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A Bookseller's Take: Self-Published Books

I’m not going to pull any punches with this one, I think you need to know right up front how we feel about this: We don’t want your self-published book. 769 more words


Technically Ideal

Econometrics intends to be empirical.

A measurable existence is a known quantity, and since it is known, changing it (engineering it) has a verifiable, quantitative metric. 426 more words

Margin Vs. Markup : A simple confusion that can ruin your analysis

Margin and Markup both refer to profit per unit; they are often used interchangeably in businesses. However, they are not exactly the same. Knowing the difference could rescue you from major marketing analytic mistakes. 100 more words


Bill could trigger higher rents for Waikiki businesses

Waikiki business owners could see a significant rent hike if a proposal in front of the city council is approved.

A hearing is scheduled on a bill that would allow the city to charge an extra fee for all commercial property owners in Waikiki. 378 more words


MarketingVitals.com Latest Features

MarketingVitals.com is excited to start the new year with the announcement of our latest features, Bird’s Eye, and Profit Margin Insights.

Bird’s Eye

This interactive feature gives you an aerial view of your stores’ progress using Google Maps. 101 more words


I Have to Admit I Am a Hobbyist Photographer

This confession applies since I make photographs from an inner passion and there is no such thing as a profit margin attached to my efforts. 341 more words

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Retailers Love Holiday E-Commerce Growth, but That Doesn't Mean It's Profitable

For a brick-and-mortar retailer, fast-growing online sales are often something to brag about. But during the holiday season, strong e-commerce sales numbers can come with a big trade-off: Tiny profits or even a loss. 358 more words