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73 Questions with a Marketer: Michael Brenner

For young marketers, finding the right mentor is critical to professional growth and success. 1,168 more words


In 2012, I was jealous of friends who lived with their parents...Now, I'm heading home.

As I continue to prepare for my journey into the entrepreneurial community, I’ve begun to review some of my old writings for further insight into what I’ve learned in my past. 1,095 more words


Whats happened since Student Teaching

Yesterday I stumbled across my blog, which I have ignored for the past year and a half.  At that time I was just just starting my student teaching experience.   212 more words

4 Sales Tips from a Non-Sales Woman

Since the inception of this blog, I’ve committed to telling the truth: Confessing the good, the bad and the ugly with regards to getting our software out to the masses! 1,456 more words


Who’s Responsible? Why Accountability Should Be a Workplace Priority

At Plan A our culture is built on many attributes, and one of those attributes is accountability. Each and every staff member understands how their role contributes to the entire vision and meshes with all other roles. 341 more words

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The cakemix recipe for meaningful work

“Is my work meaningful?” This has been a topic that’s come in conversation between me and quite a few people recently. I finally stumbled across a way that I am able to describe my thoughts on a level that is applicable to most work. 381 more words

Personal Growth

The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation

The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) is an Internet distance-learning program to support catchiest and adult faith formation in the Catholic Church. VLCFF is based in Ohio’s Dayton University. 292 more words

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