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Superficiality (and the biomechanics of dating)

My brother and I are both in our 40s, divorced, single, and use dating apps. Over Thanksgiving weekend, and in the midst of day drinking while binge watching Poldark, we had a convo about our experiences. 417 more words


5 Tips to Create a Great Facebook Page

Facebook is a crucial piece of the social media marketing puzzle. Mastery of Facebook is key to a modern company’s success so here are 5 tips to create a great page. 267 more words

5 Tips To Creating A Great Facebook Page

  1. Make sure the profile picture represents your brand.

    Topshop’s profile picture clearly identifies it’s brand, so potential followers know exactly what account they are liking. With a black background and a clear white simple text, the word ‘TOPSHOP’ stands out well which makes it easy for people to recognize.

  2. 451 more words

What’s up with all the faces?! And other thoughts on profile pics 

Seriously. Why post a pic of yourself frowning, looking sad, or despondent on a dating site? What’s up with the “Face of Gloom”?

If you look bored in all your pics, I’m going to think you’re blah and boring. 337 more words


Design your WhatsApp Group Profile with Canva

Hey people,

It’s almost a year of creating my blog account here but haven’t posted anything.

What a better day to write when my this blog completes a year without a blog post. 427 more words


Profile Picture : तस्वीर पर माला डाल देते हैं दोस्त

सोशल मीडिया के इस दौर में मानव स्वभाव को रेखांकित करते हुए, मैंने कुछ कविताएँ लिखी हैं। ये एक सीरीज़ है जिसका शीर्षक है “अ-सामाजिक कविताएँ : Anti Social Poems” 8 more words


5 tips to creating a Facebook page

  1. Choosing an appropriate profile picture

One of the most important aspect to your Facebook page is the profile picture

Profile pictures on Facebook are always public and it is the first thing a person sees when going on to the page. 400 more words