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Racial profiling

Racial profiling. The use of personal characteristics to make generalizations about a person on the basis of their race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin immigration status. 1,116 more words

Hiten The Road

99 Word Blog (#024) Banned Burkinis

Following a succession of deadly jihadist attacks in France, 15 municipalities overreacted by banning the burkini (Muslim swimwear). Lately, profiling cops have been knocking themselves out… strictly enforcing this discriminatory beach dress code. 68 more words


Privilege as a Commons

Critics of privilege allege that it is unearned, and therefore unfair. Well, part of that’s true, so far as it goes. I didn’t earn my privilege. 730 more words

Cat Watch

My cat does not pass judgement

Nor does he profile.

If he were to guess wrong

About my sneaky movements in the kitchen,

He has not made an assumption. 275 more words


MongoDB Driver events

One of the new cool features of the mongoDB Driver is that you can hook up to events on mongoDB and do monitoring/logging for your application. 582 more words


Racial Profiling isn't Just Wrong, it's Stupid

With the resurgence of openly hateful rhetoric from certain political candidates, racial profiling is once again a mainstream issue. While there are a plethora of arguments on why it is wrong, involving human dignity, human rights, negative externalities, etc, I’m going to ignore all of that. 1,166 more words