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I’m just a deliberately clumsy expert, slipping down the street with Freud and wax wings ready to meet a vixen. I’d melt in her mouth and hands and not on accident unless I’ve finally found my expertly profane hot-as-the-sun dream girl. 43 more words


The first time he calls her holy,

she laughs it back so hard your sides hurt.

The second time, she moans gospel around his fingers, between her teeth. 251 more words

One Year Blog Anniversary!

* * * * *

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for your support over the past year, for your comments, interest and guidance. You are all wonderful people with great writing / photographic / poetic / comedic and multiple other talents. 52 more words


the 'f' word

I’ve had conversations over the last few years on my use of the word ‘fuck’. General consensus is that I use it far too much. Even the most ‘open minded’ individuals seem to think I use it far too much. 98 more words

Its All Me

excessive censorship leaves us ill prepared for life

‘under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.’  — mark twain

best to practice the following:  golly, gee whiz, my word, oh goodness, gosh darn it! 662 more words


Did I Curse or No?

In a covo with my boyfriend I was like..

“why wtf”

and he was like

“why you cursing at me”

and I was like

“I did not curse at you because, I said wtf (wtf) is not a… 8 more words