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“I am vexed. I hate myself for taking this long to realize that I have fallen into dogma, living a life in accordance with another’s judgment.

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Professional Network Software-Best Way to Land a New Job

Professional Network Software focuses on interactions and relationship of a business environment and not including personal and other interactions. This article summarizes advantage and tips for improving professional network… 469 more words

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Thoughts of My Future Self

I used to visualize myself standing behind the glass pane of my own condominium unit, looking at an amazing view while drinking a cup of coffee. 715 more words


The clock’s ticking. I woke up realizing it’s only three in the morning and I decided to get some additional sleep but I failed. I honestly don’t have any intentions to think of some random deep stuff, but I find it really hard to contest with my thoughts.

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We’ve been living in a very muddled society wherein certain standards are being imposed which people are expected to pursue- and if they failed to do so, they will never escaped the materiality of criticism.

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Improve company productivity by Enterprise Social Networking

Unlock the potential of your employees through Enterprise Social Networking for better collaboration and communication. Read to know more about this latest tool which helps increase productivity of the company. 490 more words

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Professional communication: New way for productive and efficient working

We all know the importance of communication in our lives, whether formal or informal, it the key for better understanding and better relations.  Whether working professional or not, the key to success is always given to how convincingly one can communicate, thus making professional communication a key to success. 496 more words

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