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Some Thoughts On Clean Reader

(The below post contains, of necessity some profanity. If you are offended by such words you may wish to stop reading now).

Today’s Guardian has an article about Clean Reader, an application which allows the user to reduce or eliminate the amount of profanity in a book, ( 378 more words


Christian Potty Mouths

Whether it be among family or friends, I have recently noticed the lackadaisical attitude that Christians have about cursing and vulgar language. I hear it in Christians of all ages, from grade school children to senior adults. 1,234 more words


Swearing's Place in Language

Over the last week, I had a debate with one of my coworkers over the nature of swearing. My coworker’s stance was squarely in the ballpark of “swearing is unintelligent and has no place in the English language”. 720 more words


Writing: Censorship and Clean Reader

The Right Fucking Word: Censorship Edition

So I’ve been spending my time today reading about this scary new thing invented by a couple in Idaho: … 1,397 more words


Chuck Wendig educates Clean Reader

“Fuck you Clean Reader. Authorial Consent Matters”

Check out his website–http://terribleminds.com

He’s the author of many cool books–especially the Miriam Black series.


Dirty Reader #CleanReader

I had every intention of writing some flashfic for tomorrow. And then, dunDunDUN, I ran across the Clean Reader Controversy. If you haven’t heard about it, … 643 more words

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