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Live and Local 105.5fm

This week we have Keegan Mcinroe in session together with John Bucket and Mike Barham talking about Devizes Festival.

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De Vaporudibus

Of all the ridiculous Difficulties posed by being a Man out of Time, and, particularly, a Neo-Victorian in this former Part of the Twenty-First Century, perhaps the greatest is how, precisely, to describe the “Steampunk” movement in Latin. 642 more words


The Cosplay Doldrums: 5 Tips for Getting Through

“Doldrums” is a term with maritime origins. The Doldrums are  “a part of the ocean near the equator abounding in calms, squalls, and light shifting winds” (definition from… 1,970 more words


Steampunk…. Seriously?

by Professor Elemental

Being a grown up is hard. Mortgages, illnesses, car payments, credit card bills, parenting and politics; these are not activities for the faint hearted. 1,118 more words

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At the Airship Ambassador blog: Prof Elemental talks about dispelling the seriousness and negative stereotypes abounding in the Steampunk community. Definitely worth a read if your interests lie alt-history.

Warren Ellis liked it.

No. Really. He did. He said this – “This is simply a wonderful thing: a marvellous idea, executed with great charm and style.” This pleased us greatly because his first response to something of ours was…considerably less flattering and contained (you will all be shocked to hear) a word beginning with “F”. 714 more words


Steampunk Book Review: Letters Between Gentlemen

Sometimes, Steampunk books are serious challenges to the ideals of the Victorian age and tread on the dark side, and other times they are silly fun. 239 more words