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Transmedia Communication Strategy: Beyond The Shadow

Our perceptions of health are skewed my media representations of the ‘ideal’ body. But health and body image are not the same.

At Beyond The Shadow, our goal is to get everyday people to re-evaluate the way they view health and body image in the media by looking #beyondtheshadow, because a desirable body image doesn’t always reflect good health. 69 more words


Week 6 - Activity 3.3 - Mastering International Time

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between times in relation to business?

UTC or Coordinated Universal Time is the time standard commonly used across the world. 304 more words

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Week 5 - Activity 7.1 - revising a poorly written email

To: Department Managers
From: Mellanie Mankin <mmankin@rockstudios.com>

Subject: New People



Department Managers:

This is to inform you that we are, after a long period in which we… 437 more words

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Week 5 - Socialnomics


The above video speaks of how integrated technology is into our daily and business lives.  The statistics in this video are extraordinary in the fact that many people young and old are taking technology and using it in their everyday lives.  155 more words

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Week 5 - professional communication

Professional Communications:

An article in Forbes called How to communicate effectively at work talks about Karen Friedman’s new book about how to best get your point across drawn from her thirty- six years of experience as a professional communicator.  176 more words

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Five advantages of Team Collaboration Software

Good team management results in seamless and faster operations of a company, helping increase its overall performance. Read on to know about the benefits of team collaboration software. 389 more words

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Understanding the relevance of Enterprise Collaboration Software

Enterprise collaboration is quite popular these days as it helps in more ways than one. Every enterprise big and small is gearing itself for the market challenges by instilling the latest… 479 more words

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