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The new year had just begun and in normal settings I was reviewing my past and current actions, an activity I perform with myself every 6 months or so. 233 more words

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I Wouldn't Change a Thing

Recently I was talking with someone who doesn’t know me very well and they asked if I see myself in oncology nursing for the rest of my career. 533 more words


Class of 2008

As a graduate in the middle of the Great Recession with a graphic design and fine art degree, my experience of the job market and career opportunities is greatly skewed. 852 more words

Professional Career

Can You Train Millennials?

Millennial is becoming the main trendy word at the beginning of this year. This subject is getting more and more attention as the people included in this generation are becoming active members of society. 589 more words

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Why Inspiration Matters

Essentially the reason for the post is a lot of friends are frustrated in their current jobs. It’s like they have totally lost sight as to how or why they are where they are. 718 more words

Professional Career

Virginia Hates Gays: or Don't believe everything you read on the internets.

Mark Stern of Slate.com reported today that Del. Bob Marshall of Virginia introduced a bill that would allow any holder of a state “license, registration of certificate” to refuse to interact with a homosexual person on the grounds of “religious liberty”. 387 more words

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6 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions.

Well, it is the beginning of January and you are now staring at a list of your New Year’s Resolutions. Where do you go now? We all have good intentions when setting those new goals, and we want those intentions realized by actually accomplishing these goals during the New Year.  539 more words

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