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WizTweet #29

As long as we give primary importance to self-image, which is our professional ego, academic achievements, family pride and attachment, body identification and other accumulations, our true Self will elude us and we will not be able to isolate it and realize our inherent freedom! 62 more words


Professional Image: Chewing Gum

Gum Chewers Beware! If you chew gum in the office, be sure to get rid of it before you talk with others. Do not let the chomp chomp chomp overpower your conversation.

Professional Image

3 Tips to Spring Clean Your Professional Image

Spring cleaning is long-standing, tradition practiced in many diverse countries around the world.  This ubiquity is founded in the practicality of cleaning one’s home after a long winter; the weather is finally warm enough to open doors to clear out dust and clutter. 370 more words

Professional Image: Fidgeting

Often an outlet for nervousness, fidgeting, in a professional context, can hurt more than it helps. At best, fidgeting can be a distraction. At worst, it can undermine your credibility. 116 more words

Professional Image

Do You Have Your Keys?

Do you have your keys?

Not to your car or house, but the keys to your professional success. Just as a physical key will gain you access to enter a door, there are “keys” of knowledge that will give you access to opportunities in life. 718 more words


How do you smell!?

I am a huge fan of perfumes, scented lotions and anything that smells delicious! As I matured, my taste in the scents I gravitate towards have noticeably changed. 227 more words

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The Best Uniform

In today’s competitive and modern business world, it is highly essential to adhere with professional appearance and grooming especially if you work in the frontline. Uniform and grooming is very important as it plays a key part in projecting a professional image.  341 more words