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What the #$@& to do about profanity in middle grade fiction

One year my Battle of the Books reading list contained “The Runner,” by Cynthia Voigt.

Battle of the Books was an annual in-school competition that allowed students to sign up as teams of four, read a list of books issued by the librarian, and compete against other teams in a Jeopardy-style competition against other teams. 2,603 more words


Upbeat Living:  Profanity Stress?

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Is the English-speaking segment of the World now in Profanity Stress?  In the last few months, I have noticed a large shift in one area of the American language:  an upswing in the use of language that would have been unacceptable even 2 years ago.  601 more words



Meaning: Violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred.

Synonyms: Desecration, profanity, blasphemy, irreligion, impiety, unholiness, irreverence, disrespect, profanation.

In Hindi: अपवित्रीकरण, तोड़ना-मरोड़ना, पवित्र वस्तुओं का अनादर 26 more words

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Upbeat Living:  4 Reasons Why Patience Produces the Win

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A huge secret of the happy and successful life, the Upbeat Livingtm lifestyle, is patience… 410 more words


Can a word that's profane help with pain?

As a child, swearing is up the top of the list of things we’re taught not to do. You may have lost hard-earned pocket money to the swear jar atop the fridge.   593 more words


Reverse Swear Box Curses (For) You

If you are running out of swear words to comment the magic smoke coming from your electronics, has just the right weekend project for you: … 118 more words

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Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

The only review I could write for this book is this–>


Mia has many names: The Pale Daughter, The Crow, or Kingmaker; she is the killer of killers and destroyer of empires; but her story begins when she is only ten years old and forced to watch her father hang as a traitor.

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