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NWC wants S$50-65 hikes for low-wage workers

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

The economy is shaky but the National Wages Council still wants employers to give low-wage workers earning up to S$1,100 monthly a built-in wage increase. 620 more words

Money Matters

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Mornings Stress Free

OK so I will be the first one to tell you that I am not a morning person…at all. The only thing that helps me wake up is a BIG cup of glorious coffee. 522 more words


Speed Up Your Workflow In Adobe Lightroom - New Skillshare Online Class

I just published a new Skillshare class, revolving around the methods I use to get a lot done quickly in Adobe Lightroom.  I remember 10 years ago spending really long days editing a wedding shoot in Photoshop, and after I switched to Lightroom the same work taking 1/10th of the time.   26 more words


On to Summer

The semester is most definitely over, and I’m lucky to have a break from school and work–paying work that is– to be in Hawai’i with the part of my family who lives here, work on my husband and my property, and have time to think and write.   365 more words


Expect the Unexpected

Today’s Projects:  portfolio for Super Awesome Potential Project

Today’s Progress:  found seven short stories and two poems; spent a good chunk of the day rereading them (because let’s face it, “short” is a relative term) 162 more words



My lovely friend Antoinette (aka The Healthy Professor) posted something on her blog this morning that got me thinking. She wrote about her busy life, how she’s spread too thin, and how she wants to find balance between productivity and enjoyment–enjoyment of where she is right now. 1,086 more words


Google Allo Is the Future

“Oh Great, another Google messaging app!”

That is the first reaction most people feel when they heard that Google was coming out with a new messaging app.   162 more words