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Scaling First Revenue: Industry Focus.

Short answer: Don’t.

Don’t worry about your industry focus (yet), unless you are clearly a vertical solution for a very specific industry; unless you and your first sales team only have experience in selling into one specific industry and have no other contacts and you are determined to keep only this team for a while or can’t change it; unless you are a proven hero of that industry and can sign up lighthouse customers within the first six months and can clearly demonstrate that this is a large market with many prospects (versus a large market dominated by few enterprises or a finite small market). 393 more words


'Inclusive Design' Defined

In an interview with Fast Company, product designer, Kat Holmes, shared a most excellent way to think about ‘Inclusive Design.’

“I took a look at the words ‘inclusive’ and ‘exclusive,’ and the root of both is ‘clud.’ It’s Latin for ‘to shut.’ To shut out. 186 more words

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Doing Things that "Do Scale"

By John Zilch – It can be fun doing things that don’t scale in the early days of a product or business. Whether it’s testing product-market fit, marketing messaging or innovation options, teams can be creative as they fine tune their business model. 1,007 more words

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Retirement 2.0 – It's Time to Retire the Golden Account

Retirement isn’t what it used to be. In the golden era of retirement, retirement began at the stroke of midnight on your 65th birthday, launching you into the full time pursuit of bridge tournaments, lawn bowling or the senior centre’s book club. 1,214 more words

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Winning the Living Room: Big Tech's TV and home strategy

Personal computing started out in our homes with the PC, but its true power was unleashed as it went mobile by way of the smartphone in our pockets. 1,987 more words

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Is MVP Dead?

Is Minimum Viable Product Dead?  – By Don Stoddard  

Minimum Viable Product is a widely accepted concept; so why do so many people want to declare it dead?  753 more words

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When 2 Become 1: The Roles of Product Manager and Product Owner

By Jennifer Gridley – As we approach Valentine’s Day, some may be enjoying The Spice Girls’ 1996 hit for its romantic message. But since this is the BPMA, we’re thinking about the oft-merged roles of Product Manager (PM) and Product Owner (PO). 525 more words

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