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Full Moon Features Set to Unleash the "Deadly Ten"

Full Moon Features is gearing up for a new adventure in their foray into the horror genre.

The company has announced that they will produce ten original horror films that will be live-streamed in front of fans. 280 more words


Broad+cast: A Brief History of Hotkeys

Listen to one of us talk about who we are, where we are coming from, and why we are doing this.

Recorded April 19th, 2019.


On Starting

I’ve been going around to local conventions with a presentation about the development process of visual novels (a video of one you can see here). It’s been great bringing this information to people who are genuinely excited about the narrative game development and want to learn more. 1,865 more words


Food for thought

Excuse the ramble…and grammar!..

I come from a meat loving family.

Meat had always been part of a meal, or at least, most meals. My family never really went for the whole traditional roast every sunday but it is definitely not something that was missed out on. 250 more words


Growing and Growing: Starting Seeds

As we get closer to the month of May, we get closer to getting plants in the ground. We are working with our friends at… 262 more words


Using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a blink(1) light for silent notifications

At my church, we often delay or “time slip” the preaching of the service in the room where the pastor isn’t physically present. To do this, we record the sermon video as it happens live, and then play it back out either a few seconds or few minutes later. 538 more words

Animation - Rat Trip

After the realisation that she could be eaten by her own cat, the rat starts to walk back in fear, forgetting the bowl was behind her. 245 more words