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Being Introductory

The first post is always the hardest. You have to figure out how to best break the ice and draw in at least a few casual readers. 194 more words


How Hats are Sold in America and in Paris: 1909, 1922

A contrasting look at how hats are sold in the States and in Paris.

Art in Selling Hats.

“It makes you look small,” says the saleslady to the big woman who is trying on the hat. 622 more words

News And Announcements

The Bastard Son of Runebound and Final Fantasy

So, why the “bastard son of Runebound and Final Fantasy”?

My first idea was to do something like “final fantasy, the board game”. I wanted to bring the classical SNES RPG experience to a physical medium, or at least try to get as close to the spirit of it as possible. 326 more words

Character Advancement

ik 96 for April 2015 wp

ik 96
for April 2015

relax, breathe, you are
just as you should be – talent
flows from your kind acts

book learning, crafts, professions – 100 more words


Same Song, Different Tune

Outtakes 195

Same Song, Different Tune

By Cait Collins

Three boys grew up together. They were closer than brothers. When they entered college, they chose the same major, planned to graduate together, and work together. 381 more words


Can we be blamed for our lack of creativity in our adult lives? – Part 2

Read Part 1 of this post here.

Our parents had drummed it into our heads that the only successful professions are the ones they’ve grown up with, or know of. 248 more words


Can we be blamed for our lack of creativity in our adult lives? – Part 1

“A lot of parents crush their children’s dreams. I give many lectures at universities and colleges all over the country, and always say that parents kill more dreams than anybody. 269 more words