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I have learned that writing is a tedious process and a good writer doesn’t ramble on. This subject has taught me about the importance of communicating in the right way, whether I’m talking to a different culture or respecting peoples opinions. 23 more words

Professional Communication

Photo Essay


Headline Activity:

Role play not real play РThis headline clarifies that the fight was real and also indicates that participants were in costume. 62 more words

Professional Communication

Broadcast Script

Michael: Hi everyone and welcome back to CQU radio, now we have something special planned this week. We have two individuals Liam Hey and Nicholas Hadwen who are each going to be asked what the most important part of their life is. 181 more words

Professional Communication

Newsletter Review

The newsletter’s stories mainly contain very detailed articles which go into a lot of depth there is a lot of narration. The writer uses a lot of statistics in order to get stories, as well as very descriptive wording about a days event. 103 more words

Professional Communication

Story Revised

Some issues i have spotted with the article are; the article does not indicate any influence of self-harm until the final sentence. The headline says the lady was stuck under a train but does not say how she got there until suicide is implied in the last sentence. 138 more words

Professional Communication