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Recently I moved to another HPC and recompiled all my programs. And suddenly  gmon.out appears in many directories. I searched a bit and realized that is the profiling issue. 61 more words


Ageism/Racism: The Unattractive Reality

Our appearance. It’s how others judge us. More to the point… oft summarily prejudge us. To say the least… exhibiting THAT type of behavior is… 534 more words

Psychology 101

The Muslim Race: Is Islamophobia a Form of Racism?

By Shaina Carrol

Over the weekend, an alarming story was published in The New York Times describing a Berkeley student who had been removed from a Southwest plane in Oakland after another passenger overheard him speaking in Arabic on the phone.  880 more words


The art of benchmarking

I’ve been told that Akka can process 50 millions of messages per second on a laptop. This isn’t the number you hear every day, even if you write performance focus applications. 311 more words


The Media has a responsibility to the public

As someone who wants to become a professional journalist someday I’ve been forced to ponder the ways of the media. After writing an article about an Interfaith Prayer for the victims of Brussels, Lahore, and other places that have been hit by terrorist attacks, I got to thinking about who I’m really writing for. 392 more words


Unfriendly Skies

People don’t treat Charlie the same as they did when it was obvious that he was a little boy.  Eleven isn’t grown up, but his outward appearance and carriage don’t say 11.  1,268 more words


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