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Vlog: How To Look More Put Together

 Struggling with your appearance? Not just the physical, but how you present yourself? Feeling scruffy/frumpy/bleurgh? Well here’s my advice on how to look more put together. 14 more words


Looks vs Ability - The job interview

How many job advertisements now state something along the lines of ‘must be well-groomed with a professional appearance?’

A few years ago, when I was job hunting,  I went for a few interviews for law firms.  817 more words


Canadian Journalism Foundation: J-Talk

Reporter Lucy Sky
Camera Vanessa Campbell

The Canadian Journalism Foundation held a ‘J-Talk’ with a panel of experienced investigative journalists, to share tips and experiences, answer questions and give aspiring and working journalists a better idea of the reality behind this often dangerous field of journalism.


Saved the best for last, my favorite Jimmy

And as the blog is finally coming to an end, I have decided to write about my personal favorite Jimmy as the last post. This Jimmy is someone I have been a fan of for countless years and my roommates and I are all very appreciative of this Jimmy especially when we need some cheering up. 454 more words


Coaching vs. Counseling

When people find out I’m a life coach one of the first questions I get is “How is a life coach different from a counselor?” In truth, there are some similarities between the two – both coaches and counselors are objective third parties who clients can talk to in confidence. 424 more words