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Learning to Eatwell: Hamilton's Sustainable Urban Food Market

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Hamilton has become the site of a business boom in recent years. Store fronts that have previously sat empty are now renovated into beautiful spaces with eager young businesses ready to join the #HamOnt community. 713 more words


Beauty expert Huda Qattan

Nourhan Ahmed Mahmoud  31610127

Huda Qattan is a business leader and co-founder of one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the region, Huda Beauty, is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading beauty figures and one of the top 10 beauty bloggers around the world. 671 more words


Capitals Alumni Profile – Dale Hunter

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With the Capitals recently going to Brooklyn to play the New York Islanders, their fans had one more opportunity to become riled up at Tom Wilson.  2,879 more words


Digital media and its effect on woman

Dina Hazem Helmy  31610303

Social networking sites and tools are no longer simply a way of knowing one another or of capturing information, but becoming part of our lives that we think about before we think about detailing the daily act itself.. 396 more words



Dina Hazem Helmy  31610303

Control is the supervision of a function or work, and depends on the role of management in ensuring that the activities of the working environment comply with the laws and defines the control as the implementation of the authority based on the supervision of conduct, or the organization of the application of the process of a mechanical nature and other definitions of control to verify the success of something By implementing a comparison of a set of criteria Control is not a function independent of other functions but is complementary to other functions The plan should be developed for monitoring Control shall be for each administrative level Control all activities in the facility – Control in terms of timing of occurrence – preventive control Is the control that predicts and detects the error before it occurs -Concurrent control Is the control that is in the course of the work and compare what is carried out with what was planned -therapeutic control Is the control carried out after the implementation of the plan in order to match the standards -Supervision in terms of administrative levels -Control at the level of the individual It assesses the performance of working individuals and their levels and behavior with established standards -Supervision at the level of the administrative unit The actual evaluation of each department according to the set of criteria -Control at the level of the entity as a whole Is the extent to which the enterprise can achieve its desired objectives -Control in terms of source -Internal control Is the control carried out from within the facility -External oversight Is the oversight carried out outside the organization -Control in terms of quality deviation Positive control Identify positive deviations in order to support them Negative control Is to identify negative deviations in order to treat them and prevent their recurrence


Meeting mini goals early!

So, we’re officially over halfway through December, and once I (hopefully) survive this week, I will be on Christmas break on the 21st, and will go back to school on January 2nd when hopefully the weather is too cold to keep throwing at me this icy/freezing rain garbage laced with wind and snow. 320 more words

Facebook Is Making a Fun Change to Your Profile

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The next time you log onto your Facebook account, you might want to make a few updates to your profile. The social media company is adding a new feature today called, “Did You Know,” where users can answer various questions on their profiles to let their Facebook friends know more about them and vice versa. 186 more words

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