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Wordpress Pingback Hack Attack

What’s going on? This:

Are you a WordPress blogger? Yes? Did you spend the weekend attacking a gaming site? No?

Don’t be so sure.

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The Cookie Dance

my Google+ problem fixed thanks to @raincoaster. Now I have to find out whether it's of any use.

— GeorgeMonbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot) May 1, 2012…

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#OpSpamHeadChop 2.0

It seems our enemies the Twitter spammers have (mostly) given up on their old tactics of using an army of spambots to @-direct people to one central account, which then directs people to a website. 417 more words

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Post-Pipping for Pros!

Many and varied are the questions in the WordPress.com technical support forums.

I lie.

Basically, all the questions come down to:

  1. Why can’t I find my blog in Google?
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App of the Day: CORNIFY!

More unicorns at Cornify

It’s Wednesday (all day!) and you know what that means: hump day unicorn chasers across the raincoasterverse! Today, to help us get over our regular hump day dumps (exacerbated in this case by… 202 more words

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SEO Secrets for Wordpress.com

Image via CrunchBase

Everybody wants to know about SEO. Everybody wants to make Google their bitch. And some days it seems like EVERYONE wants to run giddily away from WordPress.com so they can access the supernatural power of the All In One SEO plugin and I’m just about fed up with destroying their pretty little dreams one by one, but I do it because I must. 666 more words

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Troll Management: Handling Conspiracy Theorists on a Forum

Oh, for god’s sake, Photobucket, that was a promotional image released by the studio and hosted in my Photobucket account for NINE YEARS. And you deleted it now? 1,145 more words