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Transformational Turning Points

The water’s edge is a mysterious place where the light, sound and wind all dance to an unknowable rhythm while faint whispers are heard that beckon toward a distant shore. 359 more words


Coffee and A Pumpkin Muffin

I’m relaxing and feeling, quite frankly amazing after a 3 mile walk that ended with a fantastic phone call. Today, I have some pumpkin muffins that my mother made by adjusting the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle mix. 651 more words


*Dusts off keyboard*

Well, hello, faithful readers. I’ve set a new standard for blog neglect.

Our class has seven weeks left. We graduate in eight weeks. Currently our classes include Shiatsu (which I’m absolutely nutty about), Structural (which is now called “Documentation and Clinical Body work” for some reason), Transitions, Ever present Pro. 129 more words

Weedin Unleashed Video: Thunder & Lightning

15 minutes, 50 seconds

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Order your signed copy of Unleashed Leadership to be mailed out in October. 40% discount when ordered now! 83 more words


Time Management Tips

Ever wonder why even after so many hours in the office you feel that you haven’t finished or accomplished that much? So much of our time is wasted on things that are not important or those that don’t add value to our work. 530 more words

Career Development

Redefine Your Possible/ What are you Teaching the World

This afternoon I was flipping through Pinterest trying to find some idea that I had pinned for my classroom and a suggested for you pin came up with the following Kid President video. 1,232 more words

CEP 813: Self Assessment Blog Post – Sandbox for Professional Growth

Since I began the Master ‘s in Educational Technology (MAET) program at Michigan State University about two years ago, I have been using my WordPress blog as a way to submit work, reflect on my learning, and collaborate with colleagues. 797 more words