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Business Plan

Yearly Goals, Target Audience and Business Loans

I have looked at making a full business plan for CF Media but as a lot fo what I have done already is only hypothetical it makes this rather difficult to complete the whole thing. 581 more words

Production Work

Multiplatform Website

Desktop to Mobile

Something really important for business is a website that can be used on desktop and mobile devices. Wix.com have this feature that allows you to edit the desktop version of your website and the mobile version of your website. 366 more words

Production Work

Website Building - Part ii


Web Design and Manufacturing

Last time I finished with the basics of the website, I left myself some tasks to do in the mean time. 247 more words

Production Work


Copyright Law on Media

When this symbol; © appears on a media product, it means it has been copyrighted. This means the creator of this product has exclusive rights to copy, distribute and remix the original. 196 more words

Production Work


Ownership and Tax

As a start up business I wanted to take a look into the legal grit.

Forms of Ownership in the UK:

Production Work

Business Card - Part i

Design Process

Since researching more about Business Cards I have begun putting some designs together. As I don’t a budget for more expensive business cards such as metal or other materials except card, I have produced designs around a standard card. 232 more words

Production Work

Social Media - Part ii

Twitter Account

I have also set up a Twitter account which was also really simple by just using an email address and username. For Twitter, an account with the same name as my Instagram ( 124 more words

Production Work