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Performance Tracking with JMeter


Many things may have a negative impact on web application performance – code refactoring, for instance, always holds a potential danger.
HTTP requests scenario recording with Apache JMeter handles a task of performance monitoring during code refactoring efficiently and at low cost. 541 more words


Equality. Blah Blah Blah.

Am I excited that the Supreme Court legalized marriage…sure. I’m very happy that anyone can get married now. Equality is like breakfast to me. It’s a normal part of daily routine and life. 213 more words


Performance Tuning Hints


Today’s entry is dedicated to a Java app performance tuning basics.
Since Java code is executed inside a JVM, it is about it. In particular – about some of JVM options and their use-cases. 657 more words


The Tiny Town Being Stalked By A Serial Killer

This is a story about a little town called Chillicothe in the Midwest of the United States. They call this area the Rust Belt. It is a very unflattering term given to a region in America, which has experienced devastating economic decline, population loss and urban decay due to the collapse of its once powerful industrial sector. 1,862 more words

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Outfitting the Out-Fit

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc) seems to be synonymous with hiking. No matter who I have talked to or whatever blog/discussion group I have visited, inevitably the name of that store has come up as the place to buy everything you need for a backpacking trip. 1,274 more words


Direct Response Marketing: How Customer Profiling Can Make It Work

You got a fully-loaded database of targets whose mail box, digital or otherwise, you bombard with brochures, coupons, newsletters etc. periodically. Sadly, only a portion of those bother returning your call. 126 more words


Use of social media for segmentation in the financial services industry

On June 25th, I am delivering a talk on the potential and pitfalls of using social media for segmentation. This talk is based on research done with 11 financial institutions (1 credit card company, 3 insurance providers, and 7 banks), and some of the findings (early stage) are also discussed… 35 more words

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