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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Charged With Criminal Contempt

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in some legal trouble. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. 149 more words

Name Analysis and Ethnic Profiling

I talked to Zoë Henry of Inc. magazine about reports that profilers in the USA can now pinpoint ethnic identities from individuals’ names. Zoë’s article is here: 275 more words

Trump-Water and Narcissism

As the current Presidential campaign/circus proceeds with unheard of antics on a daily basis, I have become reminded over and over again of the importance of the modern phenomenon of  2,609 more words

Racial profiling, by a computer? Police facial-ID tech raises civil rights concerns. - The Washington Post

The next frontier of combatting profiling:

The growing use of facial-recognition systems has led to a high-tech form of racial profiling, with African Americans more likely than others to have their images captured, analyzed and reviewed during computerized searches for crime suspects, according to a new report based on records from dozens of police departments.

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I Was Racially Profiled.

Yes, I’m African American. I wear my hair in its natural state–a very thick, coarse afro. I have big lips. Large brown eyes. Skin the color of caramel syrup, and I walk with a switch. 364 more words


These are the 4 personality types that describes almost everyone, study says —

New research out of Spain suggests that almost all of humanity can fit into one of four types of personalities: optimistic, pessimistic, trusting or envious.

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