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5 Ways to be More Productive

Have you ever taken time to figure out how much you are or aren’t able to do in a month, a week or a day? 948 more words

Broken English

(Productivity) Kicking Procrastination to the curb

Your to-do lists may be endless, but only a few items will add real value to your and other people’s lives. Spending the most productive hours on tasks that yield the highest value will set you apart from 90% of the population. 398 more words

Personal Development

The Power of the Playlist: 90s Monday

90s Spotify Playlist

  1. Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam)
  2. One Headlight (The Wallflowers)
  3. Linger (The Cranberries)
  4. Crash Into Me (Dave Matthews Band)
  5. Smooth (Rob Thomas, Santana)
  6. Loser (Beck)
  7. 25 more words
Writer's Life

It only takes a minute...

Guarding your time is a skill that you should master and looking back to find out that a month have passed since you thought of doing something or even a year can strike you by surprise. 264 more words


Preparing for the new school year

New year, new me? Nah, not really. New year, new pens? That’s more accurate, often the only thing that changes when the clock strikes twelve is the type of binders I’ll be using that year but oh well. 178 more words


I’m up in New Haven visiting my sister and all is well with the world (my world). I’m applying to jobs, I’m pooping normally, I’m smiling, I’m making art. 285 more words

Regrouping when you're disappointed

Sometimes, no matter how great we are at chugging along, reciting “I Think I Can” and “Just Do It” or whatever affirmation and intention we have stamped into our psyches, we get the karmic reminder that we are a) human and b) not going to have a great day every day. 928 more words