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Sometimes it is very hard to say "no"

I easily get invested in others. I love clean and streamlined relationships, and strive to have clear understandings with colleagues and more so with friends and family. 282 more words

So what is it?

A lifetime is a long time. We are born, we live, maybe reproduce and rear our young until we die. So isn’t everything that we accomplish in our lifetime just to pass the time until then? 285 more words

Research: What If We Cut Taxes for Teachers and Raised Them for Lawyers?

(Source: hbr.org)

Economic research increasingly indicates some professions have “spillovers,” meaning that the social value of an individual’s work can be much higher, or much lower, than that individual’s compensation. 955 more words

Money Matters

My fishing weekend

Because I have a very slight streak of masochism, I spent much of my weekend game time getting the Legion artifact fishing pole on my main. 912 more words


Industry Transformation and the Challenge of Professional Bias

When we work with our clients to create data strategies or custom software, we often find ourselves facilitating and prioritizing a multitude of viewpoints, debating skepticism, and building consensus. 1,087 more words

Protecting Confidentiality and privacy of clients in the days of social media

Dear Consultant/Contractor

In the days of social networking it is easier to acquire information and distribute it. While we talk about professionalism in the relationship between a contractor and a client, one thing that symbolizes your professionalism is the management of confidentiality and privacy of your client’s information. 772 more words


Have NHS Pressures Caused UK Nurses to Lose Their Moral Compass?

A new research report, launched on September 28 by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, reveals that NHS pressures are hindering ethical practice and caring among UK nurses. 842 more words