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Cleanse  - Day 2 and 3

I was so busy yesterday I didn’t have time to write!

The day 2 soup was mung bean (the reason I’m paying for this cleanse has really come down to receiving the amazing soup everyday). 311 more words

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Cleanse - day 1

Can I just say how amazing this particular juice cleanse is? From the set up to the early morning – daily drop off to the juices in between. 167 more words

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Juice cleanse or will-power challenge? 

I’m starting a 3-day juice cleanse tomorrow and just realized I didn’t really do any Google research on it. I have heard that it helps “flush out the toxins” from your system, but let’s be real. 222 more words

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Good deal on Doterra Oils this month 

I once was asked if I had to lose one of my 5 senses, which would it be? I said would give up “smell”, but gosh has that answer sure has changed! 152 more words

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Where are these tiny holes coming from? 

This problem has plagued my mom, my sister in law, and hordes of women everywhere – tiny pin holes in the bottom of their nice tee-shirts and tops. 138 more words

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My First GLOSSYBOX Delivery - May 2015 - Overview & Review

I had been trying to find the right subscription box to sign-up for for quite some time now. Being that I’m in Canada, the options are growing but still rather limited. 1,038 more words


Nobody's Cuter than You

You don’t need a ton of friends, Honey. You only need a few really good friends who are always there for you,” stated my Mom. 693 more words