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Real Estate Websites - Real Estate Marketing 101

Part of the reason that so many new Real Estate agents, and brokers come to me is because, I have spent the bulk of my life around the Real Estate market.   706 more words

Well, Wouldn’t You Look at The Time…

Each and every one of us has something pending. We all have something that needs to get done and we keep saying “I need to find the time!” With the hustle and bustle of running to and from meetings, after school activities and the necessary daily events, it seems like we will never “find” time to accomplish all of those tasks that we have been meaning to accomplish. 456 more words


A Reflection on Learning at NCTCA 2016

Over the last two days, I had the opportunity to participate in my 11th Teacher’s Convention. I attended a few different sessions on Thursday including listening to @NuanceDrew a.k.a Drew Dudley speak about the Untaught Lessons. 455 more words


Stretch for success: When stress is proactive.

By Lori Irvine / Synergistic Team Coach, Transitions Group North America

Success involves risk taking. Stepping away from complacency into unknown territory is scary, but it is an essential element for professional growth. 291 more words


Are you the decision-maker in your life, or is it the web?

These days we practically search the web for anything under the sun and web doesn’t disappoint us either. So, everything right from the time you open your eyes in the morning till the time you close them at night, you will have thousands and thousands of pages filled with information on how you should spend every second out of the 86400 seconds we have in a day. 574 more words

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Who Am I? A Deeper Look

Who is Patrick? Revisted, in-depth.

When I first started this blog, I gave a brief little summary of who I was and the purpose of the blog was. 1,757 more words

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5 Steps to Help you Focus on Solutions and Not Problems

It’s inevitable. At some point (well actually many points) in your life, you will come up against adversity. Whether it’s a person, a situation or a mistake made, you must decide when the time comes how you will handle the problem. 575 more words