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Why should a small business owner see a sales consultant?

The first question I ask a small shop or a small plumbing company is: do you want more business? Rarely, the answer is ‘no.’ My second question is: why don’t you hire a consultant? 198 more words


What is the Difference Between Profit and Profit Margin?

One area of business that gets looked over anymore is the basic understanding of profit/profit margin. 260 more words


Income Vs Revenue

Revenue is the total amount of money earned during a specific period of time. In Kannada, it is called ಆಧಾಯ. In a business, it’s the total earnings on selling products and services to customers. 159 more words


What Percent of Small Businesses Fail?

Running a business is a tough adventure. I ran a part time business for 130 more words


Inside Mega Medical Insurance

If Congress ever stops obsessing about whether Vladimir Putin’s attire (or lack of) is an indicator of Russian foreign policy, maybe they can actually look into the running of the medical insurance companies. 588 more words


Financial Ratio Analysis: Net Profit Ratio

It is also called as Profit Margin and is indicative of management’s ability to operate the business with sufficient success not only to recover from the revenues and expenses of the period but also to leave a margin of reasonable compensation to… 27 more words

Financial Ratio Analysis