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A New, Easy Way to Recycle Your Old Thermostat

By Matt Newman, Director of Business Management, Covanta

How do you build a successful thermostat collection program in a short period of time?

Public/private partnerships. 459 more words

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A Product Stewardship Approach to "Flushable" Wipes?

By Dave Galvin, Hazardous Waste Program Manager at the King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program

To flush or not to flush? This is a question many of us have faced over the years. 609 more words

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Grand Opportunity in Extended Producer Responsibility

By John H. Skinner, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO of SWANA
*This post has been republished from the SWANA newsletter, originally titled “Extended Producer Responsibility: An Opportunity, Not a Threat”. 947 more words

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4 Reasons Why EPR is the Best Solution for Safe Drug Disposal

Pharmaceuticals are an essential component of our healthcare system. They save lives and improve quality of life for many of us. Yet, as the number of prescriptions written increases, so too do the problems related to unwanted pharmaceuticals in the home. 575 more words

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Washington State Paint Recycling Bill Passes the House!

The paint recycling bill passed a House floor vote by 60-38 on March 5th!

Next step: it moves to the Senate for consideration.

Here are three good reasons we support this legislation: 241 more words


Three Ways to Manage Your Company’s Supply Chain Risks

The ability of a company to ship and market its products while minimizing encumbrances, delays, or other negative impacts to business is a concern for every company, in every industry. 389 more words