Turn your PGC into an MA in Creative Education

The world needs you.

The system we live in is in desperate need of new ideas. Education should be a way for people to drive positive changes by finding new and creative ways to make a difference. 380 more words

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Making the Most of your Graduate-level Clinical Internship

So you’ve landed the long awaited internship opportunity.  No more showing up at potential sites with yet another fine linen resume, ink barely dry, hoping that the clinician you seek isn’t behind with their case notes for that particular day nor finds your beard particularly disturbing.  1,543 more words

Professional Development

We Teach Languages Episode 54: Keeping Pace with How Students and Methods are Changing with Mei Zhou

In episode 54, Sichen Wan interviews an EFL teacher that was influential in her own study of English, Mei Zhou. Mei teaches at a languages-focused high school in Chengdu, China and has been teaching for 18 years. 109 more words

WTL Podcast Episodes

PA Testimonial - John (IBGA)

Written by John Foulkes – Program Advisor, Institute on Business and Government Affairs (IBGA)

Growing up I loved reading about history. Learning about the Romans or the Ottomans, about revolutionaries and freedom fighters, really stirred my imagination on the effects people can have on the world. 570 more words

Washington DC

What will I do to help get a job?

Simple. After Effects.

In a lot of the jobs I saw, After Effects was a frequently asked for skill. It’s something that is used from the common youtuber to high end movies, you need to know After Effects. 82 more words

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This is my show reel from last year, reflecting on it, there are clips that I would be happy to use, and clips that I want to cut out. 80 more words

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Proof of Applications

I have applied from many jobs, and not heard back or gotten feed back from ANY of them. I thought I had a response asking for my portfolio, however, I think that may have been a website I was advertising my CV on. 226 more words

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