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If the NHS is so desperate for money, why is it happy to spend £850 on a £23 roller blind? NHS managers are accused of failing to crack down on 'profiteering suppliers' : Daily Mail.

  • NHS contractors tried to charge a hospital more than £850 for a roller blind
  • The beleaguered Health Service was exposed by a horrified senior consultant…
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The NHS premium is always there and the NHS needs to be forever vigilant to ensure they are being offered a competitive price. For many years many manufacturers have seen the NHS as a way to engineer a large profit, whereas the NHS should be treated equally with any other purchasers. While no one wishes for these manufacturers to make a loss, they themselves need to take into account that for any penny that they take over and above for a reasonable profit is reducing the money available for the NHS to use in treating its patients, no funding is infinite. This relates to all suppliers be they be Pharmaceutical, medical equipment or any others.

Rendall & Rittner have increased service charge by 6.7% at Chelsea Bridge Wharf - Inflation is under 1%!

The author of this blog has received notification of service charge rate for 2017/18. It represents an increase of nearly 7% year on year. Rendall & Rittner have refused to supply a  copy of the presentation they gave at the last residents’ meeting which detailed costs. Further details to follow.

Trump to take on Big Pharma and get the healthcare industry back to treatment rather than profiteering 

Source: Natural News, by J. D. Heyes

Without question President Donald J. Trump is shaking up “the establishment” in Washington, D.C.—including the media, academia, politics and the legalized bribery that takes place under the guise of “lobbying” and “campaign contributions.” 736 more words


Freezing to death? What an opportunity.

Now and again as a journalist you receive an unsolicited PR email which makes you angry, but it’s very rare – depending on your temperament – that you will receive one that makes you shout at your screen in barely coherent rage. 485 more words


Planned Obsolescence

You’re sick, you’re old, you’re vulnerable

We’re questioning your worth

Your contribution’s negligible

And has been since your birth


You’re young, useless, culpable

Your prospects nullified… 310 more words


Off Your Trolley... *

Twenty-first century supermarkets
Pose quite a conundrum indeed
Selling everything we could possibly want
Alongside what we don’t need,
The vital business of advertising
A virtual battle assuaged… 206 more words