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the film
halfway through
had this idea
gave mother

the baby

the baby is a monster with a broken foot

it comes out of my mouth this thing that feeds a brother… 39 more words

Vodka with Milk, Vegetable Soup, and Watermelon Juice

…so quoth a commenter when the Guardian books first introduced our frivolous little endeavour to the world. And I know of course one shouldn’t read the comments and less still feed the trolls, but I have been looking forward to this post ever since. 779 more words



Like I have never been here
With trophy of luck there
Singing songs of the goat
With a red rose wore on coat.

Like I have never been shot… 40 more words


Good Stuff: Bricking the Profane: Tyler Haliwell and Mihai Marius Mihu

I’m a Lug, an AFOL. I mainline ABS. It’s a physical, hands-on “ach my fingers hurt and I’m so happy!” break from all this damn writing. 685 more words

Good Stuff

The Profane and The Holy

No offense to Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, or Buddhists for whom the photo or emblem does not resonate. But I GET the text. Your own sacred truth. 293 more words

"Life and spirituality are not all about trying to deny and will out of existence one aspect of Realty, and to magnify another. God includes it all. And that includes sacred and profane. "

“…there is no sacred or profane. God includes it all … the sacred and the profane. If Truth is God, then embracing what is, is equivalent to embracing God. 299 more words


Holy Sacrilege

Along the sacred path

In profanity we step

Like a child seeking adventures

Ours is a search of passions

Upon the sacred road

Profanely we march… 48 more words