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5 white-collar jobs robots already have taken

For years now, some researchers have been anticipating that robots would take away jobs from humans. In the UK, Deloitte and the University of Oxford predicted that 10 million unskilled jobs could be taken over by robots. 362 more words


Really Listening

Really listening is not easy. If the goal of my role as listener in a communicative interaction is to respond to the speaker’s message by offering feedback, I will need a pretty clear sense of the meaning inherent in the message. 1,113 more words


Making word processing easier

When I was in Grade 8 my parents bought our first computer. It was a Tandy 1000 and it was awesome. My brother and I logged countless hours playing computer games like King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, and Hero’s Quest published by… 711 more words

Working As A Professor

Transferable Skills: How Slam Poetry Experience Helps in "Real Life"

Last week I posted on how dance training and experience helps one in professional pursuits (acknowledging that the performance of dance alone is a professional pursuit). 731 more words

Performance Poetry

Dressing for Success in Science as a Woman

When I was a little girl I apparently wore dresses; there are pictures in the photo album to prove it. As I got older I ditched the dresses and it was mostly about comfort. 870 more words

Working As A Professor

Skills Needed in the 21st Century Economy

Today’s 21st century economy differs significantly from the economy just fifteen years ago. Whereas professionals once applied for jobs, they now should market themselves into new positions. 338 more words

Giving V Taking

Introducing 'Skills For Young Professionals'

Welcome to this new blog, Skills For Young Professionals.

Why a new blog, and on this topic?

I have been teaching in the college classroom for 36 years.  366 more words

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