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The pursuit of happiness continues...

This post continues on from part 1 of my Happiness & Its Causes musings…

As the Happiness & Its Causes conference rolled on, a common theme seemed to emerge: The time is now for our nations, and all of us living within them, to focus on wellbeing as a measure of our prosperity. 575 more words


Let the search for happiness begin...

The grand and intricately ornate Sydney Town Hall is perhaps the perfect setting for the Happiness & Its Causes conference. The dimly-lit corridors, delicately decorated ceilings and looming organ have created a serene mood – the ideal mood for contemplating happiness and our unwavering pursuit of it. 558 more words


The quest to be really, really, ridiculously happy

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Why are we here? How can we be truly happy? How should we live to fulfill our purpose? 254 more words


Luck’s familiar? Football and superstition, by Professor Mark Griffiths

Hands up. How many of you reading this are superstitious when you watch England play a football match? Do you wear your ‘lucky’ England T-Shirt? Carry a lucky charm? 573 more words