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Profiles in Courage: The Tank Killers of Roughneck 91

I highly recommend the book Roughneck 91: The Amazing True Story of a Special Forces A-Team at War. This happened early on in the War and did not get a lot of coverage, but next to the Marines at Fallujah, this is definitely one of the most amazing stories of the War. 296 more words

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Profiles in Courage: "He Was One Of Us"

Not sure if any of you caught this story last night on ABC News, but it was a good’un.

It is stories like this that as a historian and veteran, I absolutely love to learn about, mostly because you won’t find it in any official history books. 477 more words

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Profiles in Courage: Man Stops Knife Wielding Maniac in Target Store and Get's Sued For It

Just one more sad example that the Target Corporation is nothing but a bunch of assholes that are NOT interested in the SAFETY of your family or mine. 406 more words

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Profiles in Courage: Veteran Who Lost a Leg to an IED has Completed 26 Marathons to Date

Next time you get the urge to bitch and moan about your life being hard, unfair or difficult…Come back and Read this article. This Modern Spartan personifies and epitomizes the phrase “Never Give Up!”-SF… 309 more words

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Profiles in Courage: "Apache Down", The One Iraq War Story You Most Likely Never Heard About

When an AH-64 went down near the Iraqi city of Najaf, 12 Army paratroopers unleashed hell on an enormous enemy force.

On Jan. 28, 2007, a 12-man Military Transition Team, or MiTT, composed of paratroopers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division was called upon to assist an Iraqi army unit that was engaged in a fierce battle with insurgents near the city of Najaf. 357 more words

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Another Reason To Be Armed (With a Cane): 70 Year Old Veteran Shuts Down Would-be Robber

When I first read about this story I was reminded of Colonel ┬áRex Applegate. Him and William E. Fairbairn were responsible for training OSS operatives in the “Black Arts” during WW2. 312 more words

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Profiles in Courage: Two Veterans Embark on Mission to be the First Amputees To Climb Mount Everest

These two awesome Spartans make me proud to be a Veteran. They are proving to all of us, disabled or not, that the LIMITS we choose to put on ourselves are of our own making and are MENTAL, NOT PHYSICAL. 451 more words

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