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Nuclear Strategy and Today's Operating Environment H301

At one time nuclear strategy was one of the central pillars of U.S. national defense strategy and foreign policy. Its related technologies were probably the most expensive items in the U.S. 260 more words

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Doctrine versus Technology H209

In the video above, virtually none of the technology, or even the tactics techniques and procedures used to attack Iwo Jima were available seven years earlier when the Marines issued their 1938 manual on landing operations. 89 more words

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My Doctrine Right or Wrong H210

The focus of H200 was an analysis of how useful doctrine developed in peace time, based on previous war experience, proved to be in the conduct of operations in World War II. 266 more words

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I'm starting a blog!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Katie, I’m an executive assistant at a national non-profit organization in the northeast US, and I would like to deepen my expertise and promote my career by getting a master’s degree. 193 more words


New Year - New Opportunites

Dear Friends, Collaborators, and Participants –

The New Year is a time for reflection and planning, and an opportunity to personally thank each of you who honor us with your ongoing active partnership and support. 419 more words

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Is There a Strategist in the House?

One of the reasons why the German offensive into Russia in 1941, Operation Barbarossa, failed, may have been the cultural inability of the German high command to think in terms of, and visualize strategic warfare on a global scale.  94 more words

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Semper Fi!

The transformation model proposed by miltiary historians Allan Millet and Williamson Murray proposes a number of different factors that can influence an organization’s ability to be innovative and transform itself.  130 more words

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