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Quitting Your Job? 5 Things To Do In Your Notice Period.

The time has come for you to move on from your current job/title/position to a new one; it can be for personal reasons, professional reasons, reasons you cannot say out loud or simply getting out there to find your true calling. 447 more words

Join me and pledge to work with and hire comms people on merit

Merit. I just love that word and what it means. To quote the Oxford Dictionary, the noun merit is understood to mean, “the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward.” Hence the phrase, to be deemed worthy of something on merit. 452 more words

Public Relations

Writer's Diary: 10,000 hours

Sorry for the hiatus in diary posts. The past few weeks I’ve been working full time (YAY!) which is wonderful news for me, but adjusting to the extra hours of work each week has been difficult on my sleeping patterns. 987 more words


The Lion, The Witch, and My Wardrobe

What’s the best part about being out of work?

When you’re no longer out of work. Obviously, getting hired was the highpoint of my recent job search. 1,206 more words


How to use Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy to be better Software Craftsman

A while back I wrote an article about how to use “Art of War” to be better Software Craftsman. The idea behind the article is that every craftsman should create a personal mindset in which they are able to create great software. 1,505 more words


Acrylic Nails: Professional do or don't?

I remember the first time I was judged in the workplace by my appearance. I had just started my “big girl” job after college and a woman had a lot to say about my acrylic nails. 419 more words


Echoes of the Heart...

They say the heart is where it all begins.

A breath, a beat, a rhythm,

I am talking about passion,

It’s the one magical driver that defies all logic and makes anything happen. 250 more words