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A teacher's story - Part 1

*For the sake of clarity and shortage, all teachers, instructors, professors, lecturers and any other job that falls under educators will simply be named teacher in this story. 666 more words



Sitting at my computer in my drafty little apartment, I’m sure I’m just a few mouse-clicks from insanity. I’ve got company tonight and work tomorrow, an essay due the same day, a lengthy blog, an essay Thursday — and about 500  pages of reading. 266 more words


I love political science...right?

It’s fall 2017, and I’m sitting in my freshman honors class. “And what’s your major?” my professor asks.

“I’m a political science major with a double minor in legal studies and theatre arts — and I’m on the pre-law track.” There’s a beat. 358 more words


Why Seminary in Residency is Better

In the summer of 2000, my new bride Jennifer and I moved into our apartment in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, just a few weeks after our wedding. 1,331 more words


Midterm pressure? Use the 5-minute rule

By Wiwin Hartini

I just realized it’s week five already and midterms are coming up and lab reports are due the same week. It seems as if a 24-hour day is not enough. 306 more words



Hey Y’all,

As you can see this is a little late, But happy Monday! I had a long day with the football that was happening yesterday and got a little distracted with the family. 308 more words

Sunday Vibes

"Why this class?"

“And why did you decide to register for this class?”

With dawning horror I realize the professor is looking straight at me. The entire class pauses to stare. 128 more words

Law School