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Communication basics... Just Talk to Someone

Communicating continues to change with the continual expansion of technology. We send text messages and emails but engage in non-electronic based communication less and less. People are not picking up the phone to make phone calls or even speaking to people face-to-face. 416 more words


Getting to Know Social Media

It might seem crazy that in this day and age, a so-called “millennial” would not know how to use certain aspects of social media. But with me, that’s exactly the case. 516 more words

Tips for Success at Self-Employment

One of the questions I get a lot when I do office tours or informational interviews is: what makes someone likely to succeed as a real estate agent? 822 more words

New Agent Tips

No More Idly Waiting: A Black Woman's Rant

Season 2 of Insecure is barely in and I’m already picking up on a trend that’s all too familiar to myself as a black woman. We are expected to wait for everything. 698 more words

Everything I Know about Leadership I Learned from Being a High School Cheerleader

Tips and advice on being a good leader are everywhere. Over the last few months I have been in many meetings about it and have read multiple articles outlining effective leadership frameworks and exploring the virtuous traits of a strong yet fair leader. 1,342 more words

Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Marketing Plans: Leadership, Management and Politics

If annual marketing plans and budgets was dessert, it’s Rice Krispy Treats. Thousands of rice puffs delightful glued by marshmallow fluff are comparable to a marketing plan’s countless parts cemented by delicious goo (coherent strategy) serving crowd-pleasing sugar coma when expertly assembled. 1,578 more words

Leadership Development

Career Possibilities

One of the things I love to share with aspiring agents when they come in for office tours (contact me here if you’re interested in signing-up for one!), is the variety of ways you can structure a career in real estate. 741 more words

New Agent Tips