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No More the Quality of Education, It’s the Calibre of Students that is Making the Institutions Premier

What is the probability of an aspirant getting admitted in to a top IIM or a top IIT? No marks for guessing – it is less than one percent. 528 more words


A Question Mark on Business Education

In their book “Academically Adrift” published in 2011 by University of Chicago Press, Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa followed 2,200 US students over their college years, using tests designed to investigate critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving and writing. 119 more words


Beneath the Mask of a B-School

The majority of students in MBAs and similar degrees come to university or institutions, with no particular interest in their programmes and no sense of how these might prepare them for future careers. 461 more words


Conversion of B-schools into Businesses

Business Schools were set up in late 19th century as vocational trade schools. The studies of the Ford Foundation and Carnegie foundation had provided 64% of all grants to US universities both for new initiatives and for existing institutions and thus their money has had tremendous influence over the direction of education. 549 more words



Recently, I was talking with someone who’s been in planned giving for nearly 20 years. She definitely talks the talk and walks the walk, able to expertly adjust her approach and vocabulary to meet any situation—donor appreciation luncheons to industry Q&A panels. 1,456 more words

Professional Education

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1. Several factors must be assessed to arrive at a sound ___________________. 201 more words


How To Thrift with Personal Style Instructor Shana Berkeley

On the surface, thrifting––the act of buying from stores that sell pre-owned and donated clothing––seems to be a contemporary and trendy thing to do. However, this form of second-hand restyling is a little-known secret that’s been around for years. 762 more words

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