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A Dental Practice Conversation

We do not spend enough time…instructing patients on preventive measures, which in the long term would make them healthier. Dentist 10 more words

They're All Crazy

In explaining my difficulty of focus yesterday at work, I mentioned San Bernardino and a friend averred that his vote for president would go to the first candidate to stand up and take mental illness seriously. 143 more words


Trapped by Finance Capital: Business as Usual While Planet Burns. Part II: Chaos

The role of Exxon in delaying climate action over the past three decades since its executives were made aware of the consequences of global warming by its own engineers was huge. 668 more words

Social Change

Peter Greene Offers a Solution for Worried Charter Boosters in Washington State

Peter Greene has a solution to the Washington State charter school problem. We know that charter advocates are very upset because the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools sent out an “urgent” notice, calling on its allies to write to Washington Governor Jay Inslee and urge him to call the legislature into special session to keep the state’s handful of charter schools open. 226 more words

Charter Schools

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Another case of "motives revealed"

Thoughts Before Tonight's Republican Debate

Currently I am reading about the growth in light manufacturing in China as there is so much to learn from China and it left me with two thoughts that are intriguing as we enter (too early I agree) the Presidential race season: 88 more words

International Development


I remember reading what I considered to be a dramatic article about violent nursing home residents, written by Thomas Zambito (The New York Daily News, December 18, 2000). 682 more words

Nursing Homes

International Unions Denounce Austerity Programs in Greece!

By Meryl Simon

As a person who loves Greece—its literature and magnificent works of art—and has studied its language and rich history, I’ve been tremendously affected by the intense suffering of its people as a result of actions by the Troika (the European Commission, the Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund). 1,212 more words

Labor Unions