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Product Force Multipliers

Had this been an actual art, you would have been instructed where to go in your area to avoid taking any personal responsibility for having to take instruction on where to go in your area to avoid taking any personal… 13 more words


that lace-trimmed danger

another piece of love i found in my music travels is alina baraz & galimatias. not too new. but they semi-obscure.  despite the manager at the t-mobile who was playing them.   28 more words

Lorries spreading 'muck' on Sopwith Way

Rendall & Rittner, managing agents at Chelsea Bridge Wharf,  informed Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents today that extremely noisy sweeper cleaner vehicles will be added to the daily cacophony on Sopwith Way. 112 more words

Berkeley Homes breaks its word again as Sopwith Way becomes ratrun for Battersea Power Station trucks

Berkeley Homes have granted Battersea Power Station permission to use Sopwith Way for HGV access to the Battersea Power Station site up till November 2016. As usual there was no consultation whatsoever with residents, no assessment of the impact of the traffic on residents and no monitoring of the traffic (which is  high volume and speeding at 30-40 mph ignoring the speed limit of 5 mph). 111 more words

Warwick Building

No Bank Holidays for Berkeley Homes

Even on a bank holiday there is no respite from Berkeley Homes. The lovely relaxing sound of reversing sirens from the VISTA construction depots on Sopwith Way are such sweet music to my ears!

Warwick Building