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12 Corporations Profiting From The Prison Industrial Complex

As the United States continues to lead the world in the percentage of its population that it incarcerates, there are dozens of companies that profit from the mass incarceration epidemic.  402 more words


When I start thinking about profiting off of my work.

It’s only during those down periods between creative moments that I think about money.

I wish I could fill those times with something productive… 24 more words


5 Tangga Bisnis

Bisnis seperti menaiki tangga, ada tahapan-tahapannya. Masing-masing tahapan ada ilmunya. Tak ada yang benar atau salah di setiap metode bisnis, yang ada adalah konsekuensi dari tindakan yang kita pilih. 724 more words


Nestle accused of profiting in drought stricken California


The world’s largest food company Nestle has found itself in trouble – for bottling water in drought striken California. The giant’s permit expired almost three decades ago.


Homo Sapiens Enchained

We stand today, blessed in a modern era of technological and industrial advancement never dreamed of by any of our ancestors, even mere generations before us. 533 more words

Political Theory

The idea of "For profit" prisons is utterly insane.

I remember when I first learned that there is such a thing as a for profit prison. I laughed at the person who told me about them, because I thought they were being sarcastic and that the lunacy of it all was funny. 577 more words