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The "Professional" Look

This photo depicts the stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination that people with body art face in our “business” culture.  There is a common stereotype that tattoos are “deviant” and a sign of rebellion.  163 more words

Are You Turning A Blind Eye To Hazards?

By Phil La Duke

 “He’s as blind as he can be, just sees what he wants to see”—John Lennon, Nowhere Man

Hazards come in many shapes and sizes—from the physical to the behavioral and all points in between. 

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The Language (Non-)Barrier - Part VI of Our Complaints Series

When we conduct a due diligence for a project where the native language of the associated company(-ies) or country(-ies) is not English, it is required that any and all documentation be professionally translated by a certified translator, duly stamped and signed. 465 more words


How Professional Biases Can Cloud Judgment

How Professional Biases Can Cloud Your Judgment

Financial Advisors have to be aware of their own biases in order to guide clients effectively.

by Justin A. 1,202 more words

Applied Behavioral Finance

Professional Biases in the News | Question 1

Michael Shudson’s intro chapter in The Power of News, called “News as Public Knowledge,” provides an interesting outlook on the ways in which the media we (as Americans), receive our information as well as how journalism/journalists have gained a reputation for incorporating biases into the way news is shared with the public.   343 more words