LEAD Team Reflection

This year I had the pleasure of planning and coordinating the LAS Grad Ball Ceremony.  This is immensely exciting for the Leadership Institute as a whole because it’s our chance to recognize some of our students for their amazing accomplishments over their college career.   366 more words


The Emotional Labor of Librarianship

Librarianship isn’t what you might call a physically demanding profession. Youth librarians do exert quite a bit of energy–I regularly hit 6000 steps during a day of book talks, and if I’m not sweating at the end of my toddler time then I feel like I’ve failed as a presenter–but compared to, say, my stint as a family farm hand or  my time as a motel housekeeper (tip your hotel housekeeping staff, please), it’s definitely on the lower end of physically demanding work. 793 more words

Be The Best You Can Be

Bolstering Workplace Efficiency with Microsoft Office Training

An estimated 1.2 billion people worldwide use one or more products from the Microsoft Office suite, according to data from Microsoft covered in Windows Central. Applications such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word have proved indispensable over the years, giving enterprises of all kinds the power to streamline and ultimately improve backend operations. 341 more words


Online Learning and Procrastination

My son and I are both taking online courses at the moment. His is an intense, college level math course. Mine is a self-paced book study for professional development credits. 515 more words


Upcoming PD Webinar: Native Voices from the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Join us for a free professional development webinar on Monday, June 5th at 7 p.m. or 10 p.m. EDT to learn quick and easy ways to incorporate the… 138 more words

Teaching Activities & Lesson Plans

How to influence people

Every time we interact with someone we have the opportunity to influence them, to leave a positive mark on their day. People often talk about wanting to become a role model or striving to be successful and feel fulfilled. 890 more words

“Hello! My Name is…”—A Survival Guide to In-Person Networking

Did you know 85 percent of people feel they build stronger, more meaningful relationships during in-person meetings and conferences? Or that 95 percent of professionals say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships? 699 more words