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Colleagues from the Netherlands Visit The Good Project

In October 2016, The Good Project, one of Howard Gardner’s major research initiatives (co-founded in the middle 1990s with colleagues Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and William Damon), welcomed five colleagues from the Netherlands affiliated with The Professional Honor Foundation (PHF), a Dutch organization that explores professional identity and behavior across many sectors. 785 more words

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Reins of Azeroth 48 - With Thyst!

Guys, you are in for a TREAT tonight! We are so pumped to have super special guest Thyst from the Lagging Balls podcast join us for our show! 1,508 more words


It's the little things

A couple of weeks ago in a tongue-in-cheek comment reply to a reader, I wrote that I had reached the “acceptance” phase in my grief over what I still consider to be Blizz’s destruction of the hunter class in WoW. 1,836 more words


Confessions for the Week: Radiance

“From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth” Psalm 50: 2 (NIV)

Therefore I decree and declare:

I am the temple of God

I am perfect in beauty, God shines through me. 186 more words

How She Found the Time: 1856


“Ah,” said Mr. Nelson, as drawing his chair to the centre table his eye rested on one of the popular novels of the day, “so you have a new book to read, Sarah. 3,311 more words

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Future Boy

It’s the second time I’ve managed to hit the spot with a Q&A question, and Thursday night’s Dev Chat was a welcome ray of sunshine for those of us with no interest in the ongoing mechanics wankfest. 758 more words

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For Kenya!!!

Here’s something that unites Kenyans this January: the intense philosophical pondering over the doctor’s strike, who’s at fault, who’s not, who should we blame or should we just blame everybody for what’s going on? 775 more words