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What is a Terminal Block?

Terminal blocks function as convenient connection points for electrical wires while avoiding the need for wires to be spliced together. At the most basic level a terminal block is a strip of molded plastic fitted with metal plates and screws. 137 more words

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What you can do in a sound booth

This fall we purchased a VocalBooth sound recording booth for the Learning Technology Lab. We chose a 4-by-6-foot space that has room for one person, a chair, and a small table. 607 more words


Extra-Long, Easy-Care French Tablecloths for Holiday Dinners

We carry tablecloths in many sizes, but do we have a tablecloth big enough for your table? Yes! Click the dachshund above to read complete details on our website. 111 more words

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How to Detect A Plug Chute Condition

Got a plug chute problem? Check out this helpful article (attached below) for tips on how to solve it with the use of MONITOR TECH Sensors like the SafePoint® Rotary Paddles or Truecap® RF Capacitance Probe! 27 more words


What is a Spacer?

Spacers are unthreaded cylindrical fasteners fabricated from a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, and nylon. Similar to standoffs, spacers differ in that they are unthreaded. 170 more words

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Hazardous Location Enclosures for the Oil and Gas Industry

Hoffman‘s comprehensive selection of hazardous location enclosures makes them a preferred manufacturer for control, automation, and oil and gas applications. Applications range from PLC… 278 more words

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What is a Circuit Breaker?

Circuit breakers act as automatic switches that prevent damage from spikes in electrical current or the incorrect flow of electrical current (short circuit). Circuit breakers do this by detecting irregularities in the flow of electricity, interrupting the current and then controlling the current arc. 189 more words

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