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Boss vs. Leader

People nowadays transfer to another company because of many reasons. It can be the working atmosphere, the demands in the work, the pressure and challenge one must confront, the system, the compensation and benefits the company can cater, or the surrounding people particularly the co-workers and the people who are in authority. 1,516 more words


Why this Profession, Lord?

I often asked God for the past three years of why did He let me take up Education? Why am I a teacher?

I never signed up for this. 398 more words


Introvert Tales: Survival Tips in a World of Extroverts

Let’s talk about comfort zones for a minute.

There are so many kinds of them. The most important ones being those that ensure basic survival and safety. 1,633 more words


Why so many prostitutes in recent Dutch novels?

Door Roel Smeets

Which types of characters populate the fictional society of Dutch literature? When thinking about literature in terms of demographics, questions arise with regards to the literary representation of certain social groups. 1,392 more words



En el transcurso de la vida muchas personas no logran su potencial por el miedo al fracaso. Prefieren quedarse en su zona de conformidad antes de lanzarse a lo desconocido. 671 more words