Elon Musk Just Deleted His Facebook Page. Should You? (No, but not for the reasons you think)

It’s all over the news today, Elon Musk, the visionary that will someday possibly lead us to Mars, if only to retrieve his Tesla, just deleted his Facebook page. 787 more words

Professional Development

Surviving the Teacher's Lounge

One of the more toxic places in school happens to be the teachers’ lounge. The teachers’ lounge is supposedly a safe haven for teachers to go to without fear of being pestered by students or administrators. 790 more words

Urban Education

Discovery Education

Are you aware of all the resources that Discovery Education has?

Discovery Education offers a media library, streaming plus digital media, lesson plans, digital techbooks, professional development, and community support for professionals. 70 more words

Discovery Education

Am I the Obstacle? The Results

And I’m back! It was an active and interesting two weeks to do my impromptu action research. In my last post, I was sharing research around formatives vs. 946 more words


Staying Calm: The Dublin Literacy Conference

Friday, February 23

The day was almost here! This year, I was the Chairperson for the Dublin Literacy Conference. We had been working toward this day for months, and today was the day that I would really dig in with my co-chair, Marisa, and get all of the final details worked out. 914 more words


Leading and Learning at #ASCD #Empower18 - @ASCDconf @ASCD #ASCDEmpower18 #seeyouinBoston

If you were to glance at my bookshelf, one thing may stand out to you. On the spines of almost every book on my shelf you will find that the majority of the titles are published by one organization, ASCD. 454 more words


Daily Beer #4: Following My Passion

After recieving some wonderful recommendations from my readers, I’ll be spending more time talking about and reviewing the beer I have with each, Daily Beer. Tonight’s beer was Abita’s seasonal Grapefruit Honey. 686 more words

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