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back to business as usual...

Now that my guild bank and active character inventories are cleaned up and I’ve chosen some talents and set up action bars for my currently active specs, it’s back to business as usual in my Garrisons, more or less. 180 more words


A Whole New Shape

There’s a part to the upcoming Expansion that not many people will talk about in the weeks that follow, except to make Guides about before telling you how to maximise your output. 608 more words

General Warcraft Post

Neverwinter - Leveling Professions

Another video by Garlaanx, this time explaining how to level professions fast. You can do it the real money way or not, either way, this video offers good tips and advice on how to use professions and level them.


The patch is upon us

Well. At last we are truly into it. As you know unless you have been spending the last few weeks in a cave somewhere, the Legion pre-patch goes live with the reset this week, which means Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning in the U.S. 776 more words


Name Badges For Every Profession

Every industry requires specific name badge designs that will contain information and content suited for the job and its target audience.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.namebadges.co.uk


LEGION :: The Wall Street Shuffle

Today’s UTTERLY Cheapass Guide is very simple, and is for all of you people looking at your Garrison and wondering if you are extracting the most from it in the last week before the Pre-patch. 353 more words

General Warcraft Post


Before I get to today’s post: Stoic, over at Stoic But Not Silent, has teamed up with Equivalence guild mate Hargalaten to put together a really awesome set of FAQs (no spoilers) for Legion.

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