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How Can I Check My Spelling?

When I ask students if they checked their spelling, they affirm that yes, they used spell check on their cover letters, resumes, reports, and proposals. And, although spell check is a good start, we cannot depend on the artificial intelligence (AI) of Microsoft Word to catch homophones and other commonly misspelled words that can damage credibility. 493 more words

What makes a good public speaker?

Public speaking is the process of communicating with the audience in order to inform or entertain them. We encounter public speaking in a variety of areas like the job interview, giving a presentation in seminar, wedding speeches. 262 more words


The 10 Commandments of Team Work

Transparent communication, avoid misunderstandings.

Understand each other’s personal commitments and circumstances in order to succeed with group work.

Everyone is expected to contribute equally, there should be no passengers. 57 more words

Professional Communication

What are the different types of non-verbal communication? How can non-verbal communication make or break a speech?

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As William S. Cohen says in his poem Silent Meaning “A gesture of the hand speaks pages more than words.” 288 more words


Halfway there and living on a prayer.

First off I’d like to mention how quick these last 6 weeks have gone. To think, I’ve made it halfway through this first semester of university without losing too much hair. 455 more words

Professional Communication

Communication Through Technology

Technology has both impacted daily communication in a negative and positive way. Society now relies on mobile phones, computers and other technological devices. These devices provide instant communication and can be done from anywhere in the world. 279 more words

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