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More effective marketing that makes a difference

Most business owners know that success is dependent on more money, which in turn means getting more clients, which means more marketing. Marketing is a broad umbrella term that we all know, covering everything from paid advertising in traditional print media (newspapers, magazines, flyers, advertisements, etc) to social media marketing or digital marketing. 918 more words


“Television had not yet been exhibited the advertisement in this respect, take this”….said the shopkeeper uncle and yes I was convinced by thought to use this before it displayed in television. 330 more words


Mlb Authentic Jersey Is The Product Of Baseball Game

As a famous sport, baseball plays a very important role in the daily life of every people. Most of them would like to wear the bettis jerseys to play baseball and there are many people that do not know the history of baseball and some of them are good baseball players. 10 more words

Mushrooms may help us lose weight and much more...

Mushrooms are a nutrient-dense food that are low-calorie, and when cooked or grilled, take on the consistency of some meat. Studies find that substituting mushrooms for meat may help us lose weight. 323 more words

Optimizing Your Landing Page

With websites, there’s always a risk that people are going to take one look and hop off in search of another site. That’s why your landing page needs to be designed in a way that is both visually and informationally appealing to the viewer. 283 more words


Well hello and good morning everyone. I am pleased and extremely excited to announce that Jennuine Art, INC. is revamping set to release 4.20.17. Things you can expect can range from photography to fashion insight, but more importantly this is where you can connect with me personally for booking, questions, etc. 209 more words