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MT Productivity - The "Goal" Post

Hello! So, here is my goal post. No, it’s not the soccer type, more the I-need-to-set-some-real-goals-now-or-else type! I’m continuing on my quest to become a super productive transcriptionist/editor and I think this is the next most important step to take. 1,069 more words

Medical Transcription

4 beauty products we can't live without

The weekend has come and gone, and if you’re anything like us, you may be feeling a tad bereft. To help you get pumped for the busy week ahead, we’ve gone through Booodl and chosen our favourite skincare products. 222 more words


My Favorite Productivity Tools

While trying to achieve your goals and dreams, you’ll sure need some tools to help you on the way. Here, I’ll show you 939 more words


Getting Okay With Being Unproductive

Kids kill productivity. I used to be able to get so much done in a weekend. Not that I did a lot, but I could if I wanted! 1,137 more words


The Wisdom of Psychopaths: Extreme Calendaring Edition

Ok so I’ve been working on another super broody post about “work-life balance” (can women have it all and what the fuck is it all and who says whether I can have it all and what if I don’t want it all and how do I know?) but it’s taking me awhile because I’m all feelings boxy about it. 2,590 more words


4 Productivity Principals EVERYONE Needs To Know

The world is a busy place, and we are busy people.

But just because we are busy, doesn’t mean we are accomplishing our goals.

There is a… 623 more words

Formulating Life