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Benefits and Possible Problems of using Technologies (Week 3)

The evolution of technology improvement impacts on the human daily life. In the past, people relied postal service to communicate each other which is mentioned one of James Simpson’s blog. 207 more words


Impossible to live without Communication (Week 1)

From the time we born to till death, we have to communicate with different people. The time we came out from our mom’s body, we started communicating that was crying. 447 more words


Importance of Audience (Week 2)

Before communicating or presenting with someone, the first question to ask is ‘who are my audiences’. Some people might argue that why we need to know about them. 409 more words


COMM11003 - Communication in Professional Contexts, Reflection exercise 1.1

What employers look for?

Communicating effectively is one of the most useful attributions  someone can have in a workplace. A new employer will analysis applicants and one of the most common skills to look for is the ability to communicate in a professional context. 207 more words


Who am I and What Can I do for You?

In the hi-tech media-centered world of today if you do not have an online presence you are pretty much invisible. Sure you can still find a job the old fashioned way, mailing or even e-mailing an employer your resume, but having an online presence is essential to making yourself known. 380 more words

Communicating Effectively.

Communicating effectively in a professional manor is a very important skill to have acquired, and may be useful in a business or work related scenario. Through utilizing formal language and applying a formal tone, clients or business partners will assume a good first impression of you. 284 more words


A self-reflection: How well do I communicate?

In response to reflection exercise 1.1

The development of effective communication skills is paramount in an environment where multifaceted messages need to be transferred to an audience without misinterpretation (Costigan 2015). 365 more words