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'SNL' Production Designer Eugene Lee On The Series' "Unpresidented" Year

With NBC’s late-night fixture Saturday Night Live since its very first season in 1975, suffice it to say that production designer Eugene Lee has seen it all, going round and round that lofty Emmys carousel.  2,106 more words


'Feud' Production Designer On Artistic License Taken With Exhaustively Researched Period Production

Last speaking with Deadline in 2015—when two Oscar-nominated films, Carol and Joy, were released—production designer Judy Becker described similar challenges this time around with regard to her first television project, Ryan Murphy’s Emmy-nominated  2,020 more words


Shoot 'Em Up

If you haven’t seen Gareth Evans’ Indonesian The Raid movies, there’s a very blatant distinction between the two parts in the duology. Of course, they’re both action films set with the same lead cop (the talented Iko Uwais) battling down gangs in awe-inspiring physicality, but one of them – the 150 minute… 909 more words

Set Piece: A Civil War Era Tent

When we needed to decide on the crew for our Filmmaking III projects, my friend Reid Lauff went into the meeting with a script set during the Civil War and no production designer. 1,393 more words

Civil War

‘Genius’ Production Designer Jonathan Lee On The Major Endeavor Of Recreating Einstein’s Blackboards

Watching any given series, it can be easy to gloss over details that were scrutinized in the production process or misjudge those that presented the greatest challenges for the production designer. 1,998 more words


25 for 25 - Tears in Rain

Like I said just before, two movies battle for the spot of My All-Time Favorite Movie in my spot and I don’t want my decision to end on the film  1,614 more words

25 for 25 - Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues

Nowadays, movies are saturated all the way through with stories about struggling artists and that has been so since the nascency of the very artform (the oldest I can think of on the spot is the historical  1,272 more words