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Professional Communication #1 *WI Requirement*

You will be required to write a well formatted response to the following scenario:

Part 1 (Email): You will act as a manager and construct an email communicating a new policy to your employees that they will not be happy with (negative). 184 more words

Academic Writing

Green Hair, Don't Care

I’ve had green hair now for about three and a half years.

Before that I had most colours under the sun – apart from blonde, I could never ‘do’ blonde as I’m pale with a slightly ginger tinge, and it just makes me look ill. 1,152 more words


Three Ways To Engage A Business Audience With Humour


About a third of my work is comedy-related. I don’t have ‘funny bones’ but I’m workmanlike enough to know how to construct and do funny. I realise LinkedIn isn’t Comedy Central but enough non-comedy business folk have contacted me via LinkedIn for help with speeches, presentations, training, journal articles and such that there’s clearly a latent demand out there from the accidentally comedic to the professionally unfunny to amp up their game when the occasion requires it. 730 more words

Employee Engagement

Process of Communication:

Post E003

Sender: The individual who initiates or starts the process of communication is known as the sender. He is the one who sends a piece of information and waits for a response. 644 more words

English Communication Skills

A New Perspective on the 4 Core Subjects

A New Perspective on the 4 Core Subjects

So, you are probably one of those people who think taking History, English, Math, and Science is a complete waste of time because you are not going into that field. 1,361 more words

Formal Education

What the Recruiters Look for in an Interview : Facts Every Candidate Should Know

Interview is a formal interaction between job recruiters and job seekers. Though formal it focuses on the personal traits, qualifications and skills of an individual. It is therefore also called a Personal Interview. 774 more words

How Formal Education Can Help You in Your Daily Life (3 Ways)

As with most of my posts, this information came to me as I continued taking various courses at the college level. I have not conducted a study on this nor has it been “peer reviewed.” This post’s information is purely from experience (as are the others). 991 more words

Formal Education