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#YelloAfterWork with MTN Cameroon.

The 30th of July, 2015 saw the birth of a trendy and mind buzzing Digital Soirée organized by MTN Cameroon. With main objective of leading the delivery of a Bold New Digital World to it’s customers, MTN Cameroon targeted a hand full of her digital customers to make their lives a whole lot brighter in a friendly and digital atmosphere. 128 more words

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Shooters Quicker To Pull Trigger When Target Is Black, Study Finds - NPR STAFF AUGUST 29, 2015 6:37 PM ET

Are most people more likely to pull the trigger of a gun if the person they’re shooting at is black?

A new meta-analysis set out to answer that question.  293 more words


Blast From The Past: Joe Friday Defends Police Brutality to the Hippies and Blacks

As I said in the blog description, I have a soft spot for culture from the 60s to early 80s, be it a “good ol’ boy” country music song from the 60s about hippies and the war, to this gem from the 1969 edition (the season premier) of the iconic TV series Dragnet.   554 more words


What does your bowl say about you?

As usual, I arrived in our corporate office early and made that all too familiar journey of walk into our club lounge where the ingredients of a basic breakfast awaited me. 366 more words


Job Vacancy for the position of a Web Developer (Back-End and Front-End) Professional Skills

1. Source 
, IntelIJ, Eclipse and Netbeans preferred)
 2. 191 more words


Lovesey, Peter. The House Sitter.

NY: Soho Press, 2003.

It’s been a year since Superintendent Peter Diamond’s wife was murdered in a public park in Bath, and he’s finally beginning to come to terms with his loss, though the killer’s trial and then the appeals aren’t helping much. 285 more words

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