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BB&Y Book Review: By Dixie

Whoever Fights Monsters

By Robert K. Ressler and Tom Shachtman

• Published in 1992
• 256 pages

     This book encompasses the 25 plus year career of Robert Ressler (Co-Author) as a criminal profiler who developed a knack for figuring out serial killers; to put it simply. 914 more words

Are Female Serial Killers More Dangerous?

As recently as 1998, no less of an expert on serial killers than Roy Hazelwood stated, “There are no female serial killers.”

He was a smart man, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. 408 more words

Serial Killers

COMMGiving--Marketing Profiling Tip

Donald Trump’s campaign really unleashed a wave of misunderstood practices about marketing profiling that is pissing us all off! It’s called scientific marketing, not judging a book by its cover


Sitecore Profiling and Personalization

Hi, everyone.  I had the opportunity recently to work on a couple of videos relating to profile cards, pattern cards and personalization.  This four part video set discusses how Sitecore’s profile and pattern card taxanomy works.  295 more words

Can Data Find Serial Killers?

One man, a former newspaper reporter, says yes. Watch the video below:

Now, to be clear, the data don’t find the actual killers. What they do is identify when there are multiple victims in an area, who may be similar demographically (such as age, race, and gender), and have been killed in a similar way. 52 more words

Serial Killers

Versioning and canonical urls

At last week’s FHIR Developer Days in Amsterdam, we had a highly enjoyable break-out session on the use of canonical urls when taking versioning into consideration. 2,398 more words


Performance Profiling

Widening the areas of the game I’m working on, while exciting as it brings me closer to a well-rounded golf game is also proving complicated when it comes to allocating my practice time. 565 more words