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Get To Work

As a church, we’re in a season of considering how the gospel forges a community that is distinct from the rest of the world.  On Sundays, I’m focusing on the “one another” commands of Scripture – those passages where the Lord instructs us on how we should be treating each other within the church.   496 more words



In Hebrews 10:29, the Lord calls upon us to think about the blood (life) of Christ in such a way that we are NOT to consider what He did for us as something common or ordinary. 130 more words

This is new... and a challenge

It’s kind of hard to find an audience to read your blog but I have to keep trying, don’t I 😁?

Anyway, my name is Taylor and I was influenced by my teachers and a few friends to start a blog. 113 more words

Banality Hurts !

… And she walks me, thru the dreary lanes, yet again
Sells a saccharine smile, that slyly flirts
With a soul that sways, from bliss to pain… 97 more words



The world has not been still

since the stirring of the Unmoved Mover

for when The Ground of Being shook,

none could  remain upright.

When the sacrifice was presented, 165 more words