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Conduct unbecoming of the fourth estate

A Penn State fraternity pledge died after stumbling and falling several times with toxic levels of alcohol in his body and suffered for hours with severe injuries while his friends failed to summon help, authorities said Friday in announcing criminal charges against the fraternity and 18 of its members.

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"Health Insurance" Companies: Profit Motive is Contrary to the Interests of Medical Care and of the Insured's Health; Single-Payer, Universal Health Care Is Needed in the United States

Health care cannot be for profit:  The profit-motive-oriented organization does not care about the health of its insureds but rather only its profit. It is the reason why single-payer, universal health care is the only rational solution. 169 more words


Ridley's Case For Free Market Capitalism

Matt Ridley delivered an excellent lecture in July addressing a generally unappreciated distinction: markets and free enterprise vs. corporatism. Many don’t seem to know the difference. 874 more words

Matt Ridley


July 27, 2017  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: I report, with a huge amount of consternation, that there are still 1,277 days left in this horridly corrupt administration’s term in office…  1,191 more words


Ex Ante Agreements, Ex Post Gripes

Anyone signing a contract better know the terms to which it binds them. They sign voluntarily and do so because they believe it has value. They are presumed to understand what they are obligated to pay and when; what they are entitled to receive, when, and under what circumstances; what actions (and non-actions) are required of them to “perform” under the contract; and what recourse they have should the counter-party fail to perform. 794 more words

Health Insurance

AS Media: Star Wars Rogue 1 - dumbing down?

Please read the following article and make some notes. It is an excellent exploration of the current Hollywood system and the tendency of institutions such as Disney to simply re-work old films. 75 more words