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I am pro- profanity. I believe it’s good; I believe they are often descriptive, useful and helpful words.

Like fuck.

When given the old (erroneous) line that people who use swearwords have meagre vocabularies, great comedian George Carlin was indignant. 467 more words


The 'Hell Challenge' Is Really Challenging Parents [VIDEO]

Kids do all sorts of things that their friends do – dress similarly, watch similar movies and TV shows, and use social media the same. These “challenges” seem to come up in a new form every month or so (ice bucket, mannequin, etc), and right now it’s the “Hell Challenge.” 129 more words


Profanity in Christian Music

You might be surprised to find out that profanity has been a thing in Christian music for about ten years. What should not surprise you are its defenders and the reasons they employ. 585 more words

A Week and A Day

There are seven bruises on my body and one inside of it. Two pale circles on my right forearm, one by the wrist and one halfway to the elbow. 376 more words


let me go, i don't want to be your hero

I don’t care if you didn’t directly say it, ignoring it is already enough ground to claim transphobia. 974 more words

A Piece Of My Mind

Week 2: “Holy be your Name”

Holy be your Name

There was a young woman in the youth group in my previous parish whose response to almost everything was “O my God.” It was thrown in to her conversation almost as casually as the phrase “You know.” “O my God, it was the cutest skirt.” “O my God, the movie was so great.” It was so ubiquitous, the youth group started mimicking her by substituting her name: “O my Melanie!” to help her recognize and change her habit. 318 more words


Read Your Word This Morning? The Tongue is a Dangerous Member of the Body!

Like Momma Said . . . “Watch Yo’ Mouth”

I know many of you have heard your mother say this time and time again so I’m not preaching to the choir. 629 more words