The Servant Has Become The Master

Even in the best of mentoring relationships, eventually the mentee grows up. As a mentor, it’s important to allow those you are mentoring to grow. It’s part of the reason I enjoy working with interns. 929 more words

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What Part Of No...

I have a confession to make:  Today, I said “No” to my boss!

When it’s hard to say “No,  actually saying  it  becomes a whole new ballgame!    520 more words

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How MiTek University Helped Me Learn Independence

How MiTek University Helped Me Learn Independence

Starting out in MiTek University, I had very limited knowledge about designing building components, actually…none! This amazing tool showed me how to navigate in the software and put me on a path to success. 489 more words

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Exciting News!

We received some very exciting news this week that we’ve been itching to share with you.

My Student Venture has been accepted onto:

This means from August we will be located at their hatchery office space in the heart of Leeds, along with up to 80 other startups and entrepreneurs, benefiting from their support and learning from their experienced mentors. 43 more words


Spain: A Country Rich in Culture

Hey everyone, I am excited to show you the video I made of Spain. I researched the culture and languages of Spain, and even interviewed a colleague who is from Spain! 35 more words


Newsletter 613 - New Perspectives on Burnout

Can anything fresh be said about burnout? That was my reaction when I saw the May/June, 2015 issue of Psychotherapy Networker magazine. The PT editor calls burnout “that mélange of weariness, depression and apathy, seasoned with a tincture of cynicism has become as persuasive as the common cold.” Originally the term described physical and psychological breakdown that came to counselors and other care-givers who had become overly burdened with the crises and stresses of their clients. 326 more words

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Blurring out ... Images only!

After a very long week (or two) of assignments for Uni, I am returning to my beloved blogging.

Whilst completing an assignment last week, I came across a website that is just golden for teachers  – and anyone else posting or displaying photos! 102 more words