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Balancing Function & Fun: The Fashion of a Twenty Something

For years, I was a “What Not to Wear” addict. I watched every episode, taking Stacy London and Clinton Kelly’s words to heart. Pointy toed shoes–check. 442 more words


Justifying the gaps in Resume - and the choice of standing by truth :)

No, there are no real tips here to solve the problem. I wonder if it is such a problem at first place. Well, for the great HR team it always is! 948 more words


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HONESTLY? I am not sure what truths she is standing by but here are my thoughts in response to @consciouswords blog post, Justifying the gaps in Resume - and the choice of standing by truth (what are your thoughts?): Can a person not have a bright soul, work experience and higher education? Do you depend on your job to pay a mortgage, car payment or to keep lights and water on? Finally, do you know the cost of replacing an employee? It is my opinion that unless a person is independently wealthy then they should not have many gaps in there resume unless they were laid off or circumstances out of their control. People who need a paycheck to eat, live, make ends meet, survive, etc... usually do not leave a job without having something else lined up. Based on information in the May 1, 2015 issue of Insight Worldwide, the cost of replacing an employee could possibly range from 150% to 300% of the replaced employee's base salary. I would think twice about my budget before hiring a person with too many gaps in employment. Finally, while I am not an expert on any of this, I would not recommend habitually leaving positions; however gaps in employment for someone in their twenties could be due to internships, working various jobs during summer and winter break or taking a break prior starting the next phase of life.

recovery Day X; 7 Days a week

I’ve made it! The last medium term goal on my recovery list… Full Time Employment. IDEALBIKES has offered me a full time year round position! And I of course have accepted. 304 more words

Recovery Day X

New Website

So I said that the new look website would be up and running within in the month, how about within the week?

Here it is in all it’s glory: 103 more words