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Ran (1985)

How you feel about Shakespeare is by and large dictated by how you were taught English at high school – well or not. In my own case that would be both, probably most people’s experience.   126 more words


'Man In The High Castle' Production Designer Drew Boughton On Show's Relevance To 2016 Presidential Race

From executive producer Ridley Scott, and starring Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans and Rufus Sewell, Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle imagines an alternate world history in which the Axis Powers took the victory in World War II. 1,444 more words



“The cultural effects of the print medium were rationality and social fragmentation; audiovisual mass media, by contrast, provided a continuous and instantaneous stream of information from an enormous variety of sources” (Murphie & Potts, 2003).

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Camelot (1967)

“Don’t let it be forgot/That once there was a spot/For one brief shining moment/that was known as Camelot.” Might for Right. Justice for All. Proposition:  does nominative determinism predispose one to a penchant for a particular film? 239 more words


Batman (1989)

‘Ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?’ Batman asks the Joker at an inopportune moment. Ah, the 80s! Big and brash and everything here is literally as dark as the inside of the Batcave itself. 188 more words


Creative Futures -An Intro to Production Design/Games Design

The Games Design Industry is growing more and more each day. Games are getting better and more people seem interested in playing games even the female audience are starting to dominate the online servers. 442 more words

Year 1

Movie Review: The Huntsman: Winter's War

Snow White and The Huntsman was a passable film. The script was kind of bad but what made up for it were the wonderful cinematography, visual effects and, most notably, its production design. 868 more words