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Up to date I haven’t got a free guest blog and you can contact me here if you’ve one. Meanwhile, read and enjoy this post on how to take advantage of social media by changing the way you use it for the purpose of gaining profit. 536 more words


Profitable Pricing

Being able to set your own prices both is a gift and a curse. It is honestly exhilarating when you get it right, but when you get it wrong and it costs you or your company money, it feels like getting punched in the stomach. 738 more words


BIGGS 5 important tips on running a successful family business

. Small businesses are the backbone of every economy. 90 % of all the little business are family owned. With this in mind, we can conclude that family-owned businesses make up the most of the economies vertebrae. 690 more words

Make Money

What's Right About Business Profits

I recently had a conversation with a teenager who was annoyed at Disney’s ongoing promotion of the movie “Frozen.” The young woman’s point was that Disney is a creative company and, by pouring so much time and resources into promoting “Frozen,” it was robbing its loyal customers of new material. 570 more words


Your Story

What is the story that God is writing through your life?

Nothing is pointless.  He uses all of your life to tell the story of His love and redemption. 64 more words

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Flip houses for PROFIT

“Flipping” in real estate means to buy a property — preferably as cheaply as possible — fixing it up, and then re-selling it at a profit. 484 more words