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Branding for Beginners: A workshop and a book

This fall is all about the topic of branding for me. I had previously offered an online workshop, The No Time Guide to a Brand Style Guide, but I decided that I wanted to turn that online workshop into both an in-person workshop, as well as a book! 144 more words


On Campus Interviews? Check Out Our Career & Professional Resource Titles

Today and tomorrow many law students are participating in on campus interviews at the law school. Whether you are preparing for an interview, or just getting in some last minute reading before classes begin, the law library’s… 385 more words

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Beginning C++ 93-100: Characters and Strings

Characters and Stringsā€¦ We have worked some with it so far, but just really putting the strings out there for the user to read and then reading in a single character or number. 1,406 more words


Beginning C++ 82-92: Controlling Program Flow, part 2

Let’s continue our journey through controlling the program flow in C++.

Last time it was all about evaluating an expression and doing stuff based on the result. 1,674 more words


6 HR blogs to build your professional skillset

In the constantly evolving workplace, the role of HR is becoming increasingly strategic and growing to include not only the traditional areas of expertise like hiring and recruiting, but also a whole host of new responsibilities and competencies such as employee engagement, company culture, leadership development and more. 378 more words

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