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Some Thoughts on Product Development

This blog is based on my participation in a panel during the Denver Startup week on 10/1 at Spiredigital.

Thank to Nick Coppolo for putting the questionnaire together. 668 more words


Why Market Research Consulting is Vital in Product Development

Timely, well-planned and executed market research consulting can be critical in product development. It aims to demystify the market mindset and the required changes for optimal growth. 435 more words

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What Is a Job Search Agent Anyway [Revisited]

From October 2014:

This whole thing started when I heard someone emphatically “yell” over social media that he “would NEVER EVER use job search services.” 1,456 more words

Job Search Tips

Notes on How to combine Design Thinking and Agile in practice

From a post on Medium by Tom Roach, link here.


First are customer journey maps, IBM focuses on what it calls the “six experiences”: 471 more words

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Notes on Boon Sheridan's One Piece at a Time

From the video of his presentation at Adaptive Path’s UX Week 2014, link here.

Boon shared his some methods for doing better work on big projects—and his methods are agnostic, no Lean label necessary! 527 more words

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Notes on Jared Spool's Infusing Design Into Our Organizations

From Jared Spool’s truly enlightening keynote address at the UX Advantage conference, Infusing Design Into Our Organizations, Aug 19 2015. See a summary about the conference at the bottom of this post. 1,491 more words

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