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Sober October; and beyond?

I jumped on the bandwagon of October’s Sober Brigade… This time last Sunday, I was very sick from what I think was a combination of one too many drinks the night before and motion sickness from buses and a ferry. 747 more words

How I Stay On Track // Peek into my Planner!

Happy October everyone! It’s been a month since I started school so it has been especially busy, but I’ve missed blogging so much! Because I’ve been so busy, staying organized and being on top of my due dates has been super important in order for me to still have time to do other things like hang out with friends, exercise and browse the good old Facebook. 1,458 more words


Technology is a Beautiful thing - until it affects your moral compass

The advent of technology as a means to make our lives easier has been a phenomenal success. We all have Smartphones which are capable of streamlining our productivity and keeping us connected to every last interest we have. 519 more words


Sunday Wrap

The weather here in New York has been frightful.  One week it was 90 degrees and literally the next morning it was 65 degrees. This week we dealt with rain storms full of strong winds.   567 more words


Working Hard in the 21st Century

In the book Act Accordingly, author Colin Wright provides his thoughts on our hyperconnected and hardworking society.  Wright comments on the pride we have in hard work, and how that has translated into praise for those who work 100 hour weeks and toil through difficult paths to reach their journey. 525 more words


I used to run a blog with my cousin which was way more interesting.

I am Dan and Phil trash. I’ve been sitting here for a while now when I really should be doing my homework, and I am slowly turning into this mess that has existential crisis’s every few hours or so and I’m slowly melting away into the wonder that is my life…. 50 more words

Sound off: Advice from the Web

While you relax and enjoy your well-deserved Sunday morning rituals, here’s some advice culled from the internet on a writing, creativity, motivation and process. While your sipping orange juice, some exotic tea, a coffee confection or plain old milk, let your mind consider these tidbits and store them away for future reference. 697 more words