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Proofreading and Editing Services

Submitting manuscripts for review to literary agents and publishing companies prior to rigorous proofreading and editing nearly always results in rejection. It’s the publishing equivalent of playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. 337 more words


The Cusp of a New Book World: The First Day of Creation

The world of business is an ever-changing world. When I began my publishing career, offshoring was not in the business vocabulary — publishers looked for local-market solutions to local-market problems. 1,424 more words

Editorial Matters

Bookmarking for Better Editing

In the paper beginning…

When I began my career, most editing was done on paper; online editing was just starting to peek out of its birth canal. 1,968 more words

Editorial Matters

How to Hire an Editor

Almost all books go through an editing process prior to publication.  Publication editing is the “quality control” standard for the book industry.  The main exception to this best practice is self-publishing.  389 more words

Memoir Editor

Looking for A Few Good . . . Editors

In my search for an agent and research into self-publishing, one tip I have consistently found has been to find a good editor. While I think I’m a good editor, I don’t trust myself to edit my own work when it comes to the big things. 74 more words


The Business of Editing: The Kneecapped Editor

We all have goals, whether adding new clients, making more money, or having more time to spend with the grandchildren. Yet you’ll notice two distinguishing features: first, our goals are often not challenging; second, if they are challenging, they are often not met or accomplished. 1,079 more words

Editorial Matters