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‘Genius’ Production Designer Jonathan Lee On The Major Endeavor Of Recreating Einstein’s Blackboards

Watching any given series, it can be easy to gloss over details that were scrutinized in the production process or misjudge those that presented the greatest challenges for the production designer. 1,998 more words


25 for 25 - Tears in Rain

Like I said just before, two movies battle for the spot of My All-Time Favorite Movie in my spot and I don’t want my decision to end on the film  1,614 more words

25 for 25 - Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues

Nowadays, movies are saturated all the way through with stories about struggling artists and that has been so since the nascency of the very artform (the oldest I can think of on the spot is the historical  1,272 more words

Production Designer and Art Director Katsuya Imai brings life to ‘The Next Generation Patlabor’

Katsuya Imai is more than an artist. He is a storyteller. His passion for art that started as a child, painting and building models, transformed into something much more as he grew. 816 more words


Process of making woodcut print

This is the process of a woodcut type 1 (using rulo). This design comprises three main colors: white, light hydrangea and black. After I redrew the design onto the wooden board, I started carving out the white area of the bird and the waves. 117 more words