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Reflection on my 1st year of PT school

The first year of Physical Therapy school has been a wild and crazy ride of personal and professional growth with a healthy dose of stress.  It has sped by in a blur, but it has left me more excited for what is yet to come.  705 more words

Physical Therapy

About Me

I am a dentist by qualification. I have practiced dentistry for a while. but I did not find the satisfaction and fulfillment I was looking for. 118 more words



A colleague of mine recently told me that he tries to participate in a minimum of three networking events a week.  Attending networking events are an investment in your career. 264 more words

Grown-Up Questions

Personal Reflections of an Ongoing Journey Towards Professional Growth

I’ve been at Meridian Township/HOMTV almost nonstop since 1996. I’ve witnessed so many HOMTV interns work countless hours to get to where they are at and where they want to be. 496 more words

Mentors: Why We Need Them

Congratulations. If you’re at least thirty, you’ve probably served as a mentor. Whether it’s been professionally or personally, you have had the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life for the better. 604 more words

Life At Thirty

It’s Hard to Stand Still

Certain states of being are natural. Growth, for example, is written into our DNA. From the moment we’re conceived we stretch and move outward, engaging with the environment, learning, and developing our skills and understanding toward a higher state of mastery. 469 more words

Personal Growth

Creating Rules to Lead by

Looking back and doing an honest inventory of your mistakes is a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth. How can your past, “not so bright” moments be used to your advantage today to be a better leader in the future? 1,064 more words