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What I Use: Dropbox - Thurrott.com

While Microsoft’s promise of unlimited OneDrive storage for Office 365 subscribers remains just that, a promise, I have bigger issues with Microsoft’s cloud storage service, which is slow and unreliable. 51 more words


Walking to Home

Readers, there is one thing that I miss about the traditional, turn-up-to-a-place-of-work, business day. And that thing is, surprisingly, the commute.

Now my drive to my last office job was horrible (it was 15 miles away and I generally thought I’d done well if I made it in under an hour) but before that I worked about 45 minutes’ walk away from my house. 362 more words


What's Going On? 7/28/15

Hello and welcome back to another part of What’s Going On. In this post, I like to talk about some of the things that are going on in my life, both good and bad. 1,099 more words


Your Timing Is Yours

I’ve had many recent days that have felt incredibly unsuccessful. I can sit here and vent about all the things I have not done, but that would be counterproductive. 715 more words


You will be fine

I just had another bucket poured out over me. (I wrote elsewhere about things happening in bulk. Now I like to think about them happening in buckets.) 506 more words


What's for lunch?

It’s a common question that I often hear way too early in the day. About 9:30am every morning, I get asked what I’m in the mood to eat for lunch. 217 more words