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Worth It

I remember when I was
the youngest in the office
–not just the youngest
but a female among men;
I held my ground over
three decades and gained… 73 more words


Rethinking makeup

Because of some experiences in my childhood I became very uncomfortable with being a girl. Little by little I am learning to embrace myself and accept every feature of the lady that I am (becoming). 715 more words

Sehr professionell!

Mit allem im Leben sollte man professionell umgehen. Natürlich muss man nicht so weit gehen, deshalb ein/e Professionelle/r zu werden.

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14

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6 Ways Writing Can Change Your Life

For me, writing has always been a catharsis; a means to express myself in a way that is both personal and intimate and reflects the creative side of me that I cannot express in any other form. 293 more words

The Enlightened Path

Many people normally have a hard time getting up, knowing full well that a day of work – most likely eight hours of work – lies ahead of them. 1,490 more words


The Happiness Matrix

The Happiness Matrix is based on the popular program, “Creativity and Personal Mastery”, taught at Columbia Business School, Kellogg School of Management, Berkeley’s Haas and London Business Schools, by acclaimed author and Professor Srikumar Rao.

272 more words

Why have Keith in your Company?

Because I know that you will not waste your time to train me. I may have a learning curve on my own but I know how utilize other available resources. 155 more words