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8 things I wish I did everyday

I’m pretty sure what most people (including me) actually want to do is lie around, have money come to us without doing anything, eat and sleep. 1,345 more words


Why My Pops is The Best And How He Is The Reason I'm Still Alive

Dear Pops/ best friend/ Gift to my life:

What a day!? A day to remember who has taught me, guided me and instilled wisdom in me my entire life. 237 more words


How to Rout a Writer's Block the Right Way


Sitting and stewing a writer’s block cooks only intense frustration. So I move, focusing on a joyful obsession. Without fail, the bricks break, routing the writer’s block and unleashing a torrent of creativity. 572 more words


Four Challenges of Inclusive Growth from the OECD’s chief economist

by Catherine L. Mann, Chief Economist and Head of the Economics Department, OECD

  1. The challenge of measuring inclusiveness. A standard metric for measuring inequality is the Gini coefficient, which measures income distribution within an economy.
  2. 579 more words

Focus on the people

I had to catch the early flight to Johannesburg this morning for a bunch of meetings. It was dark and my kid was still asleep. 123 more words


Blog post #2

This should appear in All article.

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Struggle to Stay on Task…? Here’s How to Fix That (2 min read)

1. Set your wake-up time a half an hour earlier tomorrow.

Use the extra time to think about the best way to spend your day. 387 more words

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