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Roland & Serato Usher In New Era of DJing With DJ-808

Roland and Serato in bed together? I’m interested to see how this pans out, especially as Pioneer have kind of broken the pact between themselves and Serato with their in-house Rekordbox software. 97 more words


Optimising your Windows 10 PC for Audio

I got a new laptop, very fast and swanky. So how come my audio latency is higher than on my old machine (given that it’s the same OS, same USB audio interface and the same device driver)? 60 more words


more on 432HZ tuning

Here’s a good article from the people at Ask Audio about the 432hz tuning system.

This article briefly explains the history of tuning and some key points that support 432 Hz as the scientific tuning, by relating it to mathematical relationships, harmonic ratios and frequencies found in nature.