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The Mine Mules' Vacation: 1898

Mine Mules on Vacation

Fresh Air and Sunshine First Daze Them and Then Overjoy Them.

The superintendent of the Sweet Springs mine undertook a thorough renovation of the mine the day after the miners went out on strike, and the first step preparatory to cleaning up was to remove the mules from the underground stables and put them out on pasture. 514 more words

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Dad, when I grow up ..

I sat my two kids down this morning, and asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up, so in 2030.

Mia, who is nearly eight, has been quite consistent in her ambitions to be the combination of a zookeeper and vet, with a bit of global travelling with friends and funding these travels with stints as a lifeguard and working in national parks. 901 more words



Well if you thought people only got your job wrong and misunderstood well celebrate its a group of us. Now lets see what we think about other jobs. 112 more words


Crab fishing in Rio - 1935

Texto em inglês, e depois, em português

What it was like to fish in the 30s

The siry (crab) is generally unpopular. They harshly accuse it for its corpse-feeding tastes, and they blame it for all the mutilations found on drowned bodies. 1,372 more words


Savage Blood Transmogrification challenge

I have not obtained a single Savage Blood so far this expansion. Why? Because I haven’t been able to figure out what I want to DO with it. 448 more words


Making Garrisons Alt Friendly

I was pondering what Blizzard might need to do to make garrisons more alt friendly. The biggest issue they really should fix are the blueprints. If you’ve learned it on one character, you’ve learned it on all of them. 1,304 more words

World Of Warcraft

How to Write a Career Plan

A career plan is a written document which can evolve, grow and change over time, as your Career progresses.

A career plan involves the following steps; 391 more words