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What I learned in March

March was something of a month of stripping away. When March began, I had high hopes and lofty goals. But, it took us a solid two weeks to not feel like we were perpetually jet-lagged due to the time change– (I know what are we, a bunch of newborn babies??!) 817 more words

Joined: Nalu Kinetic Spa at Turtle Bay

After Ellie was born, my body was out of whack and my back was killing me. I went to the chiro at least once a week and, after a year, I decided I needed to go to physical therapy. 575 more words

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Currently loving: Shade Sunscreen

I am no amateur sun screener. I coat my kids twice at home then reapply constantly at the beach. I never use aerosols and always make sure whatever cream I use is a “block” with a good percentage of titanium. 416 more words

Raising Kids

Prepping for Easter (and a book review!)

Growing up, my parents were always careful that Jesus and His resurrection were the focus of Easter. Sure, we had chocolate bunnies and new clothes for Sunday– but all of that was a far second to the beauty and hope of Easter. 679 more words

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R.L. Linden & Co. presents a sensory guide to Denver

Personal fragrance is a tricky thing. Never mind the conversation about the toxicity of conventional fragrance, it’s hard to get something just quite right for your nose, your chemistry, your lifestyle, which is why it’s so amazing to me that I can find a reason to love all of… 407 more words

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Honest review of oiling away a migraine

A migraine is nothing like a headache. Throw anything you want at it – Tylenol with Codeine, Excedrine Migrane, even 800mg Advil – they just don’t work. 382 more words

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Eczema and DoTerra

I’m sure you are rolling your eyes at yet another essential oil post. But they are working and I’m in that much shock.

Ellie has developed dry, bumpy, irritated skin around her chin and cheeks. 157 more words

Raising Kids