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Trying Something New...

Drum roll please… I am stepping out of my comfort zone.


Not so far out as the vlog, but intended in the same spirit. Here is where I thank all my wonderful friends, clients and family for the encouragement and great counsel. 128 more words

DIY Wish Book/Manifestation Book/Spell Book

Hey, you gorgeous souls – have I ever told that I’m about 68% sure that our family is descended from some kind of witches?

I’ve touched on it very lightly in my… 853 more words


Why you waste your time finding stuff?

Why you waste your time finding stuff?

Because you don’t do documentation.

Daily Blog Thirty/365

The basic and the most essential skill you should have irrespective of your work or personal lifestyle is documentation.

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Daily Blog

Energetic Audit

I’ve become a little obsessed. I am really intrigued at how mental and physical energy levels ebb and flow during the course of a day. And the book by Daniel Pink – … 169 more words


Starting Fresh - 20 Ways To Hit The Reset Button On Life

Have you been feeling like life has been a bit dull? Do you find yourself stuck in a loop doing the same thing over and over again, wearing the same clothes since high school, listening to the same music, and feeling so bored. 727 more words


Three Procrastination Busters that Will Help You Get Started Right Now

Don’t procrastinate reading this article

My name is Orneno and I am a recovering procrastinator. I am good at meeting my deadlines when it comes to work or doing things for other people, but not always the greatest at reaching my personal goals.   905 more words


This Monday's Soul-Crushing Commute Brought to You by Runaway Goats on the Subway Tracks

Traffic, gridlock, congestion, delays: there are plenty of horrible names for what commuters of all kinds experience when they wake up Monday morning and head to work. 239 more words