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Is it Autism or is it Asperger's?

Over the past few years Asperger’s has been added to the Autism Spectrum.  But what is the difference and what are the similarities?  Why was this “condition” put onto the Spectrum anyhow?   172 more words

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Don't you just hate Data Day?

I’m sure you’re one of most teachers who absolutely dislike Data Day.  We always had this Day after our first assessment tools were given in the Fall.   194 more words

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How Will Your Students Remember You?

How do I remember my teachers?  Frankly, I was in elementary school “eons ago” as a student, but I do know how my former students remember me.   191 more words

Mentoring Students

What can America Learn About Smart Schools in other Countries?

Our American public education system has been under increased criticism about its lack of critical thinking skill preparations.  We’re good at teaching memorization in Math, but not so good in taking these skills to a higher level of critical and creative thinking.   340 more words

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Who are our students anyway?

Twenty years ago we teachers and parents were concerned about how our children “felt about themselves” and being able to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses.  We encouraged them to accept their physical bodies and how to be best used in our world. 345 more words

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Why Did I Keep Teaching When it Became Harder and Harder?

I taught for over 40 years in public and private schools, private industry, and pre-school.  I have seen the pendulum swing to both sides in areas of child behavior and accountability, homework, parent involvement, technology, etc. 257 more words

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How Do You Make a Boring Lesson Exciting and Interesting?

So, you have to teach basic Algebra, Reading Fluency, History of the Civil War?  How can you make these lessons far more interesting and challenging?  Simply stated, make the lessons attach to their lives.   278 more words

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