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What's the Chorus of your Product?

After listening to a song you like what part of the song plays over and over in your head?

What part of the song do you keep on singing in the car to work or in the shower? 219 more words


Eat, drink, and product: Sharing lessons from the field

If you’ve been in product management for a while, you have the scars to prove it. The process of developing and bringing products to market is as unique, different and varied for every business and product as there are food choices in a supermarket. 630 more words

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IT Strategy or Bust!

Am I the only one that has trouble getting our development and product teams to make the most of our IT strategy?  I can’t be.  I know there are several of you that struggle with this too!   394 more words

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Unmask Measurement Mistakes!

Taking a little different approach to this week’s blog post.  I want to know how other organization’s have dealt with common pitfalls and measurement failures.  My company has been in this boat a couple of times and we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes.   521 more words

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Creating Product Awareness

How would someone buy your product -if he does not know that your product exists in market? A classic example of this is Maggi. In 1985 Maggi went to almost every school in India and gave demonstration to school kids. 126 more words

Roadmaps and Roadblocks

I call this article a roadmaps and roadblocks entry.  Reason being, a roadmap means advancement to some and to others it can become a roadblock.  It depends what side of the coin you are on and if the meaning of a roadmap is consistent.   457 more words

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Augmented Reality as a Service

The graphic above is a visualization of expected crime patterns in Santa Cruz, California from a Santa Clara University research project to help police improve crime prevention, decide staffing assignments, and anticipate where crimes might happen. 1,423 more words

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