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Respect Thread - Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is quite the character, and most people now know her from the MCU adaptation instead of the comics. I’ve never been too keen on the MCU version of Wanda but instead of complain about that I’m going to reveal her to you all in a respect thread, with examples of what she really can do in all her glory. 867 more words


You're Fired Ex-Men (final edition)

Pete Holmes is a wickedly funny comedian, and he had some spot-on videos about the weaknesses of the X-Men team.  For his now defunct late night show, Holmes did a series of skits on the failings of many of the X-Men heroes, and how their vulnerabilities made them a threat to the team. 154 more words

X:Men: Days of Future Past - On Fear, Hope, and Destiny

written May 28th, 2014

I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past the other day. It’s refreshing to watch a comic book movie with a clever enough narrative that, at any moment, could collapse because of it’s ambition. 944 more words


X-Men #1. Oct'91. Archangel,Beast,Jean Grey, Professor X, Storm! Rubicon! Marvel

X-Men #1. Oct’91. Archangel,Beast,Jean Grey, Professor X, Storm! Rubicon! Marvel

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Confessions of the Cosplay Newbies

Cosplayers. In the whole of geek culture, we either know them or are them. Creativity abounds in cosplay, just like it does in all other mediums, and it has become a passion for many people the world over. 2,677 more words


AutoX Wants to Put a Self-driving Car in Your Driveway in Two Years

Chinese AI talent in US – founder of AutoX Jianxiong Xiao

Today’s self-driving cars are rolling tech showrooms — perceiving their environments through LIDAR (Light Imaging, Detection and Ranging), radar, GPS/IMU, passive visual, and ultrasonic proximity sensors. 1,435 more words

X2 (2003)

The second X-Men film makes its debut in my Marvel watch-through. This movie really highlights the relationship struggle between Humans and Mutants, it literally starts a war. 334 more words

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