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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Be Perfect at Work

It’s no surprise that your work in the nonprofit world demands that you wear many hats, and all with expertise and poise. A phone call from a donor might put your afternoon in a whole different direction, while a last-minute presentation may have you running out the door. 670 more words

Professional Education

Is Your Nonprofit on the Right Track?

“Does this make sense, and does it get us to the right place?”

I hope you’ve asked yourself this more than once at work. (Some days, minute to minute?) It’s smart to engage the brakes from time to time, to pause to ensure that organizationally speaking, you’re headed in the right direction, with common cause and purposeful pursuit. 689 more words

Professional Education

Brain Drain: Curse or Boon !


        The term “brain drain” appears to have gained wide usage in the late 1960s when growth in the migration of skilled personnel from developing to developed countries accelerated. 3,555 more words


Controlled Release Technology

A chart summarizing short MIT course: Controlled Release Technology: Delivery Systems for Pharmaceuticals and Other Agents. MIT Professional Education.

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Hiring Smart: Strategies for a Better Interview Process

Been there, done that, right? We’ve all marched through the interview process at one time or another, sitting at the table, suited up or asking the questions, gathering war stories to share. 600 more words

Professional Education

Making the Most of Your 1,440 Minutes

Early on in my career I overheard a well-respected co-worker saying that he considered his day to be productive when he got one big thing accomplished, start to finish. 820 more words

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