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Book review: Mindset - Psychology of Success

I am currently reading this beautiful book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck, a psychology professor from Stanford University.  It is one of the great books I have read so far, from interpersonal awareness point of view. 498 more words

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Becoming Successful … and maybe rich!

A reprint of an article originally published in Entrepreneur Magazine, entitled, 20 Skills That Helped Me Become A Millionaire in Less Than 5 Years appeared in the Business Insider. 703 more words

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What do meetings actually cost?

I read an article by Natalie Brooke that appeared in the Huffington post, entitled What’s the Price Tag of Your Office Meetings. Most of us would agree that some are actually necessary. 514 more words

Professional Skills

Work Life Balance … try these!

Life is hectic, and becoming more so every day. Our to-do list is ever-growing, but most of us dream about being highly productive and the opportunity leave the office at a reasonable hour so that we can fully participate in the other aspects of our lives. 507 more words

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Resolve Interpersonal Conflict … 2 Approaches

A team leader cannot change a person’s personality or basic values. These fundamental traits and deep-seated beliefs can usually be changed only through a time-consuming therapeutic process. 719 more words

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Stuff More … into each hour!

Laura Vanderkam contributed an article to CBS MoneyWatch entitled, 7 Ways to Make Each Hour Count More. As we know, it is easy to find ourselves working nine or 10 hours a day on a regular basis and more than 12 hours on certain occasions. 319 more words

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Want Team Members to Speak Up? … some suggestions!

If your team is like most, you probably have some introverts and extroverts. We don’t have to worry about the extroverts speaking up, but the introvert may need some encouragement. 659 more words

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