Curiousity and Eagerness

The Chief Technology Officer of a medical devices company recently shared with me the two qualities she looks for in a potential new hire. Curiosity and eagerness. 515 more words

Personal Development

Wallace Research Symposium on Talent Development

Registration is open for the Wallace Research Symposium on Talent Development, to be held April 29-May 1, 2018 at the Mt. Washington Conference Center, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.   116 more words

Classes And Events

Four Steps to Surviving a Huge Work F*UP...From Experience

Imagine this:
It’s your day off. You are sitting comfortably in bed, reading for leisure, sipping on a pineapple and kiwi protein shake, thinking to yourself how amazing your past week has been. 668 more words

Work-life Balance

Professional Development Spotlight

The ASCD Differentiated Instruction Page has a huge collection of links for differentiated instruction including articles, videos, book suggestions and online PD courses. It is an extensive resource and if you are struggling to figure out differentiated instruction or even just looking for a new approach, this is a great site to start your researching.


Writing blind

“Life is like a sewer.  What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.”
— unknown

As a technical writer, one thing I often request is access to the product — whether it’s a web site, application, device, tool, etc.

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Professional Development

A Day in the Life of a Scholar

Guest Writer: Maddy Okkerse

“Within five years, I see myself studying one of these careers because I want to be a professional in order to be able to help my parents, but above all to give myself the lesson that what one resolves to do may be accomplished when you work hard to achieve it.

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Feedback Questions as Course Scaffold

The semester is winding down.  Soon we’ll face the sometimes anticipated but often dreaded task of reviewing students’ course feedback. While many schools refer to them as student evaluations of teaching (SET) or SRTEs (student ratings of teaching effectiveness), they aren’t really meant to be evaluations and shouldn’t be viewed as ratings. 791 more words