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Why HRs suck

Dear HR (human resources) cunts, on behalf of everybody who suffered from your relentless stupidity; we’ve seen through you and you’ve been already exposed. Everyone knows you’re cunts and nobody likes you. 726 more words


Baron Ablon Joined Soil Building Systems, Inc. in 2001 and Soon Became its President and CEO

Baron Ablon is the President and CEO of Soil Building Systems, Inc. Baron transformed the company from a small generational family-owned mulch business into a thriving and prominent landscape supply manufacturing organization. 278 more words

Baron Ablon

It's Not You! But ...

We heard this a lot in a drama. Usually, it’s in a break-up stage. Actually, this can be applied everywhere don’t you think?

A month ago I attended an alumni event in my alma mater in which they offered several sessions there. 962 more words


When to quit

I have been employed for a brief period, and had a great learning experience with my previous company. But I saw some critical factors that influenced me to make changes I needed to. 800 more words


Thu. Think: Have a 'Big Dog' mind set. Success begins with thought.

Long legs can tread more ground faster than short ones. Similarly, when you spend time with people who have been some places, seem some things, and had some experiences, you’ll notice that their perspectives and insights are broader. 71 more words


Amelia Foxwell Focuses on Work Therapy and Positive Psychology for the Survivors of Violence or Trauma

Amelia Foxwell is a renowned psychology professional who specializes in several areas where the survivors are a victim of violence, torture or trauma. She works with an assorted group of professionals in order to build empowered communities of the survivors and to assist them in renormalizing into the society. 217 more words

Amelia Foxwell

Almost 25 and unemployed

I am almost 25 years old; I don’t have big savings; I don’t have any investment; my parents are getting older; my girlfriend broke up with me; companies are ignoring my application, and I am broke as fuck. 480 more words