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Perform Better After Regular Workout

Young kids are encouraged to play and run and explore while they are young as part of the learning process. By doing, you will remember things better than just to read the theory. 633 more words

Professional Career

How Free is Our Free Time?

One of the best parts of starting university is having both the time and the opportunity to try out many different things and learn more about yourself – what you love, what you are good at (not necessarily the same), and what you really, … 769 more words

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In Need of Mentors

I am always looking for a mentor. As I studied business, people will tend to think that I am looking for a business mentor. That would be ideal, however, I would like to learn from others as much as I can, and it is not limited to the business studies. 504 more words

Professional Career

Hair Dyeing For Professionals?

When I was at university, I attended quite a few seminars on how to dress up professionally, to do interviews and how to make your cover letter. 471 more words

Professional Career

Glass Ceilings and Other Imaginary Things

As a woman heavily involved in and passionate about the agriculture industry, something that I have heard my fair share about is glass ceilings.  Now, for those of you who have no idea what a glass ceiling is, quit reading this- I don’t want you to start thinking about this invisible barrier so many people create for themselves.  449 more words

Keep Exploring Till You Find It!

Exploring is one key to be successful in life, well that’s my opinion. When you explore, you will discover a lot of new things that happen in life. 656 more words

Professional Career