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LG’s record profits show Samsung missed out on OLED TVs

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LG just announced record earnings for its first three months of the year, making 1.11 trillion won ($1.03 billion) in profit off 15.12 trillion won ($14.1 billion) in revenue — the highest first-quarter figures in company history. 232 more words


Xiaomi promises to give money back to customers if its profits get too high

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Xiaomi promises to give money back to customers if its profits get too high

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker tipped for a public listing this year, has made a unique pledge: if it makes too much money, it’ll give a chunk of its profits back to its customers. 501 more words


"Anybody's Son (or daughter) will do": as we reflect on WAR & our loved ones again, a doco from 1983

If you think that those who foment wars care about your kids you birthed and raised, think again. As we approach another Anzac Day and we do indeed remember our loved ones (my Papa & all of his four brothers who went faithfully to WW2 ‘for their country’ and fortunately for us returned, unlike many families, torn apart forever) …. 363 more words


Goodwill Stores Raise Prices for Junk, and Selling the Good Stuff Online

Why aren’t there any good finds at Goodwill anymore? Simple, they’re selling anything of value online in the same fashion as eBay. You bid on an item, pay shipping, AND a handling charge.  277 more words


5 Ways To Make Sure Your Next Project Succeeds

Trying to get an idea off the ground can be tough. It’s not always easy for you to know what you’re doing wrong, or what processes you need to put in place in order for things to work out. 497 more words


Is life a suffering?

Once Buddha said that “Life is a suffering.”

Mark Manson mentioned in one of his books that “Life is a suffering”.

Is life a suffering? Are we all 100% satisfied? 538 more words

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