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A must-have tool!

Communication and writing are the vital skills for today’s workplace.  Being able to proofread my own writing is something handy to have for my daily work-tool-kit. 77 more words

Professional Communication

How to write a power-point discussion (economics-specific)

The goal of a good discussion is to explain to the audience where the paper fits into the general social science/policy framework and to help the paper improve for the future.  761 more words

How to do a powerpoint presentation (social sciences, economics)

I LOVE me some powerpoints.

Think about what you want your audience to take away.  Use the rule of 3 to emphasize those points (say what you’re going to say, say it, then tell people that you said it).  418 more words

Week 11 - cost of unclear communication

From a single letter that put an entire business into bankruptcy to a multitude of lost revenues and returned products and an overload of support calls.  210 more words

Business Communication

Week 11 - Using the indirect method to deliver bad news

You are an executive at a company that suddenly has to lay off 400 employees within three days or risk financial disaster.  You have to make the cuts quickly, but you do not want to be impersonal by announcing the cuts by e-mail. 249 more words

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Some call it professional development...

Some people call learning how to communicate more effectively professional development. Really, if you think about it hard enough, it is growing up and learning to be a decent human being who thinks of someone besides themselves from time to time. 643 more words

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Post One - Genre/Screening (Part B)

Reality television is a category that documents seemingly unscripted real-life situations. The mere fact that the genre is called ‘reality’ television proves ironic. Generally, viewers are consumed by following the lives of relatively un-known people, or in more popular series, people that become known. 653 more words