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Changing the Language Services Industry

My Master’s degree at Leeds taught us (well) how to charge clients. And not just ‘you’re supposed to charge £x/word’ but how we should be thinking about this from a salary perspective: what – as a… 716 more words


I Don't Love Abortion

I wrote about how much I love birth control a little bit earlier. And I do, I really do. When it works well and doesn’t have side effects, I think it’s the best thing since potable water. 947 more words

Family Planning

Career Tension

Life is not easy to live. It is the most complicated & difficult thing exist in this earth. To live a better life we have to choose a better career option which enable several things to become easy & comfortable. 101 more words

Best Jobs In Delhi

Inspiration from Under the French Fries

Inspiration comes when you least expect it. While having dinner with my children at McDonalds, I was challenged by the verbiage on the tray liner. You know the tray liner – that piece of paper lining the tray that usually contains a special offer for an amusement park or a promotion of the latest McFood. 408 more words

Professional Development


Our interactive topic of this week is LOVE WITHOUT CONDITION, before we look at it, i know many of us know they real meaning of love. 664 more words


A Teacher's Tale

We never really know the essence of life unless we come close to it. So, how do we come close to it? Grown up in a perfectly pampered up environment, my life would essentially circle around a bunch of cool friends, mediocre lifestyle status, scoring good grades, gearing up for a professional course and basically having fun! 417 more words