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Magdelene Laundries

Racism in the USA has always been a contentious political and social issue, well publicised and always in public view.

But the persecution of juvenile women in the Irish Free State, was carried on for decades, concealed by the Roman Catholic church, with the active complicity of the  state authorities, and in a country with a small rural population where everyone knows everybody and everything that is going on, was regarded as a non-issue by the general populace. 70 more words

Value for money? In Perth?

So, you think Perth is an expensive place to eat out? That’s because it is.

But this is nothing new. As increasing numbers of American sailors arrived in Perth during… 230 more words


Jeni Mckibben

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scars of life, knives that heal

there is that, …this thing
seeking exclusively to entertain
vulgar upheavals
gagging speaker
and listener
fit only for superficial profit
that of no end… 78 more words


Jeni Mckibben Extortionist shouldwehire.com

Shouldwehire is a scammer website. Do not provide credit card information to this website.


Asylum Seekers: Voc. Ed. & Training in Communities (Not-for-Profit)

ASRC forms partnerships with businesses and organisations to help support our work and change the lives of people in need.

Asylum seekers are not eligible to access Centrelink or Job Services Australia support, nor Government employment and training programs such as apprenticeships and traineeships.

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Vocational Education And Training

Biffers back the wrong horse again!

Britain First have made a really big deal out of this fiasco. Not that they particularly cared about the case itself – just the propaganda opportunity to demonise another innocent Muslim. 158 more words

Britain First