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The Technical Ladder … remember that?

Lisa Quast wrote a blog post for the Forbes Magazine that discussed the idea that a career professional should not have to be a people manager to have a successful career. 1,054 more words

Professional Skills

Advance Your Career ... too!

Dorie Clark is the author of Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It. His point is “In an increasingly competitive marketplace, how do you get noticed and build a powerful reputation?” He interviewed more than 50 top thought leaders in fields ranging from business and technology to genomics and urban planning to find the answer. 674 more words

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7 Great Rules of Listening

The Focused Discussion Method can help you prepare for any number of situations, such as meeting with a prospective or current client, presenting new ideas to a group, or having a serious performance discussion with a team member or associate. 639 more words

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Consensus, Commitment and Personal Responsibility

When group members work closely over a long period of time, the members forge a close involvement with each other and they are very committed to what they are doing. 857 more words

Professional Skills

Don’t Abandon Your Project … Close it!

It is nearly impossible to work any project through to completion without making changes. Small projects are no exception. Generally, changes and revisions must be incorporated into the plan and workload or you are heading for trouble. 520 more words

Professional Skills

Time Management Lessons ... in your 20s?

The Business Insider published an article entitled, 20 Time-Management Lessons Everyone Should Learn In Their 20s. At that age, most of us had just graduated from college and starting the long career adventure. 370 more words

Professional Skills

Quick Learners … Do These 10 Things!

Drake Baer, wrote in the Business Insider that he discovered in a blog, Quora thread that users discussed the learning strategies that “quick learners” used. 744 more words

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