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Week 22: Production - Final Product 'Just Tip Me Over & Pour Me Out'

We each completed a section of this 2D animation. As a group we worked from our first initial conceptual art and story idea. We were given the theme ‘Just Tip Me Over & Pour Me Out’ – our idea revolved around teapots and teacups, which makes sense to the nursery rhyme. 161 more words


Week 22: Production - Final Product 'The Lost Hat'

After completing our own sections of our animation, we then had to pass the our work around the group and edit the graph of the animation. 95 more words


Final Major Project: Exports and Film for Hand In

Scenes I worked on:

Boards 6-9 was something I started, First of all I used video reference of Connor walking away from the camera to get the spacing of the foot placement right. 190 more words

Final Major Project

Edited photographs: Drakes Island.

I edited these images by putting them. in photoshop and editingĀ them in raw. I turnedĀ up the clarity, made the shadows softer and the whites darker. 130 more words

Printed Book

Below are some images of my printed physical book. I have got a couple of copies of the book for myself and the exhibition and then I have posted the book for sale on the Blurb online bookstore so if anyone wants to buy a copy then they can print it to order. 255 more words

Final images

Below I have attached my final images for the whole project. These are all of the images that made the final book for the project, it took me a fair amount of time to narrow down the images, however I was left with the images that I am most happy with in the end. 24 more words