A Few of My Favorite Things

One of the things I sometimes think I’d like this blog to be is a sort of crib sheet for new teachers. I spent a lot of time flailing around when I first got serious about my education as a teacher. 979 more words


What's Your Mindset?

Have you ever wondered HOW you wonder? In other words, have you paid attention to the way your mind processes information?

What impact do you think this has on your motivation, achievement levels and how you relate to others? 373 more words


Fear vs. Exhilaration

Fear = I don’t know if I should share/try/deploy this new tech tool/teaching strategy/business model. It could fail bigly…

Exhilaration = I can’t wait to try this out with my students/teachers/employees. 172 more words

Professional Development

Company Profile: Agile Studios

I never wanted to be in management.

I know it sounds odd. And those who have worked for me might find it surprising, but I actively avoided management roles.

505 more words
Professional Development

OLC Innovate 2017 - April 5-7 New Orleans, Louisiana

In April 2017, the Online Learning Consortium will host its second OLC Innovate conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. This conference was designed with attendees in mind, working to address the diverse professional development needs of the higher education community. 272 more words

Trends & Issues

Teacher Efficacy & The Novice Teacher

Teachers desire to be effective. While aspiring to be the “teacher of the year” maybe a worthwhile and admirable goal, most teachers just want to be good teachers. 1,234 more words

Teacher Support

The Value in Being Uncomfortable

Unease. Awkwardness. Two words that inspire pits to form in many a stomach. Who wants to feel that way? We avoid those feelings as best we can in life, and yet, I’ve come to embrace them (at least in one area of my life). 358 more words