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Service Entropy

I’ve been worrying a lot recently about how complex systems ‘tend to disorder’ over time, what I think of as the entropy effect.  I’m particularly interested in… 723 more words


The Number One Investment You Might Not Notice

I don’t know about you, but I have been interested in investing ever since I started my first year in college. Looking for ways I could increase my income long-term. 265 more words


The 3 C's of Successful Remote Work

I recently read an insightful blog post by Sean Graber on HBR.org about why remote work is successful at some companies and not others.  He lists three C’s for success:  Communication, Collaboration, and Culture.   139 more words

Remote Worker


The day is here. 🎉🎉🎉

99. Use phone less ☑️

100. Raise hand 21x☑️

🔹raise hand 22x

I’ve come a long way. I remember back when anxiety seemed impossible to overcome and progress in lessening anxiety and negativity thinking was only a fantasy. 127 more words

Stress free Productivity

In this era of fast paced live, often times we feel that we do not have time to do everything that come to us. Family, work, ministry, etc, those are some of the responsibility that we have. 297 more words


Organizational Truth #42: When we want to break our habits, that's when we need them the most.

Organizational Truth # 42: When we want to blow off our good habits the most, that’s when we need them the most.  Routines and good habits help us restore order to our disorder; bring focus to our scattered brains; and prime the productivity pump when our motivation has run dry. 540 more words

Life Management

Ensuring editing consistency with .editorconfig

Today I updated my recently created GitHub repo configs to include my .editorconfig file. EditorConfig is one of those incredibly simple ideas that I initially hesitated to install (“is that all it does?”) but now find invaluable. 294 more words