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8 Tools for a Productive Work at Home Mom 2020

So I discussed FAQ’s before returning to work. Now we need a few tools to make the errands at home manageable. 811 more words

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Working from home with a toddler and returning to work

Is it possible to work at home with a toddler during the pandemic? Let’s debunk these frequently asked questions before returning to work.

Why now? 626 more words

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What? You Haven’t Taken Up Violin?!

You’re not fluent in Chinese yet?

You haven’t purged your closet in a frenzy of endorphin-inducing productivity?

Weird. Me too.

I began this quarantine like any Type A personality would. 617 more words

My First Post: An Empath

I believe asking, How are you? feels cliché. It might be that you’re just riding it or maybe not. How about an empath? On a regular day, it’s already exhausting! 750 more words

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Life Online

“I’ve lived my entire life online.” ~ Zoe Quinn

How does one keep her sanity during weeks of quarantine? Do you stay bored or do you choose to be productive?

745 more words
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10 Tips A WAHM can ACE the Stay at Home Situation

It’s been a month since the lockdown, and three or more weeks to go. A month of no nursery, or any help from the family. How can we thrive in an odd situation like this? 1,160 more words

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Creating Heathy Routines and Habits

This can be a big topic, and there really is a lot to tackle here, but we’re going to do our best to walk through some different thoughts. 926 more words