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Stop getting distracted(here's how)

After I finish my meditation session I feel calm and at peace with the world. I then decide to write my next blog post, hoping that I can focus on it for a prolonged amount of time. 616 more words

Self Improvement

Dealing with distractions

Selective attention is possibly one of our most powerful abilities. We can tune out our environment and our emotions to learn and perform tasks optimally. To get things done you need to tune things out and keep them out. 1,021 more words


Get 50k Words in 1 Month - NaNoWriMo

Summer is officially over. It is now the time of year for festivities, cold weather, and the infamous Pumpkin Spice crave. As you may or may not have noticed, we have a countdown in our drop down menu for one of the largest upcoming writing events of the year, … 446 more words


33,588 words into my novel.

Hi chums,

Today was a totally fucked up day. Not in the sense it was negative, but I had to go to the Apple store to get an iPad mini. 391 more words


A Creative Framework


A few days ago we shared an article with you on our Facebook page containing tips and tricks to help you begin to overcome creative overwhelm and stay on track with your projects (you can check out that post… 2,137 more words

168 Hours Challenge- Eye Openers

I am on my 3rd week of time tracking. And it has given me quite a few eye opening revelations.

  • Housework:
    • Doing housework in the evenings, including cooking, works better for me, as I actually do it a bit more efficiently.
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Yoga At Work

Work throws people off balance. Office workers sit at a desk for long hours, skipping lunch breaks and taking shallow breaths. Corporate yoga opportunities help people see their work in a new way. 564 more words