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What to expect from our November upgrade

One of the nice things about using ClassJuggler software to simplify the business of running your business is that you never need to download software updates – it’s all online, and all upgrades happen automatically. 832 more words

ClassJuggler Dance

SmartScan, Privacy, and Amazon Mechanical Turk

11/30/2017 Update: We have learned more information since we originally published this article. Please see the bottom for updates.

Over the Thanksgiving break we’ve received a bunch of questions about how exactly SmartScan works and whether it uses Amazon Mechanical Turk, so I wanted to respond directly with the facts, starting with putting some concerns to rest: 2,294 more words


Introducing: Private SmartScan on Amazon Mechanical Turk

I had hoped to keep this feature quiet until next year, but it seems some enterprising sleuthers have beaten us to the punch. Alas! So with the cat out of the bag, let me proudly announce a new privacy-enhancing feature we’ve been focused on for some time: Private SmartScan! 980 more words


Cosmo's Sex Toy Picks for Fall

Want to know what’s hot and happening in the “personal massager” realm? Cosmo knows what’s up!

This Cute Lil’ Clamshell Ring

This bright little vibrator is meant to be fit perfectly between your fingers to save toy cramps from hitting you in the moment. 171 more words

Sharing Is Caring

Expensify Teams Up with Xero on Another Mission to Simplify the Accounting Workflow

We have a long history of teaming up with Xero to simplify the accounting process, and we’re excited to announce another way Expensify is working with Xero to streamline your workflow: introducing Expensify in Xero HQ! 155 more words


Home Inventory System

I really don’t understand why Insurance Companies or any Tech company has not come along and created a Home Inventory System, especially for use with the “Internet of Things.” 500 more words