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Think Like a Customer!

If you are like most customers, you have probably experienced service issues or problems that are not suited to the “email and/or the chat” format. In my opinion, the more technical or difficult the issues are, more you need telephone or other interactive assistance. 550 more words

Professional Skills

5 Ways to Deal with Conflict … in the workplace!

There will be conflicts in the workplace and you must decide how to deal with them.

Conflict refers to some form of friction, disagreement, or discord arising within a group or team. 870 more words

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10 Quick Tips … to improve communications!

I believe that each of my readers have experienced this conundrum: What else can I do to communicate more effectively with my team? Often times, we may try to create a formalized plan or approach to address communication issues. 771 more words

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The End … of a coaching relationship!

Whether or not coaching is taken in a sports or professional context, it is possible to be unsuccessful.

Before we dive in, let’s set forth a working definition of coaching. 734 more words

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Highest-paying Jobs for Women

Rachel Gillett contributed an article to the Business Insider entitled, The 20 Highest–paying Jobs for Women. She concludes that some of the highest-paying jobs for women are in healthcare. 460 more words

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Is Your Organization Overlooking A Rich Talent Pool?

The talent pool that I am referencing is the one that is over 55.

A number of corporate expatriates took early retirement at this age because many large corporations made them some attractive offers. 427 more words

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How to Improve Professional Writing Skills?

Every time in this world, whenever you try to find any writer which is perfect enough for your assignment, you fail to do so. The reason is simple that you do not have anyone who can deliver it in a way as it has to be. 396 more words