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Bourreaux de l'Etat

I follow a blog which specialize in locating the tombs of famous people in France. The period covered is usually 17th, 18th  and 19th centuries. I often wonder where is so and so buried, a famous name does not necessarily have a famous grave. 625 more words

Why Do So Many Women Who Study Engineering Leave the Field?

(Source: hbr.org)

Engineering is the most male-dominated field in STEM. It may perhaps be the most male-dominated profession in the U.S., with women making up only… 1,732 more words


On judgement and being judgemental.

I’m  not sure that I have any one reason for writing a post reflecting on this theme. Rather it seems to have emerged as I have been thinking about several different issues. 313 more words


How do you know what you want to become?

How do you ever know what you would want to be? I can’t even imagine how or what I might be after 10 years from now. 232 more words


Knock-off Vet Students

I remember in my first few weeks of vet school, I read a blog post about imposter syndrome.  I thought, Psh. That won’t happen to me.  646 more words


To all the Employers who take their Employees for granted

Before reading this, keep in mind that this is just a general opinion, not related to my work or personal stuff, not against my employer or anything related whatsoever. 924 more words