Photoshop (PS) tutorial

For my first project, I have chosen to do a photography piece. This will be linking to my Major project that is linked to censorship. 136 more words

Professional Development

Animation - 2D, 3D and Stop Motion

I had been speaking to a lecturer who teaches Animation from Hallam University since August 2016, he set up a meeting for me to speak to him about my projects. 570 more words

Professional Development

Building Beyond #Google

The Google Apps for Education movement provided educators, schools, districts, and higher education the long needed shot in the arm to create change in learning and teaching. 665 more words


Head Scratchers, Old Dogs/New Tricks, and Your Limiting Beliefs

A once successful businessman now facing some very troubling financial times found himself walking through the park considering his options. Through the many back and forth thoughts he came to the realization that there was not much else beyond closing his business and filing bankruptcy that he could do. 665 more words

Sean Callahan

Keep on Learning!

The biggest news on the block this week is that I have a new job! I was hired for a full-time Kindergarten position at McKenzie Elementary starting November 1st and continuing through the end of the year. 667 more words

Ed Tech

3D Printed Artifacts: 'Arte' Meets Culturally-Relevant 'Facts'

After Parent’s Weekend most year, parents walk away with an appreciation of all the great work their children do and a better understanding of the goals and methods their teachers have. 1,198 more words


Why Effort Does Not Guarantee Success

The most difficult conversations instructors have with their students normally involve their grades. I clearly remember one technical communication student who came into my office during the week before finals and asked how he could increase his current B into an A for his cumulative GPA. 689 more words