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How Can You Make Their Writing More Interesting?

Are you a teacher of Writing Skills?  Are you a Home School parent?

Are you preparing your students for their semi-annual writing samples?

Are they bored yet? 196 more words

Professional Development Days

9 Ways to Help Students Learn Through Their Mistakes

Remember that Edison failed about 10,000 times before he invented the electric light bulb?  Okay, it was only 9,999 times!  Anyhow, how can we teach students (and other humans) how to learn from their own mistakes? 190 more words

Classroom Management

50 Crazy Ideas to Change Education

Let’s pretend that you’re attending a Professional Development Day and your Principal opens up the meeting with the question, “What would you change and/or fix in our school and our education plans?”  Imagine the initial quiet because of fear of being rebellious.   257 more words

Classroom Management

Are you a Marigold Among the Thorns

I’ve noticed that this post from over a year ago is consistently viewed by my followers.  Because of this, I thought I’d post it again. 123 more words

New Teachers

Is it Autism or is it Asperger's?

Over the past few years Asperger’s has been added to the Autism Spectrum.  But what is the difference and what are the similarities?  Why was this “condition” put onto the Spectrum anyhow?   172 more words

New Teachers

Don't you just hate Data Day?

I’m sure you’re one of most teachers who absolutely dislike Data Day.  We always had this Day after our first assessment tools were given in the Fall.   194 more words

Mentoring Students

How Will Your Students Remember You?

How do I remember my teachers?  Frankly, I was in elementary school “eons ago” as a student, but I do know how my former students remember me.   191 more words

Mentoring Students