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Yes I realized that I just cursed in front of my child. Thank you for your concern.

I curse like a sailor, really my dad was a Navy man for years, and I curse in front of Alexander. Some people think it strange, some think it rude, and some just think I’m a horrible mom. 120 more words

Daily Life

Why Did Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Get Kicked Off A Plane In Dallas?


Rapper Machine Gun Kelly might say whatever he wants in his lyrics, but an airport in Dallas did not appreciate his exercise in freedom of speech. 313 more words


Where is America going? Answer, down the road to destruction I fear!

We have a vile ugly movie making the top box office position for the last 3 weeks, “Straight Outta Compton”. Our common speech is peppered with profanity, the degradation of women, and anarchy.  558 more words

About The Book

Fresh Cut Flowers - August 31, 2015

Hello Monday, you kinda suck.


Top speed driving: I drove nowhere fast. I, in fact, drove nowhere. So sad.

Beer: I drank my last beer, at 2:00 PM, so sad, and since I polished off the last of my cheap wine last night, I went without tonight. 592 more words


How to be a Successful Zoo Professional When You Fancy Profanity (Probably NSFW)

I admit it.  I curse like a sailor wearing a wool uniform, paired with a scorching case of herpes, on a hot summer day.  This is a habit I cultivated many years ago; my career had (and has) nothing to do with it.  1,321 more words


I have recently noticed, a certain interest taking place in writing about profanity in blogging.  I am referring to the over use of the over abused… 49 more words

What Did the Baby Just Say?

Can some explain this mystery? When I accidentally say a sentence containing a word I don’t want my 18 month-old daughter to know or use, why does she always notice that word the most? 115 more words