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Be Authentic ... but NOT Transparent!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”Oscar Wilde

It is necessary to be careful to maintain some distance between our personal and professional lives. 704 more words

Professional Skills

GET RICH … 12 helpful online courses

Antonia Farzan, in her article for the Business Insider, 12 online courses to take if you want to get rich, that books are not the only option. 491 more words

Professional Skills

9 Tactics ... to win any argument!

Drake Baer wrote an article for the Business Insider entitled, Science says these 9 tactics will help you win any argument. Drake found that the research was science-oriented with tactics that will help you win any argument. 611 more words

Communication Skills

Questioning Techniques, YES … but you want answers!

Interactive listeners ask questions gain information from the speaker and to ensure that they understand the speaker’s point and context. Most team leaders can communicate well with most team members. 1,081 more words

Communication Skills

Phrasing Interview Questions … or other kinds!

The phrasing of a question depends largely on what you want the question to do. Some questions are not designed to elicit information. They are designed to establish rapport or improve morale. 1,007 more words

Professional Skills

Dominant Personalities ... of team members!

The term “fearless dominance” arose from the Psychopathic Personality Inventory (PPI), a personality test for traits associated with psychopathy in adults. The PPI was developed by psychologists Scott Lilienfeld and Brian Andrews to comprehensively index the personality traits of anti-social behaviors. 919 more words

Professional Skills

The Professional Skills Curriculum

The PSC is a joint collaboration between CAPOD and the Students’ Association, with input from many additional staff, students and external presenters. The programme is 

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