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Fun fact about supplying fuel:

About 1% of Shpadoinkle’s profits come from supplying our own fuel to system-owned rentals that we then rent ourselves, resulting in what is effectively discounted renting. 267 more words


Facebook Loses $24,420 In Revenue Every Minute The Site Is Down

Facebook made a lot of money last quarter, raking in $3.2 billion from July 1 to Sept. 30. But it’s also been experiencing quite a few outages over the past few months. 24 more words


Simple things are always the most difficult...

Such as to take care of your own garden! To know yourself! To discover your own shadows. To adjust to the environment and embrace it! Contemplate it!  44 more words

Goinn' Nowhere

List of Expenses to write off

This list is not exhaustive but it’s pretty comprehensive. Feel free to let me know what may have been left out.


Destruction #Quadrille

She is faceless
where colours bleed
from Amazonian veins.
Lush, rich, rainbow roots grasp
with gnarled fingers
last gasp branches
flowing in raging hurt.
Canopies echo mistrust, 24 more words


Video: Over 40 tasks that profitable entrepreneurs do regularly!

I remember as I was starting out as a full-time entrepreneur, I had a lot of time but didn’t know how to manage it effectively… 464 more words

Tools For Success

Big Profit System Scam Review - Seriously! Watch Before You Sign Up!! - YouTube

Big Profit System Review – Learn all about Big Profit System: http://www.nickstopearnerformula.com/ In today’s video, I want to tell you all about Big Profit…