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Loading the gypsy wagon

Hi Everyone,

How has your week been? It is becoming summer here. Temps in the 90’s starting today. Just in time for us to start the arduous task of loading the gypsy wagon(s) for our move back home. 541 more words


you're dope

negative self-talk is destructive.

“i suck”

“i’m not good enough”

“i don’t matter”

not only are all of these things false, but they are false… 126 more words


It’s not people, time or things that upset you... it’s you!

The line at Starbucks upsets you People upset you. Your boss upsets you… Nope, wrong!

Actually, none of those things upset you. Your beliefs about them do. 101 more words


Craving Junk: You Are What You Eat, Even If It Isn't Food

Okay, so that’s an abstract title; what in the hell does it mean? Well, to put it simply: You are what you consume.

I have a problem with YouTube; it’s something that I’ve mentioned previously, possibly here or elsewhere. 541 more words

Why I Don't Pay Attention to the News

Millions of people around the world wake up and watch the news with their morning cup of coffee. I try and limit my exposure to news media for a variety of reasons. 314 more words


Your past is not your future

There are four elements to handling failure:

  • Don’t take it personally
  • Learn and make changes
  • Focus on internal approval
  • Keep moving forwards

We used to do it as kids, but we forget and start being unaccepting of our imperfections, which can have a huge impact on whether in our adult lives we try to achieve our goals. 55 more words


Great Apps to up Your Productivity

We’re all looking for ways to increase our productivity, and thankfully technology is here to help! Here are three great apps to help you increase your productivity today. 229 more words