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Study all you want but learn from the legendary Indian Army

Our Army men at work left us the freedom and security we have today. They have left us to

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My reflection on my first professional placement.

On my recent professional experience, I was lucky enough to have a mentor teacher with over 40 years experience. I learned and gained so much, I thought I would share some of my insights. 1,506 more words


What are the best resources for learning about DevOps?

Năm 2017 Mình đã pass level Senior DevOps bên FSOFT nhưng không join, cứ xem như mình đi phỏng vấn để kiểm tra kiến thức mình tới đâu. 53 more words


At this new comparative age career has became the most important topic. Since at this modern age there are multiple career options and millions of things to do unlike the vedic times,choosing the right path is the most difficult thing. 547 more words


Leveling 2 warlocks atm,and i need to level fishing, so gonna try this method.

World Of Warcraft

Kingdom Bringers

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.~ Jesus

Lynette and I were visiting the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts a few years ago and had an interesting encounter with one of the actors that was participating in the interpretive museum.  

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Is Testing a Profession?

Testing is a real profession, but it’s undergone significant upheaval and change in recent years.  Don’t expect that to change in the future.  If you like rapid change and a fresh challenge with every project, testing can be a challenging and exciting career. 758 more words