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One of the major reason why people fail in life, career and  business is the inability to set clear objectives.

In a simple term is business objectives are the reasons why your business exist; what your business is set up to do. 226 more words

Show me the money; 15-Dec-2015

Have you noticed that while shopping for say furniture, you might find a row of shops that sells exclusively furniture? It is the same story with automobile stores, crackers, clothing stores and so on. 83 more words

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Why should a small business owner see a sales consultant?

The first question I ask a small shop or a small plumbing company is: do you want more business? Rarely, the answer is ‘no.’ My second question is: why don’t you hire a consultant? 198 more words


What is the Difference Between Profit and Profit Margin?

One area of business that gets looked over anymore is the basic understanding of profit/profit margin. 260 more words


Income Vs Revenue

Revenue is the total amount of money earned during a specific period of time. In Kannada, it is called ಆಧಾಯ. In a business, it’s the total earnings on selling products and services to customers. 159 more words


What Percent of Small Businesses Fail?

Running a business is a tough adventure. I ran a part time business for 130 more words