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United Internet revenues rise by 36% by adding an extra 9% of customers

The internet provider – better known through its various brands like access provider Versatel, Applications provider Fasthosts, and of course by 1&1 – announced on Wednesday that EBITDA grew to over €550 by growing the number of paying customers to nearly 15m. 22 more words

Why BHS and Austin Reed went bust this week

The short story is they didn’t look after their customers. 

There were two things neither company did. To learn what they didn’t do and get them sent to your mobile, simply apply here – 6 more words

Best Way To Increase Business

Income statements can surprise investors

No other report of profit exerts greater influence on the Stock Market than that of a company’s net income. Why? Stock analysts make predictions of future net income that influence the decisions of investors.   1,197 more words

Do-it-yourself Investing


One of the major reason why people fail in life, career and  business is the inability to set clear objectives.

In a simple term is business objectives are the reasons why your business exist; what your business is set up to do. 226 more words

Show me the money; 15-Dec-2015

Have you noticed that while shopping for say furniture, you might find a row of shops that sells exclusively furniture? It is the same story with automobile stores, crackers, clothing stores and so on. 83 more words

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Why should a small business owner see a sales consultant?

The first question I ask a small shop or a small plumbing company is: do you want more business? Rarely, the answer is ‘no.’ My second question is: why don’t you hire a consultant? 198 more words


What is the Difference Between Profit and Profit Margin?

One area of business that gets looked over anymore is the basic understanding of profit/profit margin. 260 more words