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Fictional Worlds and addiction Part one

Part one: Xavier in days of future past.

So in fictional worlds, we rarely see “real” drugs, but we see a lot of things that resemble the psychology of addictive behavior and fictional real drugs. 365 more words

Fan Theories: Time Travel in the X-Men Cinematic Universe

NOTE: This is just a fan theory. Nothing I discuss has been confirmed or denied. All opinions are my own. Spoilers will follow.

The past: a new and uncertain world. 1,573 more words


No One Stays Dead In Comics Except Bucky, um, Jason Todd, hmmm...Uncle Ben?

A day after making headlines that there would be a major death in Civil War II that was essentially a marketing ploy, Marvel is proving their point by teasing that someone would soon be brought back from the dead. 213 more words

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photographic memory. MUTANT.

Fionn loves his facts. obliviously.

But we luckily managed to change his TOPICS of specialism to age-appropriate ones.


He is like a walking encyclopedia of films… 110 more words

Our Observations Of Fionn

Knowing thyself!

In life there are very little that we as humans have control over. We cannot control the weather, we cannot control if someone loves us or not In fact, we cannot control other people at all… but we can control ourselves. 891 more words

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With common enemy Stryker (Brian Cox) threatening the future of the X-Men, Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) work together to stop him. Stryker also knows about Logan’s… 184 more words