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Profiling Kids By What they Write

Profiling carries a negative connotation, and is pretty much a taboo in our society! More scary “profiling kids”, especially within a very diverse setting like a school environment. 474 more words

American Experience

‘Everything about them smelled of decay’

One way in which class inequality has affected my life, is that it has become difficult to read a book or watch a movie without making a sociological analysis. 853 more words


Open Carry, Reading Between The Lines

This open carry video has gone viral – you may have seen it. A white man walks down the street carrying a legal AR-15. A police officer stops and questions him. 750 more words


Motorcycle clubs, street gangs, and the race card… oh my….

This past weekend a major event happened in Waco, some call it a massacre, at this point I am still not sure what you should call it.  1,338 more words

If You're An “Earth Green” PA, Please Don’t Belittle The Value You Add

Having worked with PAs on workshops and spoken at quite a few PA Conferences, there is a particular behavioural style that dominates this role. Carl Jung termed this style of behaviour Introverted Feeling. 657 more words

Learning & Development

Racism is a Cancer that is Destroying Our Collective Culture as Americans

Recently, each time I am exposed to media in any form I made terribly aware of the racial tension that is permeating our society. I suppose that it has been there, lying in wait for most of my adult life but I naively believed that it was an improving situation. 1,224 more words

Sara B. Gauldin