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Why people with Asperger's don't commit school shootings

So it’s happened again like we knew it would. Another “lone wolf” kid shot up a school and killed a number of people. Also like we know already, thoughts and prayers will be offered, but oversight of the weapons industry is utterly off the table. 1,540 more words


The Detective

The detective, he’s a father too,
and when he plays with his girls in the park
he remembers some dead girl’s hairdo,
and the hill or ravine or tree… 86 more words

American Poetry

I Only go Because I Need

I looked at the clock on the tower behind the big church, and it was 11:32. It was five hours and twenty-eight minutes until they served at the shelter. 576 more words

Mother To Son

There’s a seven year age difference between my boys (18 and 11). With my older son, I vividly remember the talks. “Son, don’t walk around in the store with your hands in your pockets. 548 more words

#Review The Jigsaw Man by Paul Britton. @PenguinUKBooks

My Review:

I love reading crime and thriller fiction books and I enjoy watching true crime programmes on tv so when friends were discussing The Jigsaw Man by Paul Britton I was immediately intrigued and wanted to read it. 1,194 more words

Book Review

Spotting common challenges when you're doing performance tracing

I find myself doing quite a lot of work on performance for Sitecore websites at the moment. Whenever I do a similar job for a group of clients, I start to spot patterns in the sites I’m working on – and it struck me that there are some common performance issues that can be spotted just from the overview graphs you see when you collect trace data. 1,342 more words


ABAP Profiling with Eclipse ADT

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ABAP Profiling gives a holistic view of execution with the overview. It also provides Hit List, Call-sequence, Call-timelines, and DB accesses information. 268 more words