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Time Management Hacks … what 22 successful entrepreneurs do!

Besides money, time is the greatest commodity that any professional person or entrepreneur has. It makes sense, then, that the most successful ones have figured out some handy productivity hacks to make the most of their days. 445 more words

Time Management

Do Less in the Pursuit of More in Education

By the time a student gets to college, he’s spent a decade curating a bewilderingly diverse resume to prepare for a completely unknowable future. Come what may, he’s prepared – for nothing in particular.

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How to Delegate Work Tasks

On March 16, 2015, I posted an article entitled, “don’t do it yourself … DELEGATE!” In that post, I covered a few of the basic principles and practices in effective delegation. 829 more words

Time Management

WRITE ... but not “wrongly”!

“The source of bad writing is the desire to be something more than a person of sense – the straining to be thought a genius. If people would only say what they have to say in plain terms, how much more eloquent they would be.” 563 more words

Communication Skills

everyone speaks … Body Language!

It has been said that since we have one mouth and two eyes, we should use them in the same proportion. This observation is particularly appropriate when we discuss listening. 1,006 more words

Communication Skills

Moderating my first Twitter Chat

I was very slow to embrace Twitter and have only had an account since 2013. One of the interesting things about blogging is that you can never really predict when one of your posts will resonate with someone and what the outcome of it will be. 188 more words

Working As A Professor

Change ... maintain a PMA!

Your attitude as a manager or supervisor will be a major factor in determining what the climate is within your work group. Your Positive Mental Attitude is one of the few things that are totally under your control. 805 more words

Professional Skills