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Please take this week’s title as a warning. If you find profanity offensive, this installment of Word Cloud is one you may want to skip. 1,370 more words


Sw#@r W*rds

Gooday c***s, hey there from Australia!

F**k me why has profanity become a social norm. In today’s western society profanity carries little value as it did in the past. 836 more words

In Case You Were Wondering: Why Is it Bad for Christians to Cuss?

I’m working on a project I’ve got to get done this week (prayer appreciated!), so I’ll be re-running a few favorite articles from the archives in lieu of new content. 581 more words

In Case You Were Wondering

I Have A Confession

A sixteen year old girl goes to confession.
Father, I called a man a son-of-a-bitch

Why did you call him a son-of-a-bitch?? the
priest asked. 292 more words


the universe in your eyes

Let’s talk about Universities¬†since we’re on the topic of school, shall we? 1,040 more words

A Piece Of My Mind

A Quick Lesson in Not Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

Progressives need to realize something. Our use of language is hurting our cause. At a time when the odds are stacked so highly against us, we need to seek every possible advantage. 660 more words


No swearing please

I’m in the gym again as my inability to put on socks without a run up is getting on my tits.

My man tits.

So, anyway, there’s a notice in here warning against swearing. 51 more words