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Footboard Views of Life

Profile: Sneha Varhadi / Foot Board Views of Life/ Sushma Sabnis

In an urban space, the demographic of ‘working women’ also displays unseen hierarchies and class divides. 1,502 more words

Sushma Sabnis

Good news everyone!

Our newest upgrade for both kwiklook AND visitor id is here which changes both packages to version 6.1. Now guys, this is big. Not only visually have both improved, but also in regards to functionality: 86 more words


Update Your Avatar on WordPress.com

We’ve given one of our favorite features a boost! You can now manage your profile photo, or avatar, right on WordPress.com. This avatar, powered by a service called… 257 more words


FHIR Versions and Conformance URLs

As you probably know, there are a number of ‘conformance’ resources in FHIR that have a unique ‘canonical’ Url that identifies them globally. Other resources that need to refer to them can do so by addressing them by that URL – for example when a profile (Core or Derived) binds a coded element to a ValueSet, it does so via that URL – as does a Profile referencing an Extension Definition (both Profile and Extension Definition are StructureDefinition resources). 1,165 more words

Implementation Guide viewer

Just a short post to describe some updates to the Implementation Guide viewer (which I’ve renamed from ‘profile viewer’ as it was described in this post… 776 more words


clinFHIR profile viewer

Over the years I’ve made a number of attempts to build a profile viewer – to a mixed amount of success. The issue is becoming more urgent though, as profiles (as part of Implementation Guides) start to become published, and vendors such as Orion Health need to think about how we are to support them. 1,547 more words

Changing a ValueSet in a profile

I learned something today.

Actually, most days I do learn something (and occasionally remember it later on) but this one is worth recording here. 446 more words