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Professor of Cups

Professor of cups picks off the dust from chairs
and washes the filth from sieves and tunnels
when once she polished prose and persuasion.

Professor of swedish fish, marshmallow bits, 50 more words


In the Middle of Nowhere..

I was away from WordPress for few weeks or maybe months.. I didn’t feel any urge for writing, when I see my previous poetry, I get surprised and don’t believe that I wrote those pieces.. 401 more words


What do You want to Be when you Grow Up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

I wonder how many times I’ve been asked this question over the course of my childhood. 1,632 more words


Why Failing is Actually Good?

Dude, Are you crazy? How can you even say that failing is good when the world is filled with successful people succeeding everyday? How can failing help me reach my goals?  457 more words



I know for a fact, sir,
that what you claim
to be a “fair wage”
is nothing more
than pittance,
offered up on a
bronze platter, 116 more words


My coffee is best when heated for 1 minute and 16 seconds

I am a creature of habit. For over 10 years, I chose to live in the same apartment, drove the same car, always stepped out of my home left foot first and the list is endless. 518 more words