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A short video about The Bridal Spa Boutique

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Day Spa

Go Play in Traffic: Undergrad Edition

Me. Working on Sunday.

I have to confess. I’m rugged like Sean Connery with Dolly Parton hair right now. In the process of growing it out to donate, it gets to that stage where it pretty much “does what it wants” and we’ve reached that stage. 213 more words


I have attended two different expos this month and the one thing that sicks out most to me is the basic rule that some people forget. 901 more words


The Horizon Behind

Waters pull me whispering
Of downstream and beyond,
But I cannot stop listening
Before I realize it’s gone.


A little moment. 

Thursday was “take your child to work day,”and one of the cutest moments happened with one of my kids.

While taking the 8am attendance, one of my dearest boys sat adjacent to my desk and told me stories of his baseball game and why he got ejected. 215 more words


India's Shrinking Population: A Pulitzer Center project

I worked from Mumbai, India in October and November of 2014, and forgive a very belated post, but here’s the finished product!

You can see the… 249 more words