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More Elementary Classroom Procedures

Here’s another article that is well worth reading to help jump start your First Days of School Procedure Orientation. It’s written by Leah Davies, http://www.KellyBear.com… 202 more words

New Teachers

Why are children so bored at school?

Before you blame the teachers, lesson plans, lack of pencils, etc., you should think of your parenting skills. Yes, #parenting skills really do influence a student’s success in school based upon my observations during my over 40 years in education. 285 more words

Reading In Primary Grades

"Here we go, here we go!"

Here’s a parody of “Let It Go” meant for teachers. The singer is a Music Teacher and honestly knows how we feel about #beginning the school year again. 44 more words


Should Elementary Schools Departamentalize?

What do you think about this topic? I believe it’ll work for upper elementary levels but I don’t believe it’ll work for younger children. We have seen this done successfully in 4-5th grade in my former elementary school. 56 more words


20 Signs You're Actually Making a Difference!

Ah, summer vacation, when the living is easy! You’ve had time to watch sunsets without falling asleep first, sink your toes into the sand, laugh with your children and friends. 124 more words

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Top Ten Days that Strike Fear into a Teacher

How many #Professional Development Days have you slept through? Don’t answer that! :)

There’s a long list of “terrible/horrible, gruesome” days that we all hope we can live through while we’re teaching each school year. 136 more words

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