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The Hard Yards

Any high-achieving individual will tell you from experience that one of the surest ways of creating a competitive advantage and rising above the rest is working harder than your peers. 101 more words

Competitive Advantage

What's so special about an Edcamp?

I attended EdcampLO last Saturday, along with about 50 other educators. While I was there, I noted a few things that were special, and are not often seen at traditional conferences. 197 more words


TLS Standard 7: Utilize instructional frameworks for teaching (TPEP) to improve teaching

TLS Standard 7: Utilize instructional frameworks for teaching (TPEP) to improve teaching

(Role of leadership, including administration, decision-making and communication to improve teaching and learning) 1,215 more words

Teacher Leadership

Accept the Challenge to Change!

Change does not happen in places of complacency, comfort, or convenience. While these areĀ our safe havens, they don’t always propel us to reach greater heights. 206 more words


Professional growth starts with being a reflective educator

Schools give plenty of thought to the professional learning and development that they wish to provide for their staff. Discussions center on the learning that needed to support both the goals of the school, the changes it wishes to see and, in many cases, the individual needs of the staff. 564 more words


Lessons Learned: Client Relationships & Stinky Fish

This is my first bona fide job post-graduation and fearlessness was not what I felt in the beginning. My track record of non-profit work did not make me the usual suspect for a public relations job. 316 more words

The Fearey Group

Helping Students Find their Power

When did we give away our power? I found myself pondering this question at the prompting of a graduate student who was sitting in my office, eager to soak up every drop of insight I could offer. 458 more words

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