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Beyond Critique: Just the Tip of the Iceberg of Chapters 3-5

This section of reading was far too dense for any semblance of a 300-500 word blog post summary: not that these posts are intended to be summaries, rather they should be applications of the reading. 488 more words

Aesop Fables Updated-the woodcutter and the axe

A woodcutter went to cut wood and he lost his axe in the forest. He didn’t know where to look for. So he sat there cursing his luck. 285 more words

Benny Thomas

In which Wax gets bitten by a snake and we learn we've run out of antivenom

Leave it to Wax to record something this innovative when tagged in a Youtube rap cypher. Just sit in a chair and rap a written to his webcam? 239 more words