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Haiku: April 11, 2018

NYTimes: Denver Post Rebels Against Its Hedge-Fund Ownership

Facing the loss of more than two dozen newsroom jobs, the beleaguered newspaper is printing an editorial blasting Alden Global Capital: “We call for action.” 13 more words

SICK JOKE: Boots charges NHS £1,579 for tube of £2 cream – AND THERE’S WORSE : Express

A list of payment records shows that chemist Boots sent the frighteningly high bill to the NHS in 2016 for a patient in Barnet, north London. 76 more words


SWANSEA: Are you a Tory? Take our quiz!

Ever wondered why equality is a good thing? Do you sit with your tongue out, patiently waiting for all that wealth to trickle down so you can have a taste? 431 more words

Swansea News

New houses never lower prices within their local ‘market’ and the Persimmon CEO's £110 Million Bonus gives our 'housing crisis' the lie

Housing has become one of the hot political issues of our time. To read and hear about it in the media, it has become easy to conclude that the Government, our Councils, Housing Associations and Builders alike all share the view that we are in a housing crisis. 483 more words


In America today, medicine values profits over patient safety!

Although the following documentary was made in 2005, just bringing these facts forward did not solve the problem. In fact, it is much worse today, as anyone can discover when they look up their physicians on Dollars for Docs.


A Time for Reflection

The last week of December is usually a time for reflection.

And the private healthcare industry in India has a lot to think about. The last two months have been those of turmoil for the industry. 945 more words

Healthcare Marketing

Most Lawmakers Don't Get Rich in Office, Particularly in Florida

Are all American politicians on the take? At times, a glance at the headlines may give that impression. Democrats are suing President Trump for allegedly using his office to win more business from countries like China and the United Arab Emirates. 829 more words