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Professional Communication and Its Importance in the Doctor's Office

It isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it.

This is one of the cardinal rules of professional communication, and it’s important to remember. Think of the message you’re trying to convey as a passenger in a car. 293 more words

Healthcare Training

Planning, a key to success

There is no doubt every student wants high marks in his/her assignment. Some students get good marks but some do not. The difference is planning. Most of the students getting good marks in their assignments plan them properly before starting. 293 more words


Benefits and Problems of using Technologies

The evolution of technology improvement impacts on the human daily life. In the past, people relied postal service to communicate each other (Bryant n.d., p. 1). 281 more words


Is it impossible to live without Communication?

From the time we born to till death, we have to communicate with people therefore, living a day without communication is impossible. Additionally, communication is a key of success in relationships, in the workplace and will keep us ahead in the game (Gallucci 2014). 291 more words


Importance of Communicating Effectively

Before we get to know why communicating effectively is important, let’s understand what communication is and what it has to do with our life.

Communication is the way of transferring information through verbal messages, written words, or sign language. 265 more words


The Importance of Audience

Before communicating or presenting with someone, firstly we have to know ‘who are our audiences’. The reason of communicating with them is sharing the latest information, persuading their attention or entertaining them. 315 more words


Communication in Professional Contexts

What employers look for?

Week 1, Exercise 1

Communicating effectively is one of the most useful attributions  someone can have in a workplace. A new employer will analysis applicants and one of the most common skills to look for is the ability to communicate in a professional context. 207 more words