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Building a profile in the new clinFHIR

So I had a question from someone who was wanting to develop some profiles using clinFHIR and not sure of the best way to approach this. 868 more words


PROFILE | Lionsdale: Unadulterated passion

photo by Riley Downs Photo

by Josie Morss

Lionsdale, an up-and-coming Lakeville pop-punk band, have captivated fans with their style, sound, and pure, unadulterated passion for music… 544 more words

Kristin Reese: Spreading a Sense of Community

The hallways are buzzing with chatter as students scramble into classrooms, except a pool of students and their teacher who stand by. Kristin Reese is the teacher for Leaders for Tomorrow and is a Leos Club Advisor. 841 more words


Yaya Chavarria helps others on and off the field

You may see Yaya out on the soccer field or running on the track, however there is so much more to this athlete than people may know. 358 more words


PROFILE | Mt. Joy: In with the old

by Desney

Does anyone else think Jesus is just some guy who drives around in an Astrovan, and is stoned? Or does anyone have the unpopular opinion of that people, but millennials specifically, are doing drugs and are scared of life and the world since we have only been exposed to war, conflict and violence? 710 more words

Extending a required ValueSet Binding

One of the issues we come across quite a lot at Orion Health is where we are creating a read FHIR interface to an existing data service with elements in the FHIR resource that are coded and have a ‘ 950 more words


Superwoman of January: Indri Indhoy

First of all.. HAPPY NEW YEAR guys! Wow! Can’t believe that it’s already 2017. Time flies so fast so don’t forget to get a grip on life. 691 more words