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Birds of a feather

„So what are we then?“ Jack asked, his black eyes glimmering like a bonfire at dawn.

„Well, ravens!“ Johnny replied. He was the most senior in this group of three. 617 more words

Observing Brussels

#*@*! Profanity in our Schools

It’s time to introduce another Habit of Mind, developed by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick. The 16 Habits of Mind are “characteristics that are employed by successful people when they are confronted with problems.” The one that I will address in this blog is… 665 more words


Roger Federer loudly cursed at himself while winning in straight sets

Not so unflappable, are we Roger? Proving that the adjective most often used to describe him doesn’t always apply, a testy Roger Federer was angrily muttering at himself throughout Wednesday’s win over Marcel Granollers. 73 more words


On "Profanity"

There is no such thing as inherently good or bad words. If you act from a rational philosophy, one which by its reason assumes and abides the inherent moral worth of each individual human being and maintains the inalienable right of each individual to own and prosper his or her own life, then all of your words are good words. 43 more words

Was Chris Christie's Curse Filled Speech Fair Game?

New Jersey governor and likely 2016 presidential candidate Chris Christie made headlines last week for a profanity laden speech that was recorded and then publicized. The curse-heavy speech occurred during the annual New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club Show, which is for the Garden State’s press corps what the White House Correspondent’s dinner is for the national media. 436 more words

Public Profanity and Censorship

I always thought I was so cool. I mean I thought I was weird, could be adopted (grant it I look very much like my dad’s mom but that’s just coincidence I’m sure), left by aliens but I was “cool” in my mind, the best and scariest of places, because I could and can say anything I wanted and No One could tell me I was wrong, the timing was bad, I shouldn’t have said that, etc. 1,323 more words