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just checking in here. I’m definitely not gonna have my phone super often now that I’m working as a sleep away camp counselor all summer but here’s some goals for talking to newer people . 31 more words

Thoughts on wasting time

Pardon my complete neglect for the last post and how I said I wouldn’t post if it was past 9. I don’t know what I was thinking, but obviously I’m still posting. 226 more words


Keeping in touch at the office

If you, like us have a distributed workforce contributing to¬†your project, you might be interested in the tool we use to keep maintain our communication momentum¬†called… 52 more words


Unconscious reliability

Experience and knowledge can sometimes blur and impede creativity. Thus it is more reliable to consult the unconscious mind for new ideas. In fact, Einstein believed his creativity (and ultimately the conception of his theory of relativity) could be attributed to his late development of speech, requiring him to see the world and interpret it visually, without translating it into the constrictive mode of language, for longer than most children. 73 more words

Manipulating My Computer Usage

In an attempt to improve my academic performance, I’m reimplementing a plan to restrict my computer usage. I have:

Firewalled disruptive sites, like Facebook, youtube, and Primewire. 276 more words


Plodding Productivity

It’s easy to get motivated and excited about getting things done. You like the idea of checking things off and being proud of yourself for accomplishing so much. 224 more words


Video and Photo Transfer wifi app is now Free!! #freeiosapps

Video and Photo Transfer wifi app
Video and Photo Transfer wifi app – the best way to send videos to your iPhone, iPad or computer. 33 more words