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2015 5/16 龍洞春季大掃除 Long Dong Spring Clean Up (LongDong Area)

For all those into beach clean ups! Let’s keep Taiwan and Long Dong beautiful!
Open to all and no registration required, just show up at the below date/time and location to join. 119 more words

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Donations Drive! Warm Clothing, Footwear, etc (anywhere in Taiwan)

This is a call-out to clean your closets before the Lunar New Years :)

Needed 須要禦寒衣物!!國小一年級至高中2年+老年人
Warm clothing in good-new condition for first grade up to high school students. 131 more words

Proficiency Level Five

2015 1/10 Santa Jia Xin Tie Dye Workshop (Bright Side Projects) - ChingChuan

Santa Jia-Xin will be supporting us on more fantastic winter fun as we head to ChingChuan on January 10th! We will be bringing love with us celebrate our 2.5 years anniversary in this community. 97 more words

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Long Term - Volunteer Coordinator House of Mercy (Taichung)

Sounds like a lovely and worthy cause. For people who are located and based in Taichung! This is a posting from the Foreign Students Volunteer Club… 109 more words

Proficiency Level Five

2014 10/25 Adoption & Fundraising Booth (Animals Taiwan) - Taipei Area

Animals Taiwan needs you!

Language Proficiency: One

Animals Taiwan will have an adoption/fundraising booth at this year’s Taipei American School Food Fair on Saturday, October 25th and we are needing volunteers to help man the booth and help with merchandise sales! 66 more words

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2014 Summer - Need Artists, Photographers, Drivers, and Sponsors! “Build-A-Home" Artistry Empowerment for MuHsiang Children's Home

MuHsiang Children’s Home provides a nurturing home for youth who are affected by domestic violence. They are moving into a new residence and will be renovating 15 classrooms into dormitories! 692 more words

Proficiency Level Five

2014 7/12 Volunteers for Music Event DEPOPULATE (White Fungus) - BanQiao Taipei Area

White Fungus Depopulate event this Saturday is looking for volunteers!

CALLOUT TO VOLUNTEERS Hi everyone, we are holding Depopulate 05 this Saturday in Banqiao, we are looking for volunteers to help us get it done. 303 more words

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