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Need sales? Let your product send an uplifting message through its entire lifecycle, like Cinderella did in her 2015 movie

An iconic story, Cinderella has allowed young girls to dream about being princesses accepted by a caring young man with a glass slipper. Because Disney put the story to motion, we remember the plot very well: the father of a young girl dies, leaving her orphaned, and her stepmother and stepsisters make her life miserable by asking her to do chores every day. 1,060 more words

How EPDs Will Impact the Building Envelope

By: Jane Martinsons, Metal Construction Association

Transparency is a common theme in design and construction these days, and product disclosure is quickly becoming a key issue for the building materials industry. 622 more words


Smart Product Design: Will Designers Embrace Radical Transparency?

Humans are plenty smart enough to keep planetary health and company profit in balance but designers will have to learn more about the impact of their choices and impact analysis studies should be performed very early on in the product development phase. 201 more words