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Reasons I have started this blog...

I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts, finds and knowledge gained which I hope will benefit others along the way. The information on product ingredients should be out there especially when buying online before you purchase it but its not always easily available. 346 more words


CoQ10 for healthy skin

Coenzyme Q10, also known as Ubiquinone is naturally occurring and is found in most living organisms. CoQ10 is ubiquitous in humans and varies in levels with most of it found in  organs with a high rate of metabolism, such as; the heart, kidneys and the liver. 287 more words

Leaky skin syndrome

You may have heard of leaky gut, but did you know that there is a knock-on effect of this condition with the skin, known as leaky skin syndrome? 325 more words

The ABC of Topical Skin Nutrition (Aestheticians/SkinTherapists only)

Many Therapists find it confusing when starting to build on their ingredient knowledge and ask for a break down of the most often used vitamins in cosmeceutical products. 409 more words