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Seven Words

If you haven’t notice, this week’s theme is a profane one.  From nasty attacks on sweet innocent cosplayers, to salacious mosaics, to profanity, the Manifesto is comfortable embracing the A in AFOL.  188 more words

Model Spotlight

Quartz has tested Google's new AI-powered translator, and it needs to learn more Chinese

Updated Sept. 30 at 2pm in Hong Kong with comments from Google.

Google has recently overhauled Google Translate. The new AI-powered translator, “Google Machine Neural Translation,” can cut down errors by 80% compared to its current algorithm, making it… 1,322 more words

What the fudge? 5 reasons to hate KidzBop. (If you really need them.)

My children were recently introduced to KidzBop, and I’m ready to cut someone.

For those fortunate enough not to get the reference, KidzBop is a series of CDs/radio station/musical empire made up of children singing sanitized versions of the latest pop hits. 1,307 more words


A linguist's love letter to profanity explains why it's fine to curse around kids

Conventional wisdom tells us that, despite its many benefits, swearing isn’t a good idea around children. But then, it happens, invariably and internationally.

One linguist, Benjamin Bergen, a professor of cognitive science at UC Davis, who has studied swearing, reflected on the question of how it should be used around children in a new book, … 526 more words

Have you ever accidentally bumped your toe against the corner of a table? If you answered yes (and I imagine most of you have) then the next few words that came out of your mouth probably went something like this, “F#@%, you m#@$%&+;&*@ table. 443 more words

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Why name this blog that?

Welcome to my venture into blogging and sharing my thoughts titled, “Nate Doesn’t Fucking Hate the Bible anymore.” I figured the post I should start with is, “Why such a name?” 1,108 more words


A couple of days ago, I discovered that Etsy deactivated all of my Fuck This Shit products — and my Fuck Trump stick pin, because it didn’t meet their community standards. 400 more words