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We'll Meet Again

When you’ve done something for long enough, if you have been paying attention it becomes quite simple to provide your own explanations when issues occur. It is roughly akin to knowing that your old stick-shift car always had a problem going from third to fourth, or that the vending machine in your break room needs a thump in a certain spot when it won’t hand over that recently-paid for Mars Bar. 744 more words

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At the Pharmacy Blanc: 1875

Most people know from experience how long it takes to get a prescription put up at an apothecary’s shop when the occasion is pressing, but deliberate as are the clerks of pharmacists on this side of the water, they must yield the palm to their French brethren. 977 more words

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Why am I avoiding Suramar?

I know that I need to do stuff in Suramar for the flying meta achievement. Lots of stuff in Suramar — so far, I’ve barely completed the first two parts of… 726 more words


Legion professions -- sometimes it really is about the destination

Background (you can skip this part and still get the gist of the post):

For many years — probably most of my life now that I think about it — I have subscribed to the philosophy of “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” (For reference, I think this is a variation of the original Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”) I have previously described in this blog a personal tendency to make lists, create spreadsheets, and set goals for myself, and you may think that is at odds with the philosophy, but actually it is not.

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Warlords Of Draenor

Respect for Every Profession

We talk about respect a lot. We talk about how important it is to respect the elders. We talk about how important it is to respect women. 599 more words


putting limits on the academic workday

Today, among the various administrative tasks of scheduling meetings with students and other responsibilities, I decided to RSVP yes for an upcoming evening talk.  I didn’t make this decision lightly, as it involved coordinating schedules with another party (i.e., fellow dual career parent). 618 more words


Work that Body

Apologies for the silence yesterday, but I wanted to finish Stormheim, which I’ve now done. If you want to know what I thought? Go see @MMOGames on Wednesday. 692 more words

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