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"I'll have the burger, hold the penicillin."

“Future historians, I hope, will consider the American fast food industry a relic…of attitudes, systems, and beliefs…that embodied its limitless faith in technology, that quickly spread across the globe, flourished briefly, and then receded, once its true costs became clear and its thinking became obsolete.” 394 more words

Profits and poverty

Provoked, first, by liberal celebrations of the recent decline in the poverty rate in the United States—and, then, by conservative attempts to dismiss the issue of inequality, I decided to run some numbers. 121 more words

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Amateur Cordial Strategy = 100/day…

Is there truly a technique that can be setup in 3 minutes and bank 50 to 100 bucks for every day? 80 more words

Millions of Pounds in Speed Camera Fines in the East Riding Alone

Safer Roads Humber, a “safety camera partnership” which covers the East Riding of Yorkshire, recently published their annual report for 2015. It shows just how lucrative the operation of speed cameras and the diversion of drivers to speed awareness courses by the waiver of prosecutions really is. 144 more words


Top Bank Fraud Expert: All of the Big Banks’ Profits Come from Fraud

by Washington’s Blog 

The country’s top white collar crime expert, William Black – who put over 1,000 top S&L executives in jail for fraud, and is a  professor of law and economics at the University of Missouri – confirmed recently what the alternative media has been… 185 more words


"$20K Profits Whistleblower" + $102 Prize Contest

“$20K Profits Whistleblower” + $102 Prize Contest