo Gypen

Title: President
Company: European Enamel Authority
Location: Zonhoven, Belgium
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