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The Many Purposes of War

Back in the 60’s there was a song by Edwin Starr that asked the question….”War, what is it go for?”

An excellent question and it will depend on who you talk to for the answer. 246 more words


The Price of Drugs Part 3: Price Discrimination

In the previous post, I discussed about the marketing aspect of the drug prices. This post is part of the series that explains the price sensitivity. 662 more words


The Price of Drugs Part 2: The Marketing

In the previous post I talked about the reasons that prices of the drugs are high, focusing on the factors of developing it. In this post, as promised I will discuss about the marketing practices. 736 more words


The Price of Drugs (Part 1): The Development

I guess everyone have experienced going to the pharmacy and buying drugs for your sickness, surprised by the number in the bill. It is a general knowledge, drugs are expensive. 941 more words


Product Force Multipliers

Had this been an actual art, you would have been instructed where to go in your area to avoid taking any personal responsibility for having to take instruction on where to go in your area to avoid taking any personal… 13 more words


that lace-trimmed danger

another piece of love i found in my music travels is alina baraz & galimatias. not too new. but they semi-obscure.  despite the manager at the t-mobile who was playing them.   28 more words