Book Review: "Hacking Assessment"

I recently joined the FaceBook group Teachers Throwing Out Grades and it was suggested to read the book Hacking Assessment: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School… 662 more words

Teaching Strategies: Discussion (and more)

This post looks at resources to sharpen teacher discussion skills. This is one of the most important strategies in Religious Education and Family Life Education classroom. 299 more words

Professional Development

AMEA 2016

AMEA was a blast! I had so much fun and learned so much about my profession. On Thursday morning, I woke up at around 5:30 to get ready and put on my makeup. 489 more words


Đầu năm đặt mục tiêu- 4 yếu tố quan trọng

Ngày mình còn nhỏ, ba thường hay nói “Ước mơ đôi khi giống như sao Bắc Đẩu. Có thể con không bao giờ với tới được nhưng nó sẽ giúp con không bị lạc đường”.
1,965 more words
Du Học

SharePoint Adoption

This post cover’s SharePoint adoption considerations based on the whitepaper “8 SharePoint Adoption Secrets” by Lee Reed, currently available with Kindle Unlimited. These are the points that stuck out to me: 1,019 more words

Professional Development