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Movie Trailer | Logan 3•3•17 #W2TM

The final installment in the Wolverine movie series. This should be an action packed gory film some what based off the “old man Logan” comic book.


'Logan' debuts the final trailer

The final trailer for the final film starring Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier has hit the web and while the Johnny Cash song in the original trailer set a somber tone for the movie, this trailer ditches the Johnny Cash theme for what is presumed to be the score of the movie. 71 more words


The New Logan Trailer

With the final Wolverine film just a matter of weeks away, we have been given a new trailer to the upcoming Fox/Marvel release. Where the first highlighted the darker tone and gritty setting, this one showcases X-23/Laura as she is shown to be very important to the story and gives a bit more into the relationship between Charles Xavier and Logan. 217 more words


Final trailer for LOGAN released!

With its release just six weeks away, FOX have unveiled the final trailer for Logan, 110 more words


Movies: Logan #onelastime

Well, we can finally stop calling this one Wolverine 3! Hugh Jackman has confirmed that the third Wolverine solo movie, and his last outing as the character, will be called simply… 140 more words


"New Mutants" Film Will Indeed Feature McAvoy's Professor X

In an interview with ComingSoon, rumored “New Mutants” star Anya Taylor-Joy let it drop that it will indeed be James McAvoy (“X-Men: Apocalypse”) portraying the iconic Professor X in the film. 138 more words