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Moderating my first Twitter Chat

I was very slow to embrace Twitter and have only had an account since 2013. One of the interesting things about blogging is that you can never really predict when one of your posts will resonate with someone and what the outcome of it will be. 188 more words

Working As A Professor

Change ... maintain a PMA!

Your attitude as a manager or supervisor will be a major factor in determining what the climate is within your work group. Your Positive Mental Attitude is one of the few things that are totally under your control. 805 more words

Professional Skills

Normalization ... the 3rd phase of change!

The third phase of change is Normalization. In the event that you have not read previous posts, please review the Unfamiliar and Alignment phases of change. 1,031 more words

Professional Skills

The Skills Needed to work in the TV Industry.

There are many basic skills and character traits that are required to work in the television industry. They can include being creative, passionate, hard-working, adventurous, and most importantly  adaptable.  224 more words


Dumb Ways to Quit .. your job, that is!

Fortune Magazine writer, Anne Fisher published an article entitles, 19 really dumb ways to quit a job. Have we given up on giving at least two weeks notice, finessing an exit interview, and tactfully networking your way out the door. 258 more words

Communication Skills

are you Listening ... CORRECTLY?

The Focused discussion Model also consists of Listening and Asking Questions. These two steps are critical to successful communication. Listening is a very important skill for team leaders because much of their time is spent trying to obtain knowledge, insights, and ideas from other people. 340 more words

Professional Skills

Change Alignment ... tougher than front wheel alignment!

In my post entitled Change … the Unfamiliar IS scary!, I illustrated the Change Model which consisted of three major phases of change. When we learn that changes are forthcoming we usually have two initial questions: what is the nature of the change and how will I cope. 670 more words

Professional Skills