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Period Panties? Of course I'm going to try them! 

Warning, TMI. Do NOT read if:

1. You are male.

2. You do not get a period.

3. You are squeamish.

Rather than write a long story about how I loathe my period and how a fear of TSS runs my life, I’ll intro this blog with an edited synopsis of my conversation with my girlfriend today: … 316 more words


Bare Minerals Obsessed

Today I decided to invest in my fourth Bare Minerals foundation. I now own, the original loose powder; the brightening serum; the complexion rescue and; the ready compact. 72 more words


Midori Notebooks for My Girls 

Apparently, the Filofax is making a comeback.

Today at the Daikon Festival I found the cutest booth selling fabric notebooks with a variety of inserts. I bought 2 for $15 each (then had my mom buy one more for Ellie), and started the normal progression of obsessive searching online for anything related to it. 114 more words

Raising Kids

Someone turn off my Pinterest please! 

I am accumulating projects faster than I can do them. I’m drowning in yarn (still need to make 1 more mermaid tail and finish my bubble afghan), and yet I can’t stop going to Walmart’s craft section. 223 more words

Raising Kids

I don't even really like cats.

Have you heard of Neko Atsume?

I saw it on my Facebook feed and thought it was something right up my girls’ alley. Cute Japanese drawings of cats doing everyday things like sitting in buckets or playing in cardboard boxes. 81 more words


Taco blanket or gigantic dog bed? 

Yesterday I took a break from my non-stop crocheting binge to make this taco blanket.

Here’s the pinspiration:

And here’s my finished product:

I had big plans for this blanket. 88 more words


Online Security

Some of you might have gotten a mailed letter from Doterra about your personal information being seen by someone who got entry unlawfully.
Not everyone will get this letter, only the people whose accounts were affected. 410 more words

Product Love