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Collecting Stone is a Profession.

Collecting Stone is a profession for many in Bangladesh. 
The picture is taken in Shunamgonj, Sylhet, Bangladesh.


Accept the Women Workforce

Getting Hired soon after college is Everyone’s dream, a Goal. We study with devotion just so that we may get a Good Job to be able to stand on our own feet. 500 more words

Selling Myself

It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession, I would think that writing would come in second.  In the week that I have jumped unto this roller coaster, I have learned that I need to sell myself and sell my writing.  389 more words

Novel Inspriration

Teacher Leader? Yes, You Are!

I believe that all teachers are leaders. The mere act of teaching, in and of itself, is an act of leadership. Within the hierarchical structure of most schools and districts, I also know that some/many/most teachers do not self-identify as leaders unless they hold a formal position or title (e.g., team leader, department chair, etc.). 324 more words


Ini adalah Pak Amin.

This is mr. Amin.

Dia adalah nelayan yang menangkap ikan besar.

He is a fisherman who catches big fish.

Vocabularies : 7 more words

Bahasa Indonesia

Things you must know if you want to take up Ayurveda as your Profession.

Things you must know if you want to take up Ayurveda as your Profession.

As soon as the results of entrance exams are announced and sometimes even before the announcement of the results, students tend to have this dilemma of what to choose and what to pursue as their profession. 631 more words


Life lesson on being an HR

Hi everyone, so this is a personal blog.

It’s been one year since I graduated from college and being in a corporate world on my chosen field is hard. 147 more words