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Chanina's review of Flight by Sherman Alexie

This is not a typical time-travelling story. As our main character, “Zits”, is thrust backward into his Native American ancestry and into other people’s lives, he is faced at every turn with the realities of human nature and forced to constantly reevaluate his own point of view. 209 more words

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Language abuse

The sign posted in a small-town grocery said, “No Profanity.”

“Does it work?” I asked the clerk. “No,” she replied.

Why doesn’t it? Do some feel it infringes on free speech? 115 more words


Wolf City

The city of Marsev was in shambles, and it had not happened over night. But it sure as Hell seemed like it had just happened… 6,251 more words



Profanity was never taught to me at home. My parents are kind people and despite that my mother gets ticked off quite easily, she doesn’t actually delve deeper than comparing her victim with a petty animal. 832 more words


My F#*king Guest Post

Today I have the distinct f#*king honor of writing a f#*king guest post on The Perks of Being an Artist 39 more words


Using profanity during a political interview is usually a ‘no-no’ for politicians, especially during a general election when you are trying to put yourself forward as a potential foreign secretary, as Emily Thornberry was on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday. 224 more words

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SoCS: poetic language

This week in a meeting of my poetry critique group, I managed to say that I can’t write poems with cursing or profanity, which led to a lively discussion of the use of language, in poems and in general. 314 more words