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Abortion Industry Priorities

One of the battles taking place in the courts is whether or not abortion clinics need to be held to the same standards of medical cooperation, safety and cleanliness as other surgical centers. 200 more words

Politics Monday

War Profiteers: Victoria Nuland (real name Nudelman, A Jew) and Co. Making Money on Endless Wars


American neocons have turned wars into a profitable business, a US investigative journalist exposes, nailing Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and her husband, arch-neocon Robert Kagan, for their dubious foreign strategy. 613 more words

Daily News

50 Days Worth of Blogs About 'Tornadic' Tom Vander Ark: Day 1

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All of this started benignly enough when I saw a Tweet from a PUBLIC SCHOOL that immediately reeked of reform. Its unpleasant perfume of profiteering and privatizing lept out at me and caused an immediate instinctual alarm. 680 more words

Magdelene Laundries

Racism in the USA has always been a contentious political and social issue, well publicised and always in public view.

But the persecution of juvenile women in the Irish Free State, was carried on for decades, concealed by the Roman Catholic church, with the active complicity of the  state authorities, and in a country with a small rural population where everyone knows everybody and everything that is going on, was regarded as a non-issue by the general populace. 70 more words