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Yes, academic publishers are greedy (and dishonest)

I saw a blatant piece of propaganda in the Guardian the other day, written by the Chief Executive of the Publishers Association.The piece argues that the academic publishing industry benefits the academic community through “innovation and development” and by doing so “adds value” to the raw material supplied by researchers. 181 more words

Divorce profiteering and misleading ads

Yea, this is a real advertisement for legal divorce services. It says:

Life’s short. Get a divorce.

I may comment on the images in a future post. 55 more words

Children Of Divorce

Expensive soft drinks at foodcourts in Singapore

That was my lunch today…a nice plate of Singapore’s favourite dish, chicken rice. And to wash it down, I ordered a can of Coke Zero. And this is the shocker. 105 more words


13th May 2016 - Must see video of Berkeley Homes chaos on Sopwith Way

Berkeley Homes the err…’considerate constructor’ continues to create misery for residents on Sopwith Way. Berkeley Homes created ‘depots’ along Sopwith Way in May 2016, apparently to store materials for the Vista development. 75 more words

Warwick Building

Considerate Constructors' Complaint? We don't give a monkey's!

I have not yet received an acknowledgement from Berkeley Homes regarding my complaint under the ‘Considerate Constructors’ scheme’. However it is quite clear that they are not bothered by the  massive nuisance that they are causing to Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents. 59 more words

Warwick Building

The opioid painkiller and heroin epidemic - in one map/gif

The opioid painkiller and heroin epidemic led to a new record in drug overdose deaths in 2014 — more than 47,000 overdose deaths that year alone, and nearly two-thirds of them were linked to opioids and heroin.

90 more words

Inequality by Anthony B. Atkinson

Inequality: What can be done? (2015)

This is a FABULOUS book. Well written, very understandable language given that there is some economics and statistics and such covered. 7,909 more words