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The number one way to be a better doctor.

When I was 16, I went to the doctor after sustaining a knee injury during a summer basketball game. As soon as it happened, I knew something was not right. 384 more words

What would happen if we only surrounded ourselves with people who sparked our potential and ignited our greatness? How awesome could that be?

This post begins with a sincere thank you to all the educators who continue to stoke their fires of excellence daily and those who are determined not to allow their light to be extinguished. 467 more words


EDU 6600: Communication and Collaboration - End of Course Reflection

Communication and collaboration with parents, colleagues, and the community is an integral part of Explorer Community School, where I have worked the past ten years. Therefore, my experiences in this area have been very extensive and have shaped the type of teacher I am today; one that welcomes and values open communication and collaboration as tools to improve achievement and the school experience for all Explorer students. 928 more words

S3: Improve Teaching And Learning Through The Use Of Educational Research At The Classroom And School Levels.

Networking 101 for Introverts

I have been an introvert all my life. In school or college, I was one of those popular girls who play negative roles in teen movies. 1,000 more words

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Non-Verbal Communication: The New Super Power

We have all had one of “those” conversations…someone is talking (maybe it is you), but no one hears what they are saying.  Advocating for a policy change is NOT the time for another one.   290 more words

Professional Growth

The Best Leaders Tip #2 - Have a soul: Share the Wealth

This is my 2nd of 12 posts about how to be among the Best Leaders.  In these, I provide inspiration for everyone seeking professional and personal growth as a leader of people, projects, groups, teams and organizations. 191 more words


This is part one of a series I will be writing about things I’ve learned during my 26th year as I prepare for my 27th birthday. 1,059 more words