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We Need To Make a Few Changes Around Here!

You have probably said this, or at the very least, had this thought.

Forbes Magazine published an article by Victor Lipman, entitled, Why Does Organizational Change Usually Fail… 305 more words

Professional Skills

A Winning Strategy … for 2017

I believe that it is wise to access your career situation at the beginning of every year. The primary rationale for this is to develop what is called a… 762 more words

Professional Skills

Saying Goodbye to 2016

2016 will soon be over, and many people couldn’t be happier. Fake news, Donald Trump, international horrors, natural disasters, conspiracies, etc. etc. rocked the online world. 136 more words

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Holiday Greetings ... and outlook for 2017!

Thank you for your support and following the Training Shelf Newsletter.

During the holiday break, all of us may need to recharge and prepare for 2017. 138 more words

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Is there a future for your career?

This entire debate may have begun with this statement. Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel observed that “the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years.” In everyday language, we have come to understand that if the capacity of semiconductors increase, the speed and power increases. 575 more words

Professional Skills

Hacking MS Word!

Rose Leadem is an online editorial assistant with Entrepreneur Magazine. She produced an article entitled, 8 Microsoft Word Hacks. The article was in the format of an… 317 more words

Professional Skills

The Quest … to make your work easier!

Rose Leadem is an Online Editorial Assistant with the staff of Entrepreneur magazine. She produced an article entitled, 10 Ways to Make Work Easier. The presentation was in the form of an infographic. 262 more words

Professional Skills