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Notes on UXpod's The Five-Second Test podcast with Paul Doncaster

From Gerry Gaffney’s 9/29/14’s UXpod podcast, available on iTunes.

The 10 Rules from Paul’s book ( link at bottom of post)

  1. Only use the 5-Second Test on appropriate topics–not overly complicated questions, task flows or screens which require much reading…
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Notes on Jared Spool's Anatomy of a Design Decision

From the talk given by Jared Spool at Productcamp, 05/02/2015, link to slides here.

How do we make design decisions? Here are 5 decision-making styles—all have their place, good designers strive to apply the appropriate style…

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Notes on How Fidelity Is Reshaping Their Company to be User-Focussed with Responsive Design

Based on a podcast (link here) by Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte, featuring Fidelity’s Steve Turbek, SVP, User Experience Design and Brian Hurley, SVP, Fidelity.com Platform Experience.  880 more words

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Product Development and Color Trends

When developing a product, staying abreast of the latest color trends is an integral part of the development process. It’s likely you won’t be able to sell something that doesn’t coordinate with the mass marketplace, but at the same time, different regions are attracted to different colors. 201 more words

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Customer Experience And Loyalty Starts And Ends With The Product!

Back in 2011 I asked this question: Customer Experience: What About The ‘Product’? And I ended that conversation with the following assertion:

The product is not in one domain and Customer Experience in another domain. 

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