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Ever since they said it, its been hard.

Nothing in life is certain, every road we take and every decision we make is something that shapes our future, but how are we certain that there is a future … we don’t. 470 more words


No need to "man up" - time to let it all out, lads

A man expressing his emotions truthfully is a rare sight in our society. If a man so much as sheds a single tear in front of anyone, they fear they will be stripped of their “masculinity.” But what is masculinity and what effect is it having on the world? 957 more words


Mental Health coverage on the BBC

Two BBC programs were aired at the end of October, which were of a particular interest to me. The first one I watched was called ‘Professor Green: Suicide and Me.’ I don’t know if you have heard of this documentary, I’d say a handful of you might have. 849 more words


Professor Green: Suicide and Me

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) documentary with BBC3 Suicide and Me aired on the 27th of October. He goes on a journey to understand his father’s own suicide and tries to understand about males committing suicide in the UK. 204 more words

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Professor Green on how his father's suicide impacted his own anxiety: 'There is a much higher sense of self awareness'

As the biggest killer of men under 45, suicide took away rapper Professor Green’s father seven years ago. 

Since that heartbreaking event, the acclaimed musician has desperately searched for answers by talking to those closest to his dad, only to discover that no-one was even aware that he was suffering from depression. 283 more words


Let's break the taboo...

Ive not been on here in a year and for some reason, it makes me feel really nostalgic. So I thought while I have some time before I start my new job that I would do a new post and I decided to make it about something that most people are willing to talk about and still se as a taboo: suicide.  555 more words