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A New Perspective on the 4 Core Subjects

A New Perspective on the 4 Core Subjects

So, you are probably one of those people who think taking History, English, Math, and Science is a complete waste of time because you are not going into that field. 1,225 more words


What the Recruiters Look for in an Interview : Facts Every Candidate Should Know

Interview is a formal interaction between job recruiters and job seekers. Though formal it focuses on the personal traits, qualifications and skills of an individual. It is therefore also called a Personal Interview. 774 more words

How Formal Education Can Help You in Your Daily Life (3 Ways)

As with most of my posts, this information came to me as I continued taking various courses at the college level. I have not conducted a study on this nor has it been “peer reviewed.” This post’s information is purely from experience (as are the others). 991 more words


How Open-Minded Are You?

This blogpost might be challenging for some. It was for me. I like to think of myself as open-minded. (Actually, I just like to think of myself generally. 341 more words

Employee Engagement

Hemisphericity and Learning Styles

As you can see, we were born to learn. In what ways have you been dissuaded from learning something you wanted to learn? Were you perhaps told to put an interesting book away and instead do your Algebra homework? 159 more words

Principles Of Communication

Read to Learn, Learn to Read

People both young and old are frequently heard complaining, “Reading is so boring”, ” It’s such a waste of time”. We look for short cuts and quick notes to prevent ourselves from the mundane task of reading the full text.   625 more words

Top Skills Of Communication

Who am I? And what do I know about COMM11003?

Hi Everyone,

My name is Samantha Plath and I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Accounting at CQU Mackay.

On completion of my degree, at the conclusion of Semester Two 2017, I have fortunately been offered a graduate position working for Deloitte from March 2017. 319 more words