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Do's and Don'ts of Leadership

The other night while on the phone, catching up with an old friend we got on the topic of one of our favorite and most respected managers we have ever worked for.   1,108 more words

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Collaboration: It's Key to Career Success

You can do a lot of things on your own, without help, and that’s true not only personally but in your professional life. It’s important not to delegate actions to others that are integral to your professional growth and career success. 555 more words

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Get Out Of Your Own Way

We all have dreams, we all have goals, we all have aspirations but, life is on a mission of teaching me that with freedom comes the realization that the only thing or, person standing in my way anymore is myself. 52 more words

4 concerns with applying education research in schools and how to address them

One of the great concerns of some teachers is school leaders going to conferences. Concerns may be aired as, “what are they going to bring back this time for us to do.” Another concern may be of the school leader who likes to read books about education in their summer vacation. 1,153 more words

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6 lessons from blogging about education leadership

Having been an active blogger for about 18 months now, it has been worthwhile reflecting on the journey, some 100+ posts later. In writing this post, it would be great to see more education leaders either starting their own blogs or contributing to the discussion on many of the great education blogs that are out there on the EduNet. 1,031 more words

Education Leadership

EDS 111: Effective Teaching: Professional Growth

In this module, Professional Growth of teachers is discussed. I think, it is necessary for teachers to improve themselves and at the same time, applying their knowledge to students. 93 more words