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Improve Your Resume by Turning Bullet Points into Stories

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You’re searching for a new job. Updating your LinkedIn profile and resume. Describing your accomplishments in two- to three-line bullet points that start with powerful action verbs and end with quantifiable results. 1,443 more words


Part-time YWCA administrative assistant overcomes homelessness, addiction to reunite with son

Who is Francine Whitman?

Age: 44
Race / ethnicity (self identify): Caucasian
Resident: South Side, Syracuse, New York / “South edge of downtown”
Occupation: Administrative assistant at the YWCA… 2,612 more words


Political refugee from Cuba says finding a permanent job is a challenge — even after 36 years

Who is Louis Rodriguez?

Age: 62
Race / ethnicity (self identify): Cuban
Resident: North Side of Syracuse, New York
Job status: Unemployed
Brief work history: 1,111 more words


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This is my tour guide Lito Rebuca at Mambukal resort located at the foot of Mt Kanlaon. Unwittingly he showed me the people whose subsistence relied on the volcano as we hiked to a secluded (and exclusive) waterfall. 10 more words


How to: Register a New Handyman Account

Here is a step by step guide to register a new handyman account on Rite App.
Click on the first screen shot and then use the arrows to get through the whole process. 274 more words

How Rite App Works