How to thrive in today's fast-paced workplace environment

“Woo-hoo! I just got an offer for a dream job!” If that was you just recently – Congratulations! (Actually that was me also a few years ago.) Now that you’ve landed the job, you may be asking yourself questions such as: “Now what’s next?” or “Work life is a different ball game than school life – so how will I cope?” From my previous work experiences at both coop and full-time jobs and from my observations of different workplaces, I have garnered 10 tips that’ll keep one from endlessly asking those questions or similar ones: 1,288 more words

Professional Development

Room Block for ATA58 Almost Sold Out: Reserve Yours ASAP!

Dear SPD Members,

The room block for ATA58 is about full and will definitely sell out before the ATA rates deadline of October 4, 2017… 23 more words

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@MsMagiera's Talk at @GoogleTalks; Essential for all coaches

Coaching Tips

  • Avoid stereotype threat
  • Help teachers see themselves as wizards (change agents)
  • Show your “insides”; your own struggles that led to success

5 Dos and Don'ts for New Managers

New managers can grow to become great supervisors by focusing on self-awareness and growth, according to advancement professionals with firsthand experience.

In the July/August issue of  321 more words

Career & Professional Development

DESE Special Education Professional Development

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has posted a number of professional development opportunities related to topics in special education. Programs are designed for para educators, classroom teachers and other educational professionals. 60 more words

Department Of Elementary And Secondary Education

"So you want some resources?" Vol. 001

Over the last month, the primary request from educators has been “cars”, “candy”, “to be ten years younger”,”pens that never run out of ink and pencils without the need for sharpening”, “destruction of fidget spinners once and for all” 457 more words