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Profession Confession

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not in my About Me page, but when I was in school I was a nursing major. I have been passionate about it since I was 16  a junior in high school. 609 more words


Florida Pediatric Dentist Gives the Whole Profession a Black Eye

You’ve likely seen the news story that went viral over the last week or two about a pediatric dentist in Florida abusing his young patients and committing a whole bunch of other wrongs in his practice. 9 more words

Summer's at the Beginning

I put a lot of pressure on myself to enjoy summer. I have to go everything. Go to the beach Maggie, be outside, exercise, this is the summer you get hot, don’t wast the days but remember to relax, work on (insert ambitious art thing here), have fun. 464 more words

Are we gatekeepers, or locksmiths?

This post originally appeared as a reflection at usr/space, after reading David’s post on the profession as a gated community. It got me thinking about how the metaphors we use inform our thinking and practice. 842 more words


You Are A Working Master in Training

Amid the sea of professions, careers, opportunities, jobs, etc, etc, etc, whatever you choose to title yourself it still boils down to work. What does work require; more work to perfect yourself at your skill. 351 more words


Better questions than "What do you do?

“What do you do?” might be the worst question to start out a conversation with a new person and yet it’s the one we all seem to ask at the outset. 1,187 more words

Ordinary Time

UX and OT: A Comparison

There are some surprising similarities between user experience (UX), advertising and occupational therapy.

Both are pretty exotic.

Both professions are shrouded in obscurity. UX, a little-known acronym outside of the digital marketing industry, is a very new field compared to veteran disciplines like copy-writing and strategy. 870 more words