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More knobs on the wall!

I have continued to make more of my doorknob pieces. I really love making them. After realizing that I have been focusing mostly on gold lately, I wanted to do something more silver. 105 more words

A secondary network

Introducing the following article written by Tiago Forte: Building a Second Brain: An Overview in which he describes the following message:

How many brilliant ideas have you had and forgotten?

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A passage from Marcus Aurelius on self-discipline

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from his book entitled, “Meditations

‘—But we have to sleep sometime…’

Agreed. But nature set a limit on that—as it did on eating and drinking.

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Bad Apples

In business school I was berated with the idea that bad apples spoil the bunch. That one employee could ruin an entire culture and the productivity that comes with it. 473 more words

100 days of productivity (days 71-80) // hot girl scholar

We’re in the final 3 people. I’m on a major groove right now. I’m pretty sure the last one of these I did was the most productive of them all, and I really don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon. 1,314 more words


Too Many People Wearing Too Many Hats

Journalism’s greatest fault is the same fault as every other industry: market forces. It is subject to the incentive to squeeze a maximum amount of work out of each individual worker and when the supply of workers is infinite, the workflow is distorted by high turnover. 600 more words