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How Do You Make a Boring Lesson Exciting and Interesting?

So, you have to teach basic Algebra, Reading Fluency, History of the Civil War?  How can you make these lessons far more interesting and challenging?  Simply stated, make the lessons attach to their lives.   278 more words

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How do you Shift from Surviving to Thriving as a Teacher?

So, you’ve been teaching now for almost 3 months.  How are you doing?  If you’re like most teachers, you’ve won some battles, figured out some students, are getting more sleep now, etc.   223 more words

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Accommodations at a job site, too?

By now, we are all aware of IEP requirements and the resulting accommodations required in schools for students diagnosed as ADHD and Autism.  Different classroom lights, movement in the classrooms, pulling out for individualized instruction, etc. 207 more words

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Don't allow your frustration be shown to your students

Have you ever walked through a store and heard a father yell at his child, “You’re so stupid!”  Of course, you have.  Have you ever seen a mother totally ignore her child who was trying to talk to her?   302 more words

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What do students really remember about their teachers?

If you’ve been teaching for more than a year, I’m sure you’ve wondered what your former students remember about you.  Will they remember you as being a lot of fun to be around?   207 more words

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How can you get your student to read faster?

I just saw this YouTube from Dr. Johnson giving specific ideas on how to have a student become responsible for increasing their own fluency rates. He’s included suggestions about including Fluency in IEPs, having students maintain a WPM goal and chart it, etc.   45 more words

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More Elementary Classroom Procedures

Here’s another article that is well worth reading to help jump start your First Days of School Procedure Orientation. It’s written by Leah Davies, http://www.KellyBear.com… 202 more words

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