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Blood of Sargeras - Its farm and use in 7.1

Legion had – hands down – one of the best profession systems in World of Warcrafts life span so far. It was really exciting to learn all the different recipes for gathering and crafting professions and to upgrade them even further through different means, regardless of whether you picked the most profitable herb, quarried some fel-infused ore, ran yet another dungeon in hope of that one item that would put you ahead of all your friends or simply while crafting a few potions for your own needs. 604 more words

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Who am I?

Level: any
Players: 2+
Write famous names or professions on a sticker / post-it and stick it on students (head is fun for kids, back is less embarrassing but doesn’t stick well). 32 more words

Lvl: Any

The Sims Freeplay- Simtown Market

The simtown market has been added to the October 2016 update of the sims freeplay. If you have finished upgrading all the workstations at a profession workplace and have been wondering if there is any point in sending your sims to work to collect resources or if you have reached your limit on the resources you can store, and find it a waste just to sell them- then this update is for you! 534 more words


Set your sights lower

We are approaching the 2-month mark for Legion, and I think by now most of us have gotten a good feel for the expansion’s general mechanics and layout. 858 more words