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Collaboration After College

Everyone hates group work, especially in college. People would rather just do it themselves than have to find time to meet up and work. Every now and then it is kind of cool to work with people we might not had the opportunity to let alone just meet new people and possibly network for future career possibilities. 570 more words

After College

The Skills That Determine Your Value

When you increase your skills, you increase your pay.  The skills you possess will determine your value in the marketplace. If you spend time developing your skills in your profession then it will eventually lead you to wealth. 355 more words

How to do the year end strategic thinking?

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Strategic thinking is all about making decisions about where one needs to invest the resources available in the business and where not. The avenues are many such as staff efficiency, customer attention, marketing, infrastructure etc. 385 more words


Professional Skills

On Wednesday, November 4, the Law School Career Development Office is hosting a workshop with legal profession networking expert Mary Crane. You can find helpful books by Ms. 34 more words

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Creating A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) outlines major categories of work, task and subtask levels that aid the project manager and team in breaking down a project into progressively smaller pieces. 941 more words

Professional Skills

Transition to First-Level Leadership

The transition to first-level leader involves much more than being willing to assume a different or broader set of responsibilities. It really begins with a psychological shift. 1,061 more words


Creating a Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart, invented in the early twentieth century by Henry Gantt, conveys a large amount of information instantly. In its simplest form, it is a graphic display of project work with corresponding horizontal bars that represent the duration of the work. 963 more words

Professional Skills