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Most of us need our jobs … but!

Each person’s job is different and requires different sacrifices and offers different rewards. The perfect job for one person could also be a nightmare for another. 727 more words

Professional Skills

There's No 'I' in Archive...oh wait

Maintaining a degree of detachment from one’s object of study is an essential part of being an academic. For historians, that means that while our personal experiences and beliefs undoubtedly shape how and why we go about our research, the things that we study and the materials we use to study them are necessarily external to ourselves. 855 more words

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Build Your Professional Skills Using Social Media

The idea of using social media for genuine professional development may seem absurd when you are of the mindset that its sole purpose is for political harassment, cookie recipes, and new baby pictures. 755 more words

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What Employers Want to See on Your LinkedIn Profile

At this point, you’ve probably heard from friends, professors, and supervisors how important it is to have a presence on LinkedIn. Employers from all industries are now turning to LinkedIn to communicate their brand, post jobs, and, most importantly, find talent. 810 more words


Project Problems … 5 reasons!

As a team leader, you have a full plate. Among other tasks, you must ensure that your projects are completed on time and on budget. Even with excellent delegating skills, it is still difficult to complete projects on time. 657 more words

Professional Skills

Why Are We Still Doing IT … That Way?

But, wait! We spent millions of dollars last year on the new systems and now they are doing things the same way they did a year age. 554 more words

Professional Skills

Why Don’t I Believe Them?

Here is the scenario! A speaker’s voice has made a presentation to obtain your agreement to a proposal. The proposal could be business or personal. A business proposal could involve any number of matters such as vendor selection, lease agreements, purchase decisions or many other possibilities. 505 more words

Professional Skills