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Webinar: Conflict Mineral Benchmarking Study 2015

August 11, 2015
1:00 pm ET The event registration and information page is available here.

Please note: This is a complimentary event.

SRZ partner Michael R. 55 more words


Tiffany & Co.'s new CSO on polishing the jewelry supply chain

Anisa Kamadoli Costa is no stranger to the inner workings of the luxury jewelry business — including notorious dark spots for the industry, such as human rights abuses and environmentally reckless mining operations. 1,124 more words


European Parliament Votes in Favor of Mandatory Conflict Minerals Compliance Requirements for Downstream Companies

The European Parliament on May 20, 2015 voted to overturn the European Commission’s proposal, as well as the proposal of the Parliament’s Committee on International Trade, requesting mandatory compliance for “all Union importers” sourcing in conflict areas.[1] 226 more words


Lessons from an E-Scrap Workshop

Several weeks ago, I ventured out to Indianapolis for the Indiana Recycling Coalition Conference to give a presentation on product stewardship and extended producer responsibility. I then headed over to another area of the conference center to participate in a panel as part of Indiana’s first E-cycle stakeholder meeting. 499 more words

Product Stewardship

More printed catalogs mean more energy, water and paper gone to waste

By Natalie Nava, Operations Manager, Catalog Choice

A few weeks ago, my grandfather celebrated his 93rd birthday. He lives alone, and so after the celebration my mother and I decided to help go through his mail. 595 more words

Product Stewardship

A New, Easy Way to Recycle Your Old Thermostat

By Matt Newman, Director of Business Management, Covanta

How do you build a successful thermostat collection program in a short period of time?

Public/private partnerships. 459 more words

Product Stewardship

A Product Stewardship Approach to "Flushable" Wipes?

By Dave Galvin, Hazardous Waste Program Manager at the King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program

To flush or not to flush? This is a question many of us have faced over the years. 609 more words

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